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Archbił F he was in Mar 1883 appointed Dean of

* Windsor; (2.) John Henry, who married Alice, daughter

of Major-General Smith, C.B., and has issue; . (3.)
of Rochester, Mary Catherine, married to Colonel Charles Elliot, C.B.,

by whom she has a daughter; (4.) Ernest Archibald,
who married Mary Emilia

, daughter of Frederick Pit-
man, Writer to the Signet. Mrs. Davidson died in
March 1881.

Agnes, fourth and youngest daughter of John Swinton, married, in 1847, the Reverend George Murray, vicar of Dedham, Essex. He died in December 1877, leaving two sons and a daughter. The sons are– (1.) John Swinton, and (2.) Robert William James, who married Katharine Anna, daughter of Thomas Dunnage of Brookside, Dedham, and has issue. The daughter is Catherine Swinton, married to the Reverond Josias Grant Mills, also with issue. The estate of Broadmeadows was sold in 1825 to James Macbraire of Fishwick, whose grandson is the present proprietor. Thorntor Mr. Swinton removed with his family to Mlinburgh, where he occupied for many years a house But love himself in Inverleith Place. In 1847 his father's kumwrespite of Kimmerghame was purchased by his m, Hory (kompbell. Under an entail

, executed by her Warninn, Wei Sirinton succeeded to the estate in 1850, tud modes shows singular good fortune of being restored, *** Au fost fo che scenes and associations of his

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He was

quartering the Swinton coat with that of Campbell of Blythswood. The old house of Kimmerghame, which had never been suitable to the estate, was replaced in 18511854 by a new one, from designs by David Bryce, R.S.A. At Kimmerghame Mr. Campbell Swinton died, on the 8th of March 1867, in his ninetieth year. He was succeeded by his eldest son,

III. ARCHIBALD CAMPBELL SWINTON of Kimmerghame. Born in 1812, he was educated at the Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow. From the latter of these Universities he received, in 1843, the degree of LL.B., and from the former that of LL.D. in 1860. admitted a member of the Faculty of Advocates in 1833, and was from 1842 to 1862 Professor of Civil Law in the University of Edinburgh. He married, in 1845, Katharine Margaret, third daughter of Sir John Pringle of Stichill, Baronet, by his first wife, Emilia Ann, second daughter of General Norman Macleod of Macleod. Mrs. Swinton died in 1846, leaving a daughter, Katharine Margaret. Mr. Campbell Swinton married, secondly, in 1856, Georgiana Caroline, third daughter of the late Sir George Sitwell of Renishaw, Baronet, by his wife, Susan Murray, eldest daughter of Craufurd Tait of Harvieston, and sister of the Archbishop of Canterbury. The issue of this marriage are--(1.) John Liulf, born 3d March 1858; (2.) George Sitwell, lieutenant, Highland Light Infantry; (3.) Alice Susan Lucy; (4.) Alan Archibald. Mr. Campbell Swinton is the author of two volumes of Reports of (ases before

the High Court and Circuit Courts of Justiciary, from November 1835 to the close of 1841; of separate reports of two celebrated trials, that of the Glasgow cottonspinners in 1838, and that of the claimant of the Stirling Peerage in 1839; of a Digest of Registration Decisions between 1835 and 1843; and of “Men of the Merse, a Lecture,” privately printed in 1858.

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