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of the Bombay Artillery. Of the daughters of Captain Samuel Swinton, the eldest, Félicité Jean, married Archibald Mitchelson of Middleton, by whom she had four daughters, married respectively to John Tait of Pirn, the Reverend John Hunter, D.D., minister of Swinton, and afterwards of the Tron Church, Edinburgh, the Reverend Alexander Murray, rector of North Waltham, Hampshire, and Colonel Hutchinson of the Indian army. The marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Mitchelson was dissolved by judicial sentence; and the lady married, as her second husband, John Trotter of Dysham Park, by whom she left, with other issue, a son of the same name, and a daughter, Coutts, mother of the present Earl of Lindsay. Charlotte, second daughter of Captain Samuel Swinton, married Dr. Browne, surgeon-general in the Bengal service, and had, besides other children, a son, General Sir Samuel John Browne, K.C.B., V.C., and two daughters, one of whom married Sir Theophilus Metcalfe, Baronet, and the other General Sir George Lawrence, K.C.S.I., brother of Lord Lawrence.

II. SAMUEL SWINTON, second son of Captain Swinton and Mademoiselle Le Febre, was born in 1773. For thirty-four years he acted as a civil servant in India, holding high Government offices. Shortly after his return to this country he bought, in 1828, the estate of Allanbank," which he sold three years afterwards, and acquired, liv portebluse tivnu the testamentary trustees of his cousin, livbort Iti podvezmene Sirincon, the family estate of Swinton. Here live eventtent many improvements, including an that not to be mistuneitse He married, in 1800, Intello, afander cita cobert Routledge, Esquire. The iesti ootatoes tensortitups were tur sous and tive daughters.

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issue, Sir James M'Garrell Hogg, Baronet, K.C.B., chairman of the Metropolitan Board of Works, and a

* Mother the daughter, Isabella, married, in 1848, to Dudley Coutts Marjoribanks of Guisachan, who was created a baronet in pusent Counters 1866, and in 1881 raised to the Peerage under the title


Alerdeen. of Lord Tweedmouth. The other daughters of Samuel

* Swinton are—(3.) Eliza, widow of John Melville

, Esquire ; 'died January (4.) Isabella, and (5.) Jessie Bebb. After his death in 1889 1839, the estate of Swinton was for twenty years possessed in liferent by his widow. She died in 1859, when the succession opened to the eldest daughter,

III. ANNE ELIZABETH SWINTON, of Swinton. She married, in 1820, her cousin, George Swinton, fifth son of Lord Swinton, who held high political appointments in India, and was for many years chief secretary to the Governor-General. He died in 1854, leaving five sons and two daughters. The eldest son is Archibald Adam, died Jan 4 who was a judge in Bengal, and retired from the service 1894. in 1870. He has been twice married. By his first wife, daughter of Captain Eastgate, he had a daughter, Anne Lydia Keith, who married the Rev. Robert Home, minister of Swinton, and died in 1875, her husband surviving her only two years.

Archibald Adam Swinton married, secondly, Isabella Reid, daughter of Henry Normand, Esq. By her he has a son, George Herbert

maruid. July 23" Taylor, lieutenant in the Bedfordshire regiment, and two

1885 to Miss M. Be. daughters, Christina Margaret, and Isabella Harriet, married to Captain Grey of the Bengal Staff Corps. Mrs.

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