The Elements of Moral Philosophy ...

R. and J. Dodsley, 1754 - 312 Seiten

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Seite 79 - What a piece of work is a man ! How noble in reafon ! how infinite in faculties ! in form, and moving, how exprefs and admirable ! in action, how like an angel ! in apprehenfion, how like a god ! the beauty of the world ! the paragon of animals ! And yet, to me, what is this quinteffence of duft?
Seite 19 - Paffions, fo as to keep them from defeating their own End, or interfering with each other, muft be a Principle of a fuperior Nature to them, and ought to direct their Meafures, and govern their Proportions.
Seite 184 - Flights, till it arrives at a Being of unbounded Greatnefs and Worth, on whom it may employ its fublimeft Powers without exhaufting the Subject, and give Scope to the utmoft Force and Fulnefs of its Love, without Satiety or Difguft.
Seite 152 - Paffions and Interefts, of the moft refined Decencies, and of a thoufand namelefs deep-felt Joys of reciprocal Tendernefs and Love, flowing from every Look, Word, and Action. Here Friendfhip acts with double Energy, ,and the Natural confpires with the Moral Charm, to itrengthen and fecure the Love of Virtue.
Seite 110 - Soul which renders us approveable and lovely in the Sight of God; Goods, in fine, which are the Elements of all our future Perfection and Felicity. . Moft of the other Goods we...
Seite 178 - Accidents unforefeen, or unavoidable, or rendered ineffectual thro' the Infidelity and Corruption of the Executors of them ; then it is their Right, and what is their Right is their Duty, to refume that delegated Power, and call their Truftees to...
Seite 5 - Wants, and to guard againft the various Dangers and Evils to which he is obnoxious. By thefe Links, Men are connected with each other, formed into Families, drawn into particular Communities, and all united, as by a common R 4 League, * See H;r.
Seite 264 - ... for that of the infant, the life of the infant for that of the child, and all the lower for the highest and best.
Seite 74 - In one view they may be considered as powers, impelling mankind to a certain course, with a force proportioned to the apprehended moment of the good they aim at. In another view they appear as weights, balancing the action of the powers, and controuling the violence of their impulses. By means of these powers and weights a natural poise is settled in the human breast by its all-wise author, by which the creature is kept tolerably steady and regular in his course, amidst that variety of stages through...

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