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The Church lamenting the depravity of man, longetk

for the Redemption of Christ. 1 THERE is a God all nature cries;

None but the fool the truth denies. On all God's works it stands exprest,

By vivid arguments confest.
2 From heav'n the Mighty Lord look'd down,

From heav'n, His high exalted throne,
Enquiring on this world's abode,

Who understand and seek their Gop? 3 From His appointed righteous way,

Alas! they all are gone astray,
The ways of peace they have not known;

And none is righteous ; no, not one. 4 Guilty, condemn'd, deprav'd and lost,

Who before God hath ought to boast?
Arise, O King of Sion, rise,

And bring salvation from the skies.
5 Then shall Thy saints rejoice and sing,

And each glad heart its tribute bring.
Pardon and peace shall then be given;
And thousands soar from earth to heav'n,

PSALM 15. (s. M.) Appointed by the Church for Ascension Day-as exhibiting the character of the Prince and Citi

zens of Zion. 1 WHO shall ascend and dwell

With Thee, Almighty GOD Who shall in Zion's holy hill Inhabit Thine abode ?

* C

2 He, who is pure in heart,

Whose words and thoughts are one, Whose will is to God's will conform'd,

Whose feet obedient run. 3 Who never with design

Would hurt another's fame; But to promote his happiness,

His universal aim.
4 Who sin in every form,

In every rank reproves ;
But them, who serve and fear the Lord,

Honors, esteems, and loves, 5 Who, faithful to his word,

His lips with truth adorns;
Who pleads the cause of innocence,

And mean advantage scorns. 8 These works, effects of faith,

Labours of active love,
Here glorify God's Name and meet

Rewards of grace above.
7 Such was the Son of God,

Mirror of truth and grace!
Seek to do good like Him on earth,
In heav'n behold His face.


PSALM 16. (L.M.) David describing his own distress and hope of eter

nal life, prophecies of the death, resurrection and glory of Messiah. - Compare Acts, ii. 25, and

xiii. 35. I PRESERVE me, Lord, in Thee I trust,

To Thine almighty arm I flee.

My goodness no returns can make,

Nor can extend, my God, to Thee. 20 condescension great, which deigns

Our humble services to own,
And acts of kindness shewn Thy saints,

Acknowledges before Thy throne. 3 Tho' oft by sinful man despis’d,

Esteem'd, and valued in Thy sight, In them Thine image, LORD, I see;

In them, as excellent, delight. 4 Be Thou the portion of my cup;

My God, my heritage, my all ; O fix my stedfast eyes on Thee;

Protect and and guard me, lest I fall. 5 LORD, when in dust I lay my head,

My fading flesh in hope shall rest, By pow'r divine, ere long, reviv'd,

Shall rise triumphant, pure and blest, 6 The path of life my eyes shall see,

In Thy blest presence Thee adore.
Fulness of joy's at Thy right hand,

Glory and pleasures evermore.



(L. M.) 1 PRESERVE me, LORD, the Saviour cried.

My soul, remark His dying
Upon the cross, He bleeds, He dies

Dies for transgressions not His own, 2 His pure obededience unto death

Extended not Himself to bless.
A mantle to his saints it proved,
A robe of spotless righteousness.

3 Glory to Thee, O LAMB of God!

Thy sacred blood atonement made, Be Thou my portion, Thou my hope,

By Thee the debt of sin was paid. 4 At Thy right hand Jehovah stooda

Thy pow'r achiev'd the arduous plan. In the dark grave God's HOLY ONE

Reposed, and rescued fallen man. 6 The path of life, before untried,

To Thee was shewn, by Thee explor'd. O mystery great! man thus enjoys Pleasures for ever with his Lord.


PSALM 17. (L.M.) A prayer for divine protection and guidance, in the

confidence of hope. 1 HEAR Thou my right, O LORD, attend,

FATHER of all, my soul defend ; While enemies around me tread,

Deign Thou my humble cause to plead. 2 0 Thou, my God, my guard, my guide,

Leave not my erring feet to slide.
Hold Thou my footsteps in Thy way,

Prove Thou my heart, nor let me stray: 3 Thy marvelous loving-kindness shew;

Let Thy right hand disarm the foe;
Protect and keep me, King of kings,

Under the shadow of Thy wings. 4 On Thee I call, O LORD; arise ;

Oft Thou, my God, hast heard my cries;
Thy mighty arm the foes can quell,
And their united pow'rs repela

5 As Lions, greedy for their prey, —

Bent to destroy, they watch my way;
Invidious, circling ine around,

My steps they mark, my paths surround. 6 Arise, O LORD, perform Thy word,

The wrath of man is but Thy sword !
Far other joys my eyes behold

Than this life's bliss, or sordid gold. 7 O grant me to behold Thy face,

In realms of righteousness and peace,
Thy image there shall I partake,
And fully satisfied awake.


PSALM 18. (l.m.) A song of victory, in the day that the Lord had

delivered David out of the hand of all his enemies,
and out of the hand of Saul-2 Sam. xxii. 1, &c.
It contains a magnificent description of divine
interposition, deliverance and victory. I'he 49th
verse is applied by St. Paul to the conversion of
the Gentiles. Rom, sv. 9.
CHEE will I love, O Lord, my strength,

My rock, protector, and my God;
My buckler, my salvation Thou,

My fortress, my secure abode.
2 To Thee, oppress'd, I made my prayer;

All might, all praise to Thee belongs.
The vanquish'd enemy retreats-

And vict'ry swells our grateful songs.
3 In our distress on God we call'd;
The enemy beheld and fear'da


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