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This sublime and beautiful Psalm is appointed by:

the Church for Whitsunday. It scems to have been composed on the joyful occasion of the reinoval of the ark to Mount Zion, 1 Chron, XX. and prophetically celebrates the ascension of Messiah, the descent of the Holy Spirit, and the

conversion of the Gentiles. 1 LE

ET God, the immortal God, arise,

Scatter'd be all His enemies; Let praise to heav'n ascend: JEHOVAH's name for ever bless, The Father of the fatherless,

The widow's God and Friend,
2 The great JEHOVAH gave the word ;
Great were the triumphs of the LORD,

And victory rais'd-the song :
Kings with their armies filed apace,
Triumphant shone the reign of grace,

And nations join'd the throng,
3 The Church of Christ, ye saints, behold,
Her dove-like wings, her radiant gold,

Her righteouşness divine:
Her silver vestments, spotless white,
Around diffuse her glorious light,

Her beams refulgent shine.
4 See, hosts of angels fill the sky;
Jesus our LORD ascends on high,

With God that man may dwell:
Captivity is captive led;
For fallen man tise Conqueror bled,

To save from death and hell,

5- Lo! Sion's portals wide expand;
Gentiles around her altars stand,

With one divine accord :
Sing praise to GOD; O praise His name:
Ye kingdoms join the glorious theme;

ye, O praise the LORD.

Praise ye,

PSALM 68. ver. 17 & 18. (L. .) I LORD, when Thou didst ascend on high,

Ten thousand angels fill'd the sky: Those heav'nly guards around Thee wait,

Like chariots that attend thy state, 2 Not Sinai's mountain could appear

More glorious, when the LORD was there ;
While He pronounc'd His sacred law,

And struck the chosen tribes with awe. 3 How bright the triumph none can tell,

When the rebellious powers of hell,
Who thousand souls had captives 'made,

Were all in chains, like captives, led. 4 Rais'd by Thy Father to Thy throne,

Thou sent'st the promis'd Spirit down,
With gifts and grace for rebel men,

That Góp might dwell on earth again. 5 Kingdoms and thrones to God belong :

Crown Him, ye nations, in your song ;
His wondrous names and powers rehearse;
His honours shall éprich your verse,

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6 By His right hand His saints shall rise,

From the deep earth or deeper seas;
He'll bring them to His courts above,
There shall they taste His special love.

PSALM 69. (1. M.) Appointed by the Church for Good Friday, Mes. siah describes his sufferings for the sins of men ; makes his prayer to JEHOVAH; foretels the judgments of Heaven on the Jews, and the salvation of

Zion. 1 SAVE me, o God, Messiah pray'd,

For man in human flesh array'd; Save me, O God, the billows roll,

Tempestuous floods o'erwhelm my soul. 2 My spirit fails, my throat is dry,

Ceaseless to Thee, O God, I cry;
My eyes grow dim; assuage my grief;

For Thee I wait; O send relief.
3 Rebuke hath broke my anxious heart,

Almighty succour, LORD, impart;
I look for help, cast out, alone,

For comforters, but there are none. 4 Hear, LORD, in tender mercy hear,

Hide not Thy face; regard my prayer;
Thy saving health I'll still proclaim,

And praise and magnify Thy name. 5 The humble shall behold and praise ;

Let heaven and earth their anthems raise;

While foes to truth, who hate the light,
Shall sink in shades of awful night.

6 O LORD, arise; Thy Zion save

From chains of darkness and the grave ;
Thy saints, who love Thy holy name,
Thy great salvation shall proclaim.



This Psalm occurs; without any material deviation,

in Psalm 40 -verse 13th, to the end.

1 O LORD, make haste, deliv’rance send,

In my behalf arise:
Dangers surround; my God, defend;

Subdue my enemies.
2 Let all who seek Thy face above,

In Thee, their God, rejoice;
Let all, who Thy salvation love,

Praise Thee with joyful voice.
3 Though poor and needy, since by Thec

My wants shall be supplied,
l'll trust in Thee, and daily say,

Let God be magnified.

4 Thou my delivrer art, O LORD,

Soon let Thy help appear;
My only hope is in Thy word,
That word dispels my fear,

The Psalmist, sorely distressed in his old age, by

the rebellion of Absalom, prays for divine assistance, pleads the righteousness and promise of God, and expresses his faith, hope, and gratitude, in the prospect of final redemption.

I! IN Thee, O God, my LORD,

Most merciful and just; Encourag'd by Thy faithful word,

My soul would humbly trust, 2 Since first I drew my breath,

Thy hand hath held me up;
In youth or age, in life or death,

Thou art my only hope.
3 When life and strength decays,

I'll trust Thy power to save;
Expiring life shall lisp Thy praise,

And triumph o'er the grave. 4 Forsake me not, O LORD,

My refuge, shield, and tower;
Thy mercies past will I record,

Ånd praise Thee more and more. 5 I'll go forth in Thy strength,

I'll make Thy glories known,
And mention, all my journey's length,

Thy righteousness alone. 6 Thy love in dangers past

Shall all my fears control;
I'll trust Thy love while dangers last,

Thou refuge of my soul.

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