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3 Messiah, King of glorys, stands

( នំ Before JEHOVAH's face; While mercy, truth, and love, preserver 0.21

The sceptre of His grace..
4 Thy truth and mercy we'll proclaim,

Our daily offering raise;
And chaunt the glories of Thy name,

In themes of endless praise,

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PSALM 62. (c.m.) This Psalm expresses a repeated act of faith, and

trust in God; it states that there is no confidence to be placed in man; but only in the power and

mercy of JEHOVAH. 1 ON God alone

my spirit waits, My help is from above;

TS He my salvation is, my Rock,

From Him I'll not remove.. 2 My expectation is from Him,

My shield, my hiding-place:
God is my glory, tow'r, defence,

Source of all life and grace.
3 Trust Him; ye saints, his mercies on


to His abode;
Pour out your hearts before His throne;

Our refuge is our Gob.
4 Trust not in man, become not vain,

Though riches should increase;
Set not your heart on earthly gain;

Be rich in heav'nly grace.

5 Once God hath spoke; yea, twice declared,

“Omnipotence is mine."
His foes he'll crush ; His saints reward

With righteousness divine.

PSALM 63. (8, 8, 6.) David in the wilderness of Judah, expresses his de

sire of the presence of God, and the divine pleusures of his sanctuary. He praises. God in the midst of his affliction, and predicts the triumph and glory of Messiah. 1 O GOD, Thou art my God, for Thee,

Thy glory and Thy power to see, ?". My spirit longs and faints;

Thy sanctuary, Thy holy place,
Where Thou thy glorious power displays,

Amidst assembled saints.
2 Thy loving-kindness, O my Lord,
Can more than life itself afford,

My hands to Thee I'll raise ;
Long as I live, my blest employ,
My soul's delight, my heart-felt joy,

Shall be Thy name to praise.
3 Beneath the shadow of thy wings,
My joyful soul exulting sings,

Rejoicing in my GOD:
Thy own right hand shall guide my way,
To follow Thee to endless day,

To view Thy blest abode..
4 Glorious on high MESSIAH reigns,
Exalted o'er the heav'ply plains;

His enemies shall fall,

His saints, who serv'd with holy fear,
With Him in glory shall appear,

And crown Him Lord of all.

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PSALM 63. II. Metre. (Old 113th.} O God, my gracious God, to Thee

My early prayers shall offered be; For Thee my thirsty soul does pant; My fainting strength implores Thy grace, Within this dry, this barren place,

Where I refreshing waters want. 2 0 to my longing eyes once more That view of glorious power restore,

Which Thy majestic house displays; Because to me Thy wond'rous love Than life itself does dearer prove,

My lips shall always speak Thy praise.
3 My life, while I that life enjoy,
In blesssing God may I employ,

With lifted hands adore Thy name:
My soul's content shall be more great
Than their's, who dwell in earthly state,

While I with joy Thy praise proclaim. 4 When down I lie, sweet sleep to find, Thou, LORD, art present to my mind,

And when I wake in dead of night;
Because Thou still dost succour bring,
Beneath the shadow of thy wing

I rest with safety and delight,

PSALM 63. DI. Metre. (l.m.) 10 God, my God, my all Thou art,

Ere shines the dawn of rising day; Thy sov’reign light within my heart,

Thine all enliv'ning power display. 2 In a dry land behold I place

My whole desire on Thee, my LORD;
Yea, more I joy to gain Thy grace,
Than all earth's treasures can afford

3 O LORD, within Thy sacred gates,

Where I so oft have sought for Thee;
Again my longing spirit waits,
That fulness of delight to see.

4 More dear than life itself, Thy love

My heart and tongue shall still employ:
Thy love to sing, Thy grace to prove,
Shall be my glory, peace, and joy.

3. In blessing Thee with thankful songs,

My happy life shall glide away:
The praise that to Thy name belongs,
Daily, with lifted hands, I'pay.

6 Abundant sweetness ! while I sing,

Thy love my favour'd soul o'erflows :
Secure in Thee, my God and Kings
Of*glory that no period knows.

ng Beneath Thy smiles, O may I live,

By Thy right hand upheld and blest;
Under the shadow of Thy wing,
I trust, I wait for endless rest,

David prays for deliverance from his enemies, and predicts the exaltation of the Church in God her

SAVIOUR. 1 HEAR my voice, O God, in prayer,

Guard my life from servile fear; From each hostile counsel hide,

Through life's dreary desart guide, 2 Foes on every side increase ;

LORD, preserve my soul in peace;
While they point the envenom'd dart,

Plead my cause, and guard my heart. 3 Then shall men Thy power confess,

See Thy hand, Thy mercy bless ;
Men shall fear, and God adore,

Own thy work, and strive no more, 4 But the just Thy acts record,

Glorying only in the LORD;
They, who love and trust Thy name,
Shall, with joy, Thy praise proclaim.,

PSALM 65. (L.M.) The Psalmist celebrates divine mercy, in hearing prayer, pardoning transgression, and replenishing the earth with fruitful seasons.

10 GOD of hosts, at Sion's gates,

Glory and praise eternal waits :
Thou hearest prayer; all flesh shall come
And worship at Thy hallow'd dome,

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