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And hail with gratitude and joy,

The glories of the place. 5 O how I love Thy sacred courts. Where

prayer and praise arise! There, where Thy honor dwells, I find

My foretaste of the skies.
6 LORD, with the just appoint my lot,

To walk Thy holy ways;
Till, with Thy saints enthron'd on high
I chaunt eternal praise.


PSALM 27. (l.m.) Confidence in God in the midst of danger, and tri

umphant assurance of final Victory. 1 THOU my Salvation art, O LORD,

My light of truth Thy sacred word;
Strength of my life, whom shall I fear,

While Thine almighty arm is near?
2 Tho' hosts of men their weapons wield,

My heart to terror ne'er shall yield;
My soul may all their threats despise,

Guarded by Thee, should wars arise. 3 One grand pursuit my heart inspires,

Long as I live, my soul desires
To dwell in Thy belov'd abode,

To view Thy beauty, O my God.
4 O blest pavilion, where Thy saints

Relief obtain in all complaints :
Fix'd on a rock, Thy pow'r they know,
And rise triumphant o'er the foe.

5 Thy praise shall hence my pow'rs employ,

The grateful sacrifice of joy;
Awake my soul, awake my tongue,

Let Hallelujahs swell the song. 6 To Thee I cry; LORD, hear

my voice; Thy answer makes my heart rejoice; “ Seek ye my face." O sacred word !

Thy face I'll seek, most gracious LORD. 7 Ah! hide not Thou Thy face from me,

Till I in bliss Thy glories see;
Be still my succour, still- my friend,

God of Salvation, to the end.
8 Should friends on earth deceitful prove;

Should parents lose a parent's love.
The parent and the friend I see

More than supplied, my God, in Thee. 9 Oft had I fainted, but Thy name,

Faithful, unchangeable, the same,
Taught me to look beyond the grave,

And trust Thy sov'reign pow'r to save. 10 Wait on the Lord in ev'ry strait ;

Be strong in faith; in patience wait;
Thine heart He strengthens; trust His word;
0 wait for ever on the LORD.


(L.M.) I THOU, Lord, my safety, Thou my light,

What danger shall my soul affright?
Strength of my life! what arm shall dare
To hurt whom Thou hast owu'd Thy care ?

2 One wish, with holy transport warm,

My heart bas form’d, and yet shall form ;
One gift I ask; that to my end

Thy sacred courts I may attend. 3 There may I find a sure abode,

And view the beauty of my God;
For He within His hallow'd shrine

My secret refuge shall assig
4 When, Thou, with condescending grace,

Hast bid me seek Thy shining face,
My heart replied to Thy kind word,

Thee will I seek, all gracious Lord. 5 Should ev'ry earthly friend depart,

And nature leave a parent's heart;
My God, on whom my hopes depend,

Will be my Father and my friend. 6 Ye humble souls, in ev'ry strait,

On God with sacred courage wait;
His hand shall life and strength afford,
O ever wait upon the LORD.

PSALM 28. (c.m.)
The language of humiliation, intercession, and
TO Thee I cry, O Lord, my rock,

Thine arm alone can save.
Ah! be not silent, lest I sink

Forgotten in the grave.
2 The voice of supplication, LORD,

My anxious fears repeat;

With ceaseless cries, I lift my hands

Tow'rds Heav'n, Thy mercy-seat. 3 Ungodly men care not for Thee,

They from Thy ways depart; Peace to their neighbour speak their lips,

With mischief in their heart.
4 Thy works, the glory of Thy hands

Thy pow'r and skill declare;
Yet sinners' hearts they ne'er attract,

Nor make impression there. 5 Who serve not God, while here on earth,

Wh, care not, LORD, for Thee,
According to their just desert,

Thy face shall never see.
6 Almighty God, enthron'd on high,

Thy name be ever blest-
My supplications Thou hast heard,

And granted my request. ang O Thou, my confidence, my strength,

My shield in all distress,
How greatly doth my heart rejoice,

And Thy salvation bless.
8 JEHOVAH is our sure defence,

His pow'r, and grace our theme;
Strength of Messiah, and His Church,

Of all, who trust in Him. 9 LORD, save Thy people, bless Thy saints;

Till ev'ry danger's o'er;
With heav'nly manna feed their souls,

Exalt them everzpore.

The Prophet calleth the Kings of the earth to give

glory to Jehovah, and to admire the magnificent

effects of his power.
I BRING to the LORD, the mighty King,

Your grateful oft'rings hither bring,
Your sacrifice prepare.
Ye kings and rulers of the earth,
Praise Him, to whom you owe your birth,

His sacred pow'r declare.
2 With holy worship sound His praise ;
To highest heav'ns His honors raise;

Give glory to His name.
The beauty of His holiness,
In all your themes of praise express,

And spread abroad His fame.
3 God speaks ;--the God of glory speaks ;
Forth from the skies the lightning breaks ;

The thunder's awful noise.
Earth stands astonish'd at the sound,
The whirlwinds shake, and rend the ground;

Man trembles at His voice.

4 See ! Lebanon's wide desarts shake; Behold! the oaks of Kadesh break;

The crashing cedars rend ! Praise His magnificence of pow'r; His glory speak; His name adore,

And in His temple bend. 5 Let oceans wide His wonders tell: At God's eommand the billows swell,

At God's command subside.

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