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2 His heart's desire, divine request !

Man to redeem, condemn’d, opprest;
Blessings of goodness hence are spread,

And purest gold adorns His head. 3 He asked life: and life was giv'n,

Eternal, as the days of heav'n,
His glories in Salvation shine,
Honor and majesty divine.
4 Ye saints, ye angels hov'ring round,

Behold the great MESSIAH, crown'd;
Enter'd within the promis'd rest,

For ever, and for ever, blest.5 O life divine! inspiring word !

As man He trusted in the LORD;
He died ; He rose; He left the grave,

Glorious in pow'r, and strong to save. 6 Thine enemies shall feel Thy hand;

Destruction waits Thy dread command;
Benea h Thy wrath Thy foes consume,

And own the justice of their doom. 7 Exalted high, rise, mighty LORD,

Thy strength display; unsheath Thy sword,
Live, live, and reign to endless days,
Thy greatness, and Thy pow'r we praise,

N. B. This Psalm may be sung to the tune of the

23rd Psalm, 3rd metre, by adding these two lines
to every stanza,-
Glory to God, Messiah reigns;
O praise Him, praise in endless strains !

Appointed by the Church for Good Friday. The first verse was uttered by our Lord, when hanging on the Cross.

It describes his sufferings, humiliation and glory; and prophesieth the conversion of the Gentiles to the faith and wor.

ship of the true God. 1 My God, my, God, Messian cried,

When on the cross He bled and died. Ah! why exil'd my God from Thee :

Ah! why hast Thou forsaken me! 2 With agony oppress'd I faint;

By day, by night incessant pant,
O’eçwhelm'd with anguish, pain and grief,
O why so far from


3 Yet just and good Thy ways I own,

Thou perfect, righteous, holy One;
Thy glory from this cross shall shine,

And praise, eternal praise be Thine. 4 Our fathers trusted in Thy word,

When, when were they forsaken LORD?
O pity, hear Thy servant then,

Rejected, and despised of men.
5 Ye that pass by, the scene behold,

Contemplate grief and love untold;
The Son of God on Calv'ry's tree,

Forsaken, bleeding, dying see.
6 For man a crown of thorns He wears,

The nail, the spear His body tears,
See streaming blood His form disguise,
Hark! His last words, -He groans, He dies.

7 See inward terrors melt His heart!

See ruffian hands His garments part!
O LORD of strength, Thy suff'rer own,

Immanuel, Thy united one.
8 O mystery great of love divine !

Justice and grace emblazon'd shine. Glory to God from hence shall spring,

And heav'n with Hallelujahs ring. 9 The Saviour lives ;-lives to proclaim,

JEHOVAH's glorious awful name
Let the great congregation raise,

His grace and truth above all praise. 10 Ye seed of Jacob's honor'd race,

Your anthems bring, the triumph grace;
Ye seed of Jsrael, join your songs;

Praise Him, to whom all praise belongs. 11 O glorify and fear the LORD,

Who in distress confirms His word ;
Nor hides His face; nor turns His eye;

From deep affliction's plaintive cry. 12 Trust Him ye meek, partake His fuast

Provided by your great High Priest,
Who seek the LORD, with Him shall rise,

And live for ever in the skies. 13 The heathen lands shall own their for,

Repent and turn to His abode,
Receive His soul-reviving words,

The King of kings, the Lord of lords. 14 The rich, the great ones of the earth, No more shall boast their wealth or birth;

* Bp.


But crowding round His festive board,

Prostrate adore their sov'reign Lord. 16 The dead shall rise, and bow the knee;

Yea; ev'ry eye the Judge shall see ;
Millions of people yet unborn,

Shall rise His triumphs to adoro.
16 A seed shall come and learn Thy word,

A generation to the LORD,
The Gentiles, yet far off, shall raise,

Anthems of glory to Thy praise.
17 The heathen lands shall bless Thy name,

Thy truth, Thy righteousness proclaim,
Yea; all shall come, adore and own,
This mightiest work the Lord hath done.

PSALM 23. (s. M.) The Guardian care of the Good Shepherd in feed

ing, restoring, conducting, defending, and replenishing the sheep, of his pasturē, throug

time to the blissful glories of eternity. I MY Shepherd is the LORD,

I never more shall want; All I require my gracious God

Will mercifully grant. z in meadows fair and green,

With purest pasture blest; Where the still waters gently flow,

He leadeth me to rest.
3 When from Thy paths Terr,

My God, my soul restore,
Lead me in paths of righteousness,

That I may stray no more.

4 In gloomy shades of death,

Then shall I fear no ill;
Thy staff and sceptre comfort me,

And Thou art with me still. 5 In presence of my foes,

My table Thou dost spread; My cup with mercy overflows;

Thine oil anoints my head. 6 Thy goodness, mercy, peace,

Shall follow all my days;
And in Thy house i'll ever dwell,

And sing Thy ceaseless praise..

PSALM 23. II METRE. Old Version. (c. m.) 1 My Shepherd is the living Lord.

Nothing therefore I need;
In pastures fair, near pleasant streams,

He setteth me to feed.
2 He shall convert and glad my soul,

And bring my mind in frame, To walk in paths of righteousness,

For His most holy name.
3 Yea, tho' I walk in vale of death

Yet I will fear no ill;
Thy rod and staff do comfort me,

And Thou art with me still. 4 And in the presence of my

foes My table Thou shalt spread; Thou wilt fill full my cup, and Thou Anointed hast my head.

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