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We want to welcome the officers of the House. First I certainly want to welcome the Clerk of the House, Donn Anderson. This is his sixth appearance. Time really does fly, doesn't it? I think Donn makes us all proud with the way he manages and the demeanor he brings to the job. As is customary, since he is in fact the Budget Officer for the House de facto, the Clerk of the House will present the entire budget of the House and the joint items disbursed by the Clerk.

The Clerk will also refer in turn to the other officers of the House who will outline their own office's budget request. Those are Jack Russ, our Sergeant at Arms, James Molloy, the Doorkeeper, and Bob Rota, the Postmaster.

I know I have seen Bob here and I am assuming the others are close by. We also have the real administrative leader, Congressman Charlie Rose, the Chairman of the Committee on House Administration. The Chairman will outline the House Information Systems budget and in a few minutes take the opportunity to discuss some other issues that affect a very important relationship between House Administration and this Subcommittee.

We have to work and, thank God, we do work very closely together. I just want to say, Mr. Chairman, as one Member, speaking for many others, how appreciative we are of the new approach you have taken, the new management that you have brought to the House Administration Committee. I think people on both sides of the aisle have really seen a real updating of the way we do things here, and we are all very appreciative of that.

Chairman Rose. Thank you, sir.

Mr. Fazio. Later on we will be hearing from Ray Smock, our Historian; Ed Willett, the Law Revision Counsel; David Meade, the Legislative Counsel, and we may even see Dr. Krasner from the Office of the Attending Physician. So with that, I would remind you that after all this is finished we will bring in the Capitol Police Board to hear their budget separately. We could begin at this point, Donn, with you introducing Mike and Ray and some of the others who are with you today, for the record and then proceed with your statement.


Mr. ANDERSON. Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

Mr. Chairman, Members of the Subcommittee, let me take this opportunity to wish you a heartfelt but somewhat belated Happy New Year, and that wish includes important items such as your health and happiness for you and your families, a successful year in serving your constituents, and a productive year in legislating during the Second Session of the 102nd Congress.

As we present and review the proposed House budget for fiscal year 1993, I wish to thank you for your attention to our needs and our proposals. It has always been a pleasure to work with and to serve you. We shall maintain our usual high level of service throughout this year.

My expression of appreciation to you, Mr. Chairman, extends as well and fully to your subcommittee's counsel, Mr. Ed Lombard.

diate needs and the long-range programs of the House. We deeply appreciate his help and guidance.

He wasn't even listening.
Mr. Fazio. Donn, that is just how he feigns humility.


Mr. ANDERSON. Our usual veteran team of the Clerk's staff has changed from last year. As you all know, Bob McGuire, our most able and effective Chief of Finance for many years, decided, in a joint decision with his wife, that it was time to build his dream house on the mountainside in New Mexico, and so he packed up and went West, and we miss him very much.

I have confidently and with the greatest personal happiness promoted to his position Mike Heny, who has been the Assistant Chief of Finance for many years. In fact, 24 years ago I worked with Mike in the Finance Office when we were both somewhat younger.

I am also pleased to note that I have promoted into Mike's former position as Assistant Chief of Finance, Mr. Art Smith, who is seated over here just behind me. Art had been for many years the supervisor of our Employee Benefits Section in the Finance Office.

They are joined by Mrs. Jane Mattoon, our long-time other Assistant Chief of Finance, and our Assistant for the Budget, Mr. Michael Buckley.

Rounding out our team this morning is a familiar face, a friend of all of us, of great support to me, Mr. W. Raymond Colley, the Deputy Clerk. As we proceed to discuss my office later, I will introduce other members of my staff and directors of various offices who you may wish to question during this presentation. All of the information

TRIBUTE TO BOB MC GUIRE Mr. Fazio. I might just say in passing, Bob McGuire is a friend of all of ours and a tremendous mind who contributed greatly to the success, whenever we had any, of this Committee on the Floor, and we are going to really miss him. In fact, we might want to pass the hat and get him a round-trip ticket from New Mexico just for the day or two that we are before the lions out there in the arena.

I don't know what we would have done without him, and I am sure Ed would agree. With the team you put together and maybe four or five of us working together, we could make up for the loss of one Mr. McGuire.

Mr. ANDERSON. We will do our best to compensate, Mr. Chairman. Mr. Fazio. I am sure you will.

GENERAL FORMAT OF CLERK'S BUDGET SUBMISSION Mr. ANDERSON. All of the information in this statement, the subcommittee print and the additional information we will provide from time to time has been assembled, organized, and reviewed by the Finance Office group. Although we collect and prepare the financial details for all House offices and we disburse the funds that

made by many persons: the Members, committee chairman, leadership and House Officers. Many laws, rules, regulations, and policies govern the appropriations of the budgeted funds and their eventual obligation and disbursement.

The fiscal year 1993 budget has been developed in the same format as last year. You will recall that we initiated a separate budget listing for House Information Systems, known as HIŚ, that was different from previous years. Testimony will be presented again this year on the HIS budget by both its Director, Mr. Hamish Murray, and Chairman Rose of the Committee on House Administration.

This statement and the subcommittee print may be used jointly to obtain a complete picture of the budget. At the beginning of each budget item herein, you will find a reference to proper page numbers on the subcommittee print where further detail is provided.

When the House officers and other key witnesses appear, I will introduce for the Subcommittee and the hearing record the specific section of the proposed budget. Each witness will present testimony and answer your questions. I will provide in more detail information on the operations of my own office when we reach that portion of the budget.


For fiscal year 1993, briefly, the fiscal year 1993 estimates that were submitted earlier to the Office of Management and Budget are reflected in the budget to be transmitted to the Congress by the President and are detailed in your subcommittee print. They total $933,771,000. This includes $856,898,000 for the House of Representatives and $76,873,000 for certain Joint Items. The fiscal year 1993 budget is $153,179,000 over the $780,592,000 appropriated to date for fiscal year 1992. The fiscal year 1993 estimates were prepared based on statutory entitlements, actual spending history, and consultation with each office.

I will insert a summary at this point to illustrate in more detail the various accounts and the proposed estimates for the next fiscal year. Also, I will provide a chart of the proposed budget illustrating how it is apportioned to each program and/or office.

Following the table, which you can use as a quick reference to budget totals, we will take up the first section of the budget, that of the House leadership offices.

[The information follows:]

FY '91 Actual


FY '92

FY '93 Estimates

Payment to Widows and Heirs of Deceased Members of Congress...
Mileage of Members..



0 $210,000

0 $210,000

Salaries and Expenses:

House Leadership Offices.
Members' Clerk Hire.
Committee Employees
Committee on the Budget (Studies)



5,781,000 218,500,000 67,900,000


6,324,000 243,092,000 103,694,000


[blocks in formation]

Total House Joint Items.




Total House of Representatives and Joint Items.

691,172,000 2 780,592,000


1 As of 11/30/91, unless otherwise provided by obligating office.
2 Excludes undistributed adjustment appropriation of $4.5 million pursuant to Sec. 312 of P.L. 101-520.

U.S. House of Representatives' FY 1993 Budget Request

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