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" BY this public instrument, Be it known to all to whom
the same may or doth concern, that I, CADWALLADER D. Col-
DEN, a Public Notary, in and for the State of New York, by
Letters Patent under the Great Seal of the said State, duly
commissioned and sworn, and in and by the said Letters Pa-
tent, invested," with full powers and authority to attest
deeds, wills, testaments, codicils, agreements, and other in-
struments in writing, and to administer any oath or oaths to
any person or persons,” Do hereby certify, that on the day of
the date hereof, personally appeared before me the said Nota-
fry, the Reverend Lorenzo Dow, whose person being by me pare
ticularly examined, appears to me to be of the age of twenty-
eight years, or thereabouts; of the height of five feet ten inch.
es : rather light complexioned, and much marked with the
small-pos; having small light eyes, dark brown hair and eye.
brows, small features, and a short visage, a scrophulous mark
on his neck, under his chin, on the right side; and the said
Lorenzo Dow being by me duly sworn on the Holy Evangelist
of Almighty God, deposeth, and saith, that he was born in the
town of Coventry, in the State of Connecticut, in the United
States of America, of Humphrey B. Dow, and Tabitha his wife,
who was Tabitha Parker; that his said parents were also born
in the said town ; that his mother is dead, but his father is
yet living, and resides in the same place. And the said depo-
nent further saith, that he is the person named, intended and
described as Lorenzo Dow, in all and each of the several docu-
ments hereunto annexed, which are respectively lettered
A. B. C. D. and which are now produced to me, the said No.
tary, and lettered as aforesaid by me, the said Notary, and my
Rotarial firm thereon written.

" And I the said Notary, do further certify, that on the same day and year last aforesaid, also appeared before me, the Reverend Nicholas Snethen of New-York, and James Quacken. bush, of the State of New York, gentleman, who being by me also sworn on the Holy Evangelist of Almighty God, depose and say, and first the said Nicholas Snethen saith, that he is well acquainted with the said Lorenzo Dow, and known him

from bis youth to this time; and this deponent has been also o well acquainted with the Parents of the said Lorenzo Dow:

that the said Lorenzo Dow is a native of the United States of America, and a Minister of the Holy Gospel, and the said deponent doth verily believe that all the facts herein stated and set forth by the said Lorenzo Dow are true.

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And the said James Quackenbush saith, that he hath known the said Lorenzo Dor, for four years last past, and upwards.that he hath always understood, and doth believe, him to be a native citizen of ihe United States of America, and doth believe that all the facts to which the said Lorenzo Dow hath above deposed, are true. And the said Lorenzo Dow being such native citizen as aforesaid, of the United States of America, is entitled to all the advantages and privileges thereof, and to the friendly aid and protection of all persons. Potentates and States, with whom the said United States are in peace and friendship.

Whereof an attestation being required, I have granted this under my notarial firm and seal,

Done at the City of New-York, in the United States of

America, the said deponents having first countersigned the same, this fifth day of November, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and five. CADWALLADER D. COLDEN.


Catwallader D. Colden, Not. Pub.

To all to whom these presents shall concern,

Greeting. THE BEARER HEREOF, LORENZO DOW, A Citizen of the United States of America, baving occasion to pass into foreign countries, about his lawful affairs, these are to pray all whom it may concern, to permit the same. . renzo Dow, (he demeaning himself well and peaceably) to pass wheresoever his lawful pursuits may call him, freely without let or molestation in going, staying, or returning, and to give him all friendly aid and protection, as these United States would do in the like case.


I have caused the seal of the Department

of State for the said United States, to be SEAL. hereunto affixed.-Done at Washington, this

23d day of October, in the year of our Lord, 1805, and of the independence of these States the thirtieth.

JAMES MADISON, Secretary of Sint-. [GRATIS.)




Cadwallader D. Colden, Not. Pub,

VIRGINIA, to wit BE it known to all whom it may concern, that the Reverend Lorenzo Dow, who declares himself a native of Connecticut, one of the United States of America, has for two or three years past occasionally travelled through this commonwealth, as an itinerant Preacher of the Gospel ; that his appointments to preach have, according to report, been attended by considera. ble numbers of the inhabitants of this state; that on all occasions his conduct has been inoffensive, and his manners impressive : it is believed that his views are confined to the promotion of human happiness, by diffusing, to the utmost of his abilities, a knowledge of the Christian Religion, and by a conviction, on his part of its tendency to that desirable object. This certificate is granted to the said Reverend Lorenzo Dow, at the request of his friends, in consequence of a meditated voyage to Europe for the restoration of his impaired health.

Given under my hand as Governor, with the

Seal of the Commonwealth annexed-at RichSEA.

mond, this 19th day of October--1805.

Cadwallader D. Colden, Not. Pub.

* HUMPHREY B. DOW and Tabitha Parker were joined in marriage, October 8th, A. D. 1767.

“Lorenzo Dow, son of Humphrey B. Dow and Tabitha his wif was born in Coventry, October 16th, A. D. 1777."

(A true copy of record examined by)

Nathan Howard, Town clerk..



October 11th, A. D. 1805. “I, THE subscriber, do, hereby certify that by the law of the State aforesaid all marriages, births and deaths are to be recorded in the records of their respective towns; and Nathan Howard, Esq. who hath attested the aforesaid from the town records, is the clerk of said town, duly appointed and sworn, and that the above signature is in his own proper band writing, and that faith and credit is to be given to his attesta. tion in court and country.”

“In testimony hereof I have subscribed my hand and seal.”


Chief Justice of the Superior Court.


October 15th, 1805. 6. This certifies that the above Lorenzo Dow was born in Coventry as above stated, of a reputable family, and he the said Lorenzo is by profession a Methodist Preacher-he is a man of decent morals and of peaceable behaviour, so far as our knowledge of him extends. And that the abovesaid Jesse Root is the Chief Justice of the Superior Court in the State of Connecticut, and that full credit is to be given to his certificate in Court and Country."

“ JEREMIAH RIPLEY, one of the

Judges of the Court of Common.

Pleas County of Tolland, * ELEAZER POMEROY, Justice

of Peace.”


* TO

who may see these presents--aketh known, ** That Jesse Root Esq. the person whose signature is set to the within Certificate, is Chief Judge of the Superior Court within said State.That Jeremiah Ripley, Esq. signer of the within Certificate, is one of the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas, for the County of Tolland in said State. That Eleazer Pomeroy Esq. also one of the within signers is a Justice of Peace, within and for the mentioned County.

“ That each of the above-named Gentlemen have been legal. ly qualified and duly appointed to do and perform all and sin. gular the duties appertaining to their several officės. And that full faith and credit is to be given to their several acts and signatures in their respective capacities. In faith and tes. timony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal of office, at the City of Nero-Haven in said State, this 15th day of October, in the year of our Lord 1805.


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By his Excellency John MILLEDGE, Governor, and
Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy of this
State, and of the Militia thereof.
To all whom these presents shall come,

Know Ye, That Abraham Jackson, Risden Moore, Bolling
Anthony, Zachariah Lamar, James Terrell, John Clark, David
Dickson, Solomon Slatter, Walter Drane, Jared Irwin, Thomp-
son Bird, Robert Hughes, Drury Jones, George Moore, Wormly
Rose, Joel Barnet, William H. Crawford, Samuel Alexander,
Geo. Philips, John Hampton, Elijah Clark, William W. Bibb,

Bates, Buckner Harris, Allen Daniel, William Fitzpatrick, James H. Little, John Davis, and James Jones, Esquires, who have severally subscribed their names to the annexed recommendation, in favour of the Reverend Lorenzo Dow, are Members of the Legislature of this State, and now in Session.

THEREFORE all due Faith, Credit and Authority, are and ought to be had and given to their Signatures as such.

IN TESTIMONY whereof, I have hereunto set

my Hand, and caused the Great Seal of the
said State to be put and affixed, at the State
House in Louisville, this third day of De.
cember, in the year of our Lord, eighteen
hundred and three, and in the twenty.
eighth year of AMERICAN INDEPEND-
By the Governor.

Secretary of the State.


STATE OF GEORGIA. To all whom these presents shall come or concern: BE it known, that the Reverend Lorenzo Dow, an Itinerant Preacher of the Gospel, hath travelled through this State several times, in the course of two years, and has maintained the character of a useful and acceptable Gospel Preacher; and now being about to leave the State, We, in testimony of our high regard for him, recommend him to all Christiuns and lovers of Virtue, as a man whose sole aim appears to be the propaga. ting useful principles through the Christian Religion.

Given under our Hands at Louisyille, this 3d December, 1803,

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