Specimens of Macaronic Poetry

R. Beckley, 1831 - 56 Seiten

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Seite 31 - Si le nom del granteur ou grante soit rased ou interlined en faict pol, le faict est grandement suspicious. Dul. Et nient obstant, si faict pol, &c., &c. Oh illud etiam in Covin. Igno. Ha, ha, he ! Pec. At id, de au faict pendu en le smoak, nunquam audivi titillatum • melius.
Seite iv - Rutler dreamt a dream, Which rack'd his heart with pain : He dreamt there was a raging bear Rush'd from the rugged rocks ; And strutting round with horrid stare, Breath'd terror to the Brocks.* But Robert Rutter drew his sword, And rushing forward right, The horrid creature's thrapple gor'd, And barr'd...
Seite ix - It is curious that Dr. Geddes should have broken through his own rule as to the metre of the Macaronic muse in the ode hereafter printed. There is a treatise " De Latinitate Macaronica," by Bidermann ; but not having met with it, I am unacquainted with its style or intention. The subject is of too light a nature to demand any bibliographical account of the different writers and their productions ; how many eighths of an inch of margin one edition has more than another...
Seite vii - An act. or a writing on parchment whose name Both backwards and forwards is always the same; A fruit that is rare, whose botanical name Read backwards and forwards is always the same...
Seite xiii - ... pieces not Macaronic. His " Orlandino," in ottava rima, was published in 1526, under the feigned name of Limerno Pitocco. A copious extract from Merlin will be found among the specimens. In 1526 a small and rare book was printed, with the title " Guarini Capella Macharonea, in Cabrinum Gogamagogae Regem composita, multum delectabilis ad legendum, ex sex libris distincta. Arimini, per Hieronymum Soncinum anno D'ni 1526. 8vo.
Seite 36 - To tell how gracefully he dances, And artfully contrives romances ; How well he arches, and shoots flying (Let no man think that we mean lying), How well he fences, rides, and sings, And does...
Seite 31 - Quae villa, quod burgum est Logica ? Mus. Est una artium liberalium. Igno. Liberalium ? Sic putabam. In nomine Dei, stude artes parcas et lucrosas : non est mundus pro artibus liberalibus jam.
Seite 34 - He vies, if sober, with Duns Scotus, Sed multo magis si sit potus. In disputando just as keen as Calvin, John Knox, or Tom Aquinas. In every question of theology, Versatus...
Seite 34 - Almost as Boerhaave or Bellini. He thinks the diet of Cornaro, In meat and drink too scrimp and narrow, And that the rules of Leonard Lessius, Are good for nothing but to stress us.
Seite iii - Fresch, fulgent, flurist, fragrant flour, formois, Lantern to lufe, of ladeis lamp and lot, Cherie maist chaist, cheif charbucle and chois; Smaill sweit smaragde, smelling but smit of smot ; Noblest...

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