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Quakers, two, John Roberts and

suring the Mafachusetts assem-
Abraham Carlisle, are executed bly and the town of Boston,
for high treason against the vol. i. p. 253—the counter re-
commonwealth of Pennsylvania, solves of the Virginia house of
vol. iii. p. 207.

burgesses, p: 254--the like re-
Quincy', Mr. extracts from his folves of North Carolina aflem.
journal while in England, vol. bly occafion their diffolution,
i. p. 433—his account of lord

by governor Tryon, p. 256.
Chatham's speech on the 20th Revenue, ministry inclined to raise
of January, 1775, p. 439_of one in the colonies, vol. i. p.
lord Camden's, p. 446.

132–Mr. Pitt's design of doing

it, p. 136-the first Britill att
Randolph, the American frigate, of parliament passed avowedly

blown up, vol. ix. p. 87. for the purpose of raising a re-
Rawdon, lord, marches out of venue in the American colonies,

Camden, attacks general Greene, p. 149--it is considered by the
and obliges him to retreat, vol. Massachusetts house of assembly,
įv, p. 83-evacuates Camden, and a committee appointed to
p. 89-pursues Greene, and foon

write upon the subject to the
after is pursued by him, p. 96 other American affemblies, p.
marches to Charlestown, p.


Revolt, the, of the Pennsylvania
Red-bank, count Donop 'repulsed line of troops, vol. iv. p. 16–
there, vol. iii. p. 2.

the revolters march to Prince-
Reed, colonel Joseph, his letter to ton, p. 19-to Trenton, and de-

a member of congress, vol. ii. liver up the British spies and
p. 278—his answer to the offers

agents to be executed, and
made to corrupt him, vol. iii. matters are adjusted, p. 21.
p. 172.

of part of the Jersey bri-
Refugees, the loyal, imbody, by gade, is speedily suppressed,
the permision of Sir H. Clin- and two of the leaders executed,
ton, and make reprisals, vol. iii.
p. 236-commit great excesses Rhode Island plantation settled,
with their feet of privateers

and united to Providence, vol.
and cruisers, p. 496.

i. p.37-obtain a royal char-
Regiments, British, raised by volun-

ter, p. 38-the people seize the
tary subscriptions, vol. iii. p, cannon, and the assembly re-

solve upon procuring arms and
Regulation of prices attempted by military stores, p. 421. The

the American states, vol. ii. p. royal forces pofless themselves

of Rhode Island, vol. ii. P. 359
Remarks on the Boston port-bill, make an excursion on the

continent, vol. iii. p. 127-
Removal, the, of general Washing- the expedition against them un-

ton from the command of the der general Sullivan and count
army attempted, vol. iii. p. 54.

D'Estaing, P: 157-an engage.
Reprijals, general, granted by the ment between numbers of them

British Council against Dutch and of Sullivan's troops, p.

ships and goods, vol. iv. p. 6. 165--they evacuate the island,
Refolutions, the, and address of

P: 333
both houses of parliament, cen. Riot, a great one at Bostan, on ac-


vol. iv. p. 22.


vol. i. p: 375:

iii. p. 264

p. 186.

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count of the stamp-act, vol. i. Schaick, colonel Van, his expedi-
P: 175

-the rioters destroy tion against the Indians, vol.
judge Hutchinson's house, p.
177—a similar riot at New

Scheme, one for destroying general
York, p. 185

Washington's army at New
Riots at Edinburgh and Glasgow, York, vol. ii. p. 276.
vol. iii. p. 248.

Schools, the public, in the Maffae
Rochambeau, count de, arrives at chusetts and Connecticut, vol.
Rhode Island, and is addressed

ii. p. 125.
by the inhabitants, vol. iii. p. Schuyler, general, disarms the in-
379-joins Washington with the

habitants of Tryon county, vol.
French troops, vol. iv. p. 123 ii. p. 176-resolutions of con-
lends the American comman- gress concerning him, p. 426,
der money to supply his troops, 474.

Seal of the United States of Ame-
Rockingham, the marquis of, dies,

rica, vol. iv. p. 297.
vol. iv. p. 265.

Secesion, the, of many of the
Rodney, Sir George, appointed to minority members, vol. ii. pe
the chief command in the West

Indies, vol. iii. p. 406men. Ships, British, taken in Boston bay
gages and defeats the Spanish and the neighbourhood, vol. ii.
fleet under Don Juan Langara, p. 1440
p. 407-
-engages count de

of war, driven from
Guichen, p.411-takes St. Eu- Nantasket, and the port of Bof-
ftatia, vol. iv. p.74-dispatches ton opened, vol. ii. p. 266-
a few ships after the Dutch ad.

the Phænix and Rose go up

miral and his convoy; the ad-

North river and return, p. 304,
miral is killed in defending his

ship, and the fleet is taken, p. Skirmishes in the neighbourhood
75-watches count de Gralle, of Boston, vol. ii. p. 22, 24,
p. 268-engages him, p. 270-

engages him afresh, defeats and

Slaves, African, first introduced
takes him, p. 273-is created into the colonies, vol. i. p. 56.

an English peer, p. 279, Snider, Christopher, killed at Boston,
Rutledge, governor, of South Caro-

and buried with the greatest re-
lina, retaliates for colonel Bal- spect, vol. i. p. 276.
four's conduct, vol. iv. p. 172 Sons of liberty, the rise of the
issues writs for a new election title among the Americans, vol.
of representatives, &c. p.211.

i. p. 167.

Sõuth Carolina congress enter into
Salem, the inhabitants thereof, an allociation, and resolve

present an address to general putting Charlestown and the
Gage, vol. i. p. 374.

province into

a respectable
Saville, Sir George, moves for the posture of defence, vol. ii. p.

relief of the Papists, vol. iii, 81~the governor, lord William
p. 113

Campbell, diftruftful of his per-
Savannah evacuated by the British, sonal fafety, quits Charlestown,
vol. iv. p. 301;

and goes on board a royal floop
Sayre, Mr. Iecured and committed of war, p. 100- the popular
to the Tower, vol. ii. p. 224 measures opposed by numbers,
fueslord Rochford, p. 435:

and the reasons for it, p. 101



iv. p. 2.

the committee of safety fend colonels Baum and Breyman,
troops into the settlements of

p. 540.
the royalists, and seize their State of the army under general
leaders, p. 106—the provincial Washington, vol. ii. p. 316-
congress determine upon an in-

in the northern department, p.
dependent constitution, p. 210
the state goes to war with States General, they are applied
the Cherokees, p. 364-new

to for the Scotch brigade to
models the temporary form of serve against the Americans,
government, vol. iii. p. 85- and the opinion of Johan van
is invaded by general Prevost, der Cappelle on the occafion,
p. 254–a general revolt in fa-

vol. ii. p. 238.
vor of congress, p. 429--the Steuben, taron, is chosen inspector
assembly meet at Jacksonbo- general, vol. iii. p. 67.
rough, vol. iv. p. 256.

Stewart, lieut. colonel, engages
Spaniards, their humanity to their

general Greene at the Eutaw
British prisoners, vol. iv. p. 14. springs, vol. iv. p. 168-aban-
Spanish and French fleets join in

dons the Eutaw, p. 170.
the West Indies, but make no Stoney-point taken by the British,
attempt against Jamaica, vol. vol. iii. p. 261--retaken by the

Americans, p. 268.
Speech, the royal, at the opening Stonington fired upon by the Bri-

of the session of parliament in tish shipping, vol. ii. p. 122.
1777, and the debates after it, Sufferings endured by the gentle.
vol. iii. p. 95-in 1781, vol. men sent from Charlestoron to

St. Anguftine, vol. iv. p. 139-
Stamp-act, vol. i. p. 157-colonel by the continental officers taken

Barre's speech in the debates at Charlestown, p. 141-by
upon it, p. 160-during the the American marine prisoners
debate, general Conway denies

in New York, p. 143.
the right of parliament to tax Suffolk county in the Massachu-
the colonies, p. 162-the re- Jetts, their delegates meet, and
folves of the Virginia house of come to various resolutions,
burgesses respecting the stamp- vol. i. p. 389-address gover-
act, p. 169—the spirits of the nor Gage, p. 39!--fend to the
colonists inflamed by them, so general congress at Philadelphia
that great disturbances follow, an account of their proceed-
p. 175, 183, 185—the repeal ings, p. 392—which are ap-
of the stamp-aćt, p. 201-the' proved by congress, p. 393.
joy that occasions through the Suffrein,, is sent in pur-
colonies, p. 207.

fuit of commodore Johnstone,
Stamp-papers, the distributors of vol. iv. p. 148---attacks the
them resign, vol. i. p. 184,

commodore, p. 149-engages
187, 188---business carried on admiral Hughes in the Eait In-
without them, p. 191.

dies, p. 266-engages him
Stark, general, arrives with the afresh, p. 344-a third and

New Hampshire militia in the fourth time, p. 345—the laft
neighbourhood of Burgoyne's time, p. 348.
army, in order to oppose him, Sullivan, general, his expedition
vol. ii. p. 536-defcats lieut. to Staten Island, vol. ii. P. 503


iv. p. 215:

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against the British troops, scheme of taxing the colonies re-
Rhode Island, vol. iii. p. 159, jected by Sir Robert Walpole,
-engages a number of

p. 109-the British govern-
them, p. 165-retreats from ment under no necessity of tax-
Rhode island, p. 168—his ex- ing the colonies for their defence,
pedition againit the Indians, and the security of the new
P. 307

ceded countries, p. 165—a bill
Sullivan-island fort attacked by for taxing the colonies afresh

Sir Peter Parker, vol. ii. p. 282. brought in by Mr. Charles
Sumpter, colonel, heads the friends

Townsend, p. 214.
of independency, quits North Tea, the East India company re-
Carolina, and takes the field in

quest the repeal of the Ameri-
South against the victorious Bri- can duty upon it, vol. i. p. 324
tilh, vol. iii. p. 387-attacks a bill palles, enabling them
the British post at Rocky-mount, to export their own teas, p.
and at Hanging-rock, p. 428- 325.--the colonists excited to
on the Wateree, p. 442-vis de- relift the introduction and sale
feated by col. Tarleton, p. 447 of their teas upon that plan,
is made a brigadier general, p. 331—the consignees at Phi-
p. 454-defeats major Weyms, ladelphia and New York resign
and is attacked by Tarleton, their appointment, p. 332--2
whom he repulses, p. 471- quantity of tea thrown over-
takes the British garrison at

board at New York, p. 333—
Orangeburgh, vol. iv. p. 89. the New York and Philadelphia
Surgeons in the American army, tea-ships return to Great Bri.

many of them excessively defici- tain, p. 334—the measures
ent, vol. ii. p. 334.

taken at Boston to induce the
Synod, the United, of New York

consignees at that place to re-
and Philadelphia, their pastoral fign, p. 335-the tea-ships ar-
letter, vol. ii. p. 73.

rive, and are watched, p. 337

the contents of 342 chests of
Tallmage, major, surprises fort tea caft into the salt water, p.
St. George on Long Island, vol.

p. 341.

Terney, admiral de, arrives at
Tarleton, lieut. colonel, defeats

Newport, and is addressed by
colonel Buford, vol. iii. p. 360

the inhabitants, vol. iii. p. 380
-defeats colonel Sumpter, p. -dies at Newport, p. 4.99.
447—is repulsed by him, p.471 Thomas, the American general,
is defeated by general Mor-

dies, vol. ii. P: 253:
gan, vol. iv. p. 35-his expedi- Thompson, general, dispatched to

tion to Charlotte Ville, p. 402. attack the British at Three Ria
Taxes not to be imposed upon


vers, vol. ii. p. 256-is de-
inhabitants of New York colo-

feated and taken, p. 258.
ny, but by their own represen- Tobago taken, vol. iv. p. 133
tatives, according to the decla- Towns in the Massachusetts, their
rative act of their

general court, constitution, vol. i. p. 382.
paffed immediately after the re- Townsend, Mr. Charles, moves for
volution, vol. i. p. 97-a fimi- a bill granting duties in the
lar passed by the Massachu- British American colonies, vol.
setts legislature, p. 99-the

i. p. 2146


iii. p. 493

[merged small][ocr errors]

vol. iv. p. 275.

Trade, the importance of the commands the expedition against

British West India, vol. i. p. Danbury, p. 462—against New-
494—of the colonies, P: 495. Haven, Fairfield, and Norwalk,
Treaties, debates on those for em-

vol. iii. p. 265.
ploying foreign troops in Ame- Tyconderoga, colonel Allen's expe-
rica, vol. ii. p. 240.

dition against it, vol. ii. p. 10
Trenty of amity and commerce --the fort surprised, p. 13-

between the States General and evacuated by general St. Clair,
the American States, vol. iv. p.

p. 482.
332-between Sweden and the

United States of America, p. Vergennes, count de, his politics,

vol. iii. p. 226.
Trenton, 'the Hefeans there defeat- Ville de Paris, count de Gralle's
ed, vol. ii. p. 396.

ship, strikes to Sir Samuel Hood,
Trial of captain Preston, for killing

the persons who fell on the 5th Vincent, St. taken by the French,
of March, 1776, and his ac- vol. iii. p. 286.
quittal, vol. 1. p. 291-of the Virginia settled, vol. i. p. 52–
foldiers on the like account, African flaves introduced among
and two found guilty of man- the settlers, p. 56-they address
flaughter, p. 292.

king Charles I. p. 62—the com-
Troops, general Gage ordered to mons of England send a force

send some to Boston, vol. i. p. against them, p. 63. They pro-
238—two regiments are landed

claim Charles II, king of Eng.
in the town, p. 247--the soldi- land, Scotland, Ireland, and
ers and inhabitants quarrel, and Virginia, p. 64—their council
at length the former fire upon

and house of burgefles petition
the latter, and kill several, p. the king, present a memorial to
281—which occasions the ut- the house of lords, and remon-
most confusion in the town,

Atrate to the house of commons,
when it is agreed that the regi- p. 156. The resolves of the
ments should withdraw to the house of burgesses against the
cattle, p. 287-the persons Nain right of parliament to tax them,
are buried with unparaileled p. 169. The circulation of
pomp, p. 290. The Boston com. these resolves inflame the inha-
mitlee act systematically to pre-

bitants of the several colonies
vent all supplies for the troops against the stamp-act, p. 171,
in the town under governor

175, 200.

The house of bur-
Gage, p. 384.

gesses is dissolved for their
Trumbull, Mr. John, taken up in counter-resolves to those of the

London and committed to pri- house of lords and commons;
fon, vol. iv. p. 12:

when the gentlemen who formed
Tryon county, the inhabitants of

it meet, and enter into a una-
it difarmed, vol. ii. p. 176. nimous association against im-

portations, p. 255-the bur-
North Carolina aisembly, vol. i. gesses, before their dissolution,
P. 256-arrives at New York,

addressed the king on the sub-
vol.ii. p. 94-his influence ject of transporting persons
alarms congress, p. 119. He from the colonies to be tried
quits New York, and goes on in Great Britain, p. 262. The
board the packet, p. 120 house of burgedes resolves to

; governor, dissolves the

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