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P. 482.

vol. iv. p. 275.

Trade, the importance of the commands the expedition against

British West India, vol. i. p. Danbury, p. 462—against New.

494—of the colonies, p. 495. Haven, Fairfield, and Norwalk, Treaties, debates on those for em

vol. iii. p. 265. ploying foreign troops in Ame- Tyconderoga, colonel Allen's experica, vol. ii. p. 240.

dition against it, vol. ii. p. 10 Treaty of amity and commerce —the fort surprised, p. 13

between the States General and evacuated by general St. Clair, the American States, vol. iv. p. 332-between Sweden and the

V. United States of America, p. Vergennes, count de, his politics, 376.

vol. iii. p. 226. Trenton, 'the Hesians there defeat- Ville de Paris, count de Grafo's ed, vol. ii. p. 396.

ship, strikes to Sir Samuel Hood, Trial of captain Prejton, for killing

the persons who fell on the 5th Vincent, St. taken by the French, of March, 1776, and his ac- '. vol. iii. p. 286. quittal, vol. 1: p. 291-of the Virginia settled, vol. i. p. 52– foldiers on the like account, African Naves introduced among and two found guilty of man- the settlers, p. 56-they addrels slaughter, p. 292.

king Charles I. p. 62—the comTroops, general Gage ordered to mons of England fend a force

send fome to Boston, vol. i. p. against them, p. 63. They pro238--two regiments are landed

claim Charles II. king of Eng. in the town, p. 247--the foldi- land, Scotland, Ireland, and ers and inhabitants quarrel, and Virginia, p. 64--their council at length the former fire upon and house of burgesses petition the latter, and kill several, p. the king, present a memorial to 281-which occasions the ut- the house of lords, and remonmost confusion in the town, ftrate to the house of commons, when it is agreed that the regi- p. 156. The resolves of the ments should withdraw to the house of burgesses against the castle, p. 287--the perfons flain right of parliament to tax them, are buried with unparalleled p. 169. The circulation of pomp, p. 290. The Boston com. these resolves inflame the inhamitlee act systematically to pre- bitants of the several colonies vent all supplies for the troops against the stamp-act, p. 171, in the town under governor

175, 200.

The house of burGage, p. 384.

gesses is dissolved for their Trumbull, Mr. John, taken up in counter-resolves to those of the

London and committed to pri- house of lords and commons; {on, vol. iv. p. 12.

when the gentlemen who formed Tryon county, the inhabitants of

it meet, and enter into a unait difarmed, vol. ii. p. 176. nimous association against imgovernor, dissolves the

portations, p. 255-the burNorth Carolina ailembly, vol. i. geffes, before their dissolution, p. 256--arrives at New York,

addressed the king on the subvol.ii. p. 94-his influence ject of transporting persons alarms congress, p. 119. He from the colonies to be tried quits New York, and goes on in Great Britain, p. 262. The board the packet, p. 120 house of burgedes resolves to

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