The Rescue

George Romero, 18.03.2011 - 332 Seiten
"The Rescue is not a science fiction book, is a book about ancient and modern events.” “It took a lot of guts to write this book, and perhaps you could do with even more courage to read it. Probably the intellectual will call it, “nonsense.” Since his intellect, do match the freethinking of a non-academic writer. Without a doubt, he will place this book on the Index of books never to mention. Undoubtedly other readers with open arms will accept it, and recognize it as a amazing narrations; and when they come across with the opportunity of discovering that our past can be even more mysterious and full of adventures that the search for our future.”As a Philontologist (philosophy and ontology), George Romero will attempt to interpret the mysteries that guide our thoughts to externalize some real issues that are affecting our way of existence in our daily lives, which he call it "The New Law Order."The essence and the key point of this theory, is in-how it happened thousands of years ago when the cosmic gods visited us for the first time… this is another Government coverup? What top secrets are we talking about! It is what the American government is hiding from us! They still are denying the existence and the appearance of the UFOs in our sky. What is the real Rescue of humanity in the years to come?

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Who Is God
Chapter 1
Scientists find E T genes
We must know No matter what
Chapter 2
Chapter 4
Tesla and H A A R P
Earthquakes Natures fury
Chemtrail Conspiracy Theory
Orgone Energy
Schumann Resonances
Chapter 5
Nature and Spirituality

Hitlers UFOs the Third Reich
The Majestic 12 CoverUp
Area 51
In Preparation for the Rescue

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Über den Autor (2011)

George Romero is going to be one of the most authentic none-academic writer of the 21th century. He wrote things as he saw and heard them in his numerous travels around the world. He often including dialogue between his Hindu characters that sounded genuine enough, to a personage originated in ancient Indian teachings, or perhaps, in locations of monasteries, ancient Mayan, Incas and Egyptian pyramids, or in his trips to India and the Himalayas inspires him to write more about humanity as a whole. He is a talented philosophical writer. However, the late Mexican newspaper and magazine book's columnist; Adolfo Soto-Edwards wrote that Romero's true & fictional stories in Revelations "On the Secret Law of Life" and "El Rescate" the Spanish version of this book "The Rescue"" were some of the finest works written by anyone in Mexico and Latin America."This book was written only to be considered as an investigation into the same interrogation. Like my daughter, millions of young adults in America and the world are eager to have better understanding on how to break away from their habitual slavery. Attached to their customs, laws, norms and religions, cities, neighborhoods, houses, work, etc., which for many is still an enigma. In addition, the "solution" for some is yet considered a religious taboo." --George Romero

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