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Lafayette bill, a Joint Committee appointed to announce Piracy bill, motion to recommit with instructions, 408,
its passage to, 90.

withdrawn, 412, renewed, 462, negalived, 463.
address of committee to, 110, 111.

other amendments, 412, 413, 417.
his reply, 111.

motion to assist merchant vessels to arm, and to

employ an armed steam boat, &c. 419.
Macomb, A. his estimate of the expenses of the Board of debate thereon, 419 to 420, 434 to 435, nega.
Internal Improvement for 1825, 551.

tived, 435.
Massachusetts and Maine, resolves of the Legislatures of, motion to strike out the fourth section, 435;
relative to disbursements during the war, 275.

withdrawn, 461.
Message from the President of the United States at the motion to strike out several sections; negatived,
commencement of the session. See Appendix, 2

relative to his accounts. See President's Ac-

motion to strike out the second section; Bega

tived, 462.
on the subject of Piracy, 198, 199,

bill reported as amended, 462.
transmitting reports of the Secretary of War and new sections offered ; negativrd, 462, 463.
Board of Engineers for Internal Improvements, amendments of the House of Representatives


concurred in, 734.
on the Prevention of Contagious Diseases in the Post Office, bill to reduce into one the acts relative to:
District of Columbia, 624.

amended and ordered to a third reading, 696
relative to the Massachusetts' Claims, 637, 638. President, committee appointed for the reception of the
concerning Wrecks on the coast of Florida, 695.

new, 713.
Mexico, petition from Missouri on the intercourse with, 6

report of the committee, 735.
referred to the Comınittee on Indian Affairs, 7. President's Accounts, message relative to the, 162.
its trade with the Valley of the Mississippi, 109, motion to refer it to a Select Committee, 162.

110 debate thereon; laid on the table, 162.
bill for marking out a road from Missouri to, re- President of the Senate, vote of thanks to the, 738.
ported, 341.

his reply, 738, 739.
debate on the passage of the hill, 342 to 348.

Public Lands, resolution pledging them as a fund for ed.
motion to strike out second section, 356.

ucation and internal improvement; laid on the
debate thereon, 356 to 361; negatived, ib.

table, 42.
bill ordered to a third reading, ib.

to authorize banks indebted for, to pay in lands, 42
Military Service, appropriations for. See Appropriation. debate thereon, 42, 43 ; laid on the table, 43.
Missouri. See Mexico.

resolution appropriating them as a fund for the
Mobile, debate on bill for the improvement of, 695, 696

emancipation of slaves; laid on the table, 623
Mounted Rangers. See Boyle and M'Girth.

counter resolution, 696, 697.
New England Mississippi Land Company, debate on the Report of the Secretary of the Treasury on the com-
petition of the, 262, 487.

merce and navigation of the U. S. 620, 621.

of the Secretary of War, on pensioners, 11.
Ogden, Thomas L. and others, bill for the relief of, laid debate thereon, 11, 12.
on the table, 111.

referred to the committee on pensions, 12.
Oregon, bill for the occupation of the, amended and laid Roads and Canals, resolution for appointing a commit:
on the table, 684.

tee on, 7.
debate resumed, 687 to 695—698 to 713.
bill laid on the table, 713,

Storrs, Mr. ; his account of the trade between Missouri

and Mexico, 109, 110.
Peale's Portrait of Washington, debate on bill for the Supreme Court, resolution for regulating the jurisdic
purchase of, 624, 625, 638, 639.

tion of the ; read a first time, 9.
bill amended and ordered to third reading, 638,

639 Topographical Surveys. See Appropriations for military
passed and sent to the House of Representatives,


Pensacoli, bill for establishing a Navy Yard at, amended Yazoo Claims. See N. Eng. Mississippi Land Company.
and ordered to a third reading, 686.

Yeas and Nays, on the bill making provision for Gene-
Pensioners, report from the Secretary of War relative

ral Lafayette 33.

on abolishing imprisonment for debt, 112, 126,
Piracy, call for information on, 34.

report of the committee on, 158, 159.

for a drawback on cordage, 341.
bill for the suppression of, 159 10 162.

for marking out a road to Mexico, 361.
message relative to, 198, 199.

for the Suppression of Piracy, 407, 434, 461, 462,
bill read a third time, 275.

debate on the principle of the bill, 275 to 284.

respecting Topographical Surveys, 558.
bill taken up by sections, 277 10 283.

on the Judiciary, 589, 605, 619, 620.
motion to strike out the third section, 303.

for purchasing Journals of the Confederation, 624
debate thereon, 303 to 318, 375 to 394, 395 to 407 for purchasing Peale's Portrait of Washington,
additional sections proposed, 318, 319.
instances of enormity, 381, 382, 386, 387, 399,

625, 639, 646
for fortifications, 631.

721 relative to land claimants in Missouri and Arkansas,
conduct of the Inhabitants and Governor of Cuba,

386, 399 for extending the Cumberland Road, 666, 671
third section stricken out, 407.
substitute offered restricting the transportation

for subscribing to the Delaware and Chesa-

peake Canal, 678, 681.
of specie in public vessels, 408.
debate thereon, 412 to 419; negatived, 419; re-

for occupying the Oregon, 713.

for the punishment of crimes against the United
iewed and adopted, 463.

States, 713.

to, 11.


Amendments to the Constitution, relative to the election Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, motion to refer the bill to
of President and Vice President, proposed, 100,

a committee of the whole; debate thereon, 487.

bill laid on the table, 487.
ordered to be printed, 101.

debate resumed, 516.
another amen’liment, 128, 129.

motion to commit negatived, 516; renewed, 517;
committed, 129.

adopted, 518.
additional, 714; laid on the table, 714.

debate on the bill declaring the assent of Con.
Appropriation Bill, sundry amendments to the general, gress to the act of Virginia relative to the, 590

410 bill ordered to a third reading, 590.
ordered to a third reading, 411.

sundry amendments to, and debate thereon,681 10
debate on the Senate's amendments to the General

anil Naval, 617, 618.

bill ordered to a third reading, 683.
for fortifications, debate on the Senate's amend- read a third time and passed, 687.
ments to the, 667 to 670.

title altered, 637.
debate on Senate's amendments to the additional Claims, Georgia. See Georgia Ifilitia Claims.
military, 670, 671.

Massachusetts. See Massachusetts Militia Claims.
Appropriation for the Military Service, bill amended and Virginia. See Virginia Claims.
or lered to a third reading, 411.

Columbia (or Oregon) river, debate on the bill for occu.
motion to establish a school of practice for Light

pying the mouth of the, 13 to 26.
Artillery, 518 ; negatived, 519 ; motion renew-

amendment offered, 26.
ed and negatived, 521.

motion to refer the bill to the committee on that
motion to establish a Fort at Beaufort, N. C. ;

part of the President's Message which refers
negatived, 519.

to this subject, 26; negatived, 28.
motion to reduce the appropriation for the Indian bill amended and reported to the House, 36.
Department, 520; negatived, 521.

other amendments proposed, 36.
bill read a third time, and laid on the table, 521, fifth section, relative to a Territorial Government


stricken out, 38.
motion to recommit, 536.

motion to strike out the third section, offering land
debate thereon, 536 to 546.

to settlers, 39.
bill passed, 546.

debate thereon, 39 to 42.
for the support of the Navy, amended and ordered third section stricken out; another amendment
to a third reading, 411.

offered and rejected; bill ordered to a third

reading, 44.
Bankrupt Law, remarks on the necessity of a general, read a third time and passed ; title aliered, 59.

740 to 742 District. See District of Columbia.

Columbian College, bill exempting the Students, &c. of,
Canal Boats, communication from the Treasury Depart-

from Military Duty, amended and ordered to a
ment relative to l'onnage Duties on, 8.

third reading, 696.
communication from the Governor of New York, 8 Committee to make Provision for General Lafayette to
referred to Committee on Commerce, 8.

consist of thirteen, 2.
debate on bill concerning, 628, 629.

of invitation, twenty-four, 3.
amendment, 628.

Committees on President's Message, seven, 2.
bill ordered to a third reading, 629.

on the President's Accounts, seven, 186.
debate on the third reading of, 629, 630.

on Speaker's Appeal, seven, 486.
motion to recommit, 629; negativer, 630. Congress, opening of the second session of the 18th, 1.
bill laid on the table, 630.

Constitution, amendments to the. See Amendments.
Chesapeake and Ohio. See Chesapeake and Ohio Copper Mines, debate on the bill concerning, 736.

bill rejected, 737.
Chesapeake and Delaware. See Chesapeake and Courts of the United States for the Southern District of
Delaware (anal.

New York, bill fixing theplace for, ordered 10 a third
Illinois. See Ilinois Canal.

reading, 348.
Champlain. See Lake Champlain.

Creeks and Cherokees. See Cherokees. See also In.
Cherokees, call for information on the treaty of 1804 dian Titles.
with the, 7.

Crimes against the United States, committee on the bill
enumeration of former treaties with the, 7.

for the punishment of, report progress, 6.
debate on the treaty of 1804 with the, 536 to 546 bill amended, 150.
Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, debate on the bill for abstract of the original bill, 152.
subscribing to the stock of the, 216.

amendments proposed, 154 to 158, 188, 338 to
bistory and importance of the, 216 to 223.

340, 348, 355, 365.
bill ordered to a third reading, 224.

proposed modification of the bill, 165,
read a third time, 274.

debate thereon, 165 to 168.
debate on its passage, 274, 275, 285 to 303, 319 bill reported as amended, 168.

postponed, 189.
bill passed, 333.

resumed, 335.
and'Olio Canal, reading of the bill confirming the motion to recommit to the Judiciary Committee;
act of the Legislature of Maryland respecting

335; withdrawn, 348.
the, 487,

debate thereon, 335 to 341,

[ocr errors]

to 333

Crimes against the United States, debate on the amend | Florida Judges, resolution for inquiring into the conduct
ment ex-mpting arson from punishment by

of, 438 to 440.
death, 348 to 355 ; regatived, 355.

Fortifications in North Carolina. See Appropriation Bills
debate on the amendment to punish forgery by

imprisoninent, 363 to 365; negatived, 365. General Appropriation Bill. See Appropriation.
bill ordered to a third reading, 365.

Georgia Militia Claims, committee discharged from fur-
resolution requesting the President of the Unit-

ther consideration of the report on. 75.
ed States to report thereon, 734,735.

motion to recommnit with instructions, 75.
Cumberland River; resolution on improving the Naviga. debate thereon, 75 to 82, 564 to 582, 594 to 603
tion of the, 212.

report laid on the table, 82.
resolution laid on the table, 215.

concurred in, 616.
Cumberland Road, debale un the bill for the continuation Ghent, Treaty of, in reference to the occupation of the
of the, 189 to 193..

Columbia river, 39, 40.
proposed substitute for the bill, 193.
debate thereon, 194 to 198.

Home Department, resolution for establishing a, 740; re-
motion to strike out that part which pledges the

jected, 740.
two per cent. fund, 198; negarived, 199. Hydrometer, bill for a new, ordered to a third reading, 9
motion to fill the blank with $200,000; negatived,


Illinois Canal, resolution for appointing a Select Com-
to fill the blank with $150,000, debate thereon,

mittee on the, 99.
199 to 212 231 to 239.

motion to amend by substituting the committee on
motion adopted and bill reported, 239.

Roads and Canals, 99.
other amendments proposed and negatived, 240

amendment adopted, 100.
to 242

resolution laid on the table, 100.
vote on last amendment reconsidered, 245.

amendments to bill for aiding the, 622.
amendment adopteri, 245.

motion for reconsidering ; negatíved, 629.
debate continued, 245 to 261.

Indian Annuitjes, debate on the proposed appropriations,
bill ordered to a third reading, 261.

for, 670, 671.
bill read a third time and passed, 334.

Indians, message on the preservation of the, 371, 372.

Indian Title in Georgia, resolution relative to an appro.
Debenture. See ITarehousing System.

priation for extinguishing the, 394.
Deposites in Public Stores, bill to extend the right of,
621 ; ordered to a third reading, 622.

requiring a copy of the proceedings of the com-

missioners to treat with the Creeks on that
read a bird, time, 633.
debate thereon, 633 to 636, 645.

subject, 395.

sketch of their proceedings, 408, 409.
bill laid on the table, 645.

declaratory resolution concerning the, 739.
House refuses to take up the bill, 696.
Detroit to Chicago, remarks on the bill for opening a road Internal Improvement

, proposition to create a perinanent

fund for, 66, 67.
from, 374, 375.

bill as amended ordered to a third reading, 375
District of Columbia, resolution relative to the jails of Journals of the Congress of the Confederation, resolu-
the, 59.

tion for purchasing, 681.
remarks on the Penitentiary System, and on the
jail of Washington, 60.

Kentucky Occupying Claimant Laws, remarks on the,
Drawback, bill authorizing the completion of entries for,

366 to 268
560 Kremer, Mr. letter of, to the Committee for investigat-
amendments proposed; debate thereon, 560 to 564

ing the charges against the Speaker, 522 to 525
negatived, 564.
bill ordered to a third reading, 564.

Lafayette, General, a committee appointed to receive
Duelling amongst officers, resolution on, 7.

him, 1.
Duties, discriminating credits on, 67.

report thereon, 2.
opinion of the Secretary of the Treasury thereon, his reception by the House, 3.

67, 68 Speaker's Address to, 3.
amount bonded, 68.

his reply, 4.
resolution relative to, 68.

bill making provision for, reported, 34.

debate thereon, 34, 35, 45 to 51, 51 to 55.
Edwards, Mr. transactions of the committee of last ses- amendments proposed, 35.
siun on the memorial of, 56 to 59.

bill laid on the table, 35.
Election of President, report of the committee appointed

bill from the Senate on the same subject, read a
to prepare rules for the, 361 to 363.

first time, and laid on the table, 44.
debaie on striking out the clause from the third motion to appoint a Committee to state his ac-
rule for clearing the galleries, 420 10 434, 444

counts, 45.
to 461, 490 to 508.

motion to recommit the bill, 45.
rules read ; debate thereon 509 to 515.

motion to postpone it indefinitely, 45.
sundry amendments, 509, 510, 511.

motion to lay the bill on the table; negatived, 51
rules adopted, 515.

motions to recommit, and to lessen the appro-
report of Joint Committee, 516.

priation; negatived, 55.
order relative to the reception of the Senate, 522 bill passed, 55.
return of electoral votes, 526.

Speaker obtains leave to record his vote, 56.
J. C. Calhoun declared duly elected as Vice Pre- resolution to appoint a Committee, (jointly with
siilent, 526.

the Senate,) to announce to him the passage
llouse proceeds the election of President, 526

of the act, 99.
names and report of tellers, 526, 527.

report from Joint Committee, 113.
J. Q. Adams elected President of the United Lake Champlain, resolution on building a steam vessel
States, 527

for the defence of, 13.


Land erroneously sold by the United States; bill autho. Piracy Bill, all after the first section stricken out, 728.
rizing repayment for; passed, 6.

motion to reduce the number of sloops of war;
in Ohio, bill to authorize the sale of; passed, 6.

debate thereon, 729 to 731.
sold by the United States, cause of conflicting mo:ion carried in committee, 731.
to claims, 616, 617.

motion negatived by the House, and bill ordered
bill for quieting, ordered to a third reading, 617.

to a third reading, 722.

debate on the third reading, 732 to 734.
Maison Rouge, resolution concerning the claims of the bill passed and sent to the Senate; title altered,
representatives of; postponed, 43, 44.

resolution modified ; amended; adopted, 68. Postmaster General, resolution requiring from him an
bill read a third time and passed, 683.

annual statement of the amount of postage, 734
Massachusetts Militia Claims, motion to take up the bill Post Office Department, bill for regulating the; ordered
providing for ; negatived, 616.

to a third reading, 373.
message relative to, 645.

President Elect, letter from the, 546, 547.
debate on referring it to the military cominit. Presidential Election. See Election of President.
tee, 645, 646; referred, 646.

President's Accounts, message relative to, 150.
comunittee discharged from the further considera- motion to refer to a Select Committee, 170.
tion of, 735.

motion to divide it, and refer his private accounts
Maston S. Clarke, resolution for the relief of, 536.

to the committee of claims, 170; negatived,
Message from P. U. S.) at the commencement of the

session. See Appendix, p. 2.

debate thereon, 170 to 179.
relative to the President's accounts, 150.

motion to refer it to a select committee, with in-
on the conduct of Officers of the Navy, 164.

structions, 179; adoptec., 186.
on the preservation of the Indians, 371, 372.

debate thereon, 179 to 136.
on preventing contagious diseases, 623.

a coinmittee of' seven appointed, 186.
transmitting copies of the correspondence with Prevost, General, remarks on his proclamation respect-
the French Government, 623.

ing the Niagara Frontier, 107, 132, 142, 143.
relative to the Massachusetts Claims, 645. Property lost or destroyed during the war; amendment
Military Appropriations. See Appropriations.

offered to the bill authorizing payment for, 9.
Lands, resolution on the expediency of exempt. debate thereon, 9, 10.

ing the original claimants from taxation for, 69; sketch of the amendatory act of 1817, 61.
adopted, 70.

debate on the principle of the bill, 61 to 66.
debate thereon, 69, 70.

motion to strike out the enacting clause, 70.
Missouri, bill reported for marking out a road to Mexico, debate thereon, 70 to 74; 82 to 90; 101 to 109;
from, 735.

113 to 114.
bill laid on the table, 735; passed, 737.

motion withdrawn, 115.

sundry amendments, and debate thereon, 115, 125,
Naval School, resolution on establishing a, 112.

135, 137, 138, 141, 145, 146.
resolution laid on the table, 113.

call on the Secretary of the Treasury for inform.
amendment offered; withdrawn, 127.

ation relative to, 137.
resolution negatived, 128.

bill as amended, 149, 150.
Navy, motion to take up the bill for builling ten addi- bill ordered to a third reading, 152.
tional Sloops of War; negatived, 6.

resolution, requiring information of the amount
(N. B. The same proposition was afterwards incor.

paid, and how appropriated, 169.
porated in the bill from the Senate for the Sup. bill read a third tine, 262.
pression of Piracy, and passed. See Piracy.)

debate on i's passage, 262 to 274.
Navy, message on the conduct of officers of the, 164.

bill passed, 274.
appropriations for the. See Appropriations, Public Lands, resolution to empower certain states to
Niagara Sufferers. See Property lost.

money in the hands of Clerks of Courts, &c. bill
Ohio Canals, resolution on the subject of granting to the

for the security of; passed, 737.
State the United States' lands intersected by officers, bill to secure the accountability of; re-
the, 590

committed, 737.
Lands. See Lands in Ohio.

bill resumed in committee, 737.
Order; decisions of. See Speaker.

third section stricken out, 737.
Oregon. See Columbia.

bill laid on the table, 738.
Pea Patch, inquiry relative to; answered, 520.

Real Estate purchased by the United States, resolution
Penal Code. See Crimes aguinst the United States.

calling for an account of, 215.
Penitentiaries, National, resolution to inquire into the ex.

laid on the table, 216.
pediency of establishing, 151.

Red River, resolution recommending a survey of ob-
Pennsylvania District Courts, debate on a motion to

structions in, 697.
amend the law relative to, 558.

resolution laid on the table, 698.
amendment proposed; debate thereon, 559, 560. Road, Cumberland. See Cumberland Road.
laid on the table, 560.

from Detroit to Chicago. See Detroit,
Pensacola, bill for completing the road to St. Augustine from Pensacola to St. Augustine. See Pensacola.
from; ordered to a third reading, 547

from St. Mary's River to Tampa Bay. See St.
bill for establishing a Navy Yard at; amended,

Mary's River.
passed, and sent to the Senate, 738

Rocky Mountains, resolution relative to the colonization
Piracy, bill twice read, for the suppression of, 169.

of the country west of the, 735, 736; rejected,
sundry resolutions relative to, 487, 488.

debate thereon, 490.

Rules for the Presidential Election. See Election of
mode of conducting it in Cuba, 489.

bill from the Senate for the suppression of; read
by sections, 714, 715

St. Augustine and Pensacola, debate on the bill granting
debate thereon, 715 to 728.

certain lands to the corporations of, 622, 623.

tax, 696.

St. Lawrence, resolution relative to the correspondence Speaker, vote of thanks to the, 739.
with Great Britain on the navigation of the, 735

his reply, 739, 740.
St. Mary's River, debate on the bill for surveying a road Spirits, bill authorizing the importation of foreign dis-
to Tampa Bay from, 547.

tilled, 686.
bill ordered to a third reading, 547.

bill laid on the table, 687.
Slave Trade, resolution for printing the report of the Supreme Court, resolutions for regulating the jurisdic-
committee on the, 625.

tion of the, 365, 366.
debate thereon, 625 to 628 ; adopted, 628.

debate thereon ; deferred, 366 to 370
resolution recommending tions for the
abolition of the, 697 ; rejected, 736.

Territorial Governments, resolution on legislative pro-
on the same subject, deprecating the exposure of vision for the administration of justice in, 164.
our vessels to he searched, 739,

land taxes, resolution on regulating sales for non-
Sloops of War.
See Nuvy.

payment of, 186.
Smith, J, L. See Florida Judges.
Snow, Elisha, jun. bill for the relief of; ordered to a Unclaimed Stock Dividends, debate on resolution rela-
thiril reading, 630.

tive to holders of 591, to 593.
Speaker, address to Gen. Lafayette, by the, 3.

resolution laid on the table, 593.
decision on a motion to recommit while a motion Virginia Claims for advances during the late war; re-

for postponement was pending, 45.
corrects his decision, 48.

ferred to the Committee of Claims, 12, 13.
decision on a motion to lay a resolution on the

debate on bill for payment of interest due on, 630
table, 112.

to 667
adheres to his decision, 113.

amendment; negatived; renewed, 630.
decision on a motion to strike out certain words

bill ordered to a third reading, 667.
from a bill before the whole had been gone Warehousing System, resolution calling for information

through, 338.
decision on a motion for indefinite postponement,

on the ; laid on the table, 713, 714,

resolution adopted, 735.

appeal to the House, 440, 441.

Western Armory, resolution on the location of a ; laid
debate thereon, 441, to 444; 463 to 486.

on the table, 687.

Western National Road. See Cumberland Road.
motion to refer it and the accompanying docu- Wrecks on the coast of Florida, bill concerning, order:
ment to a committee of nine, 441.

ed to a third reading, 697.
motion to postpone; negatived, 479.
motion to postpone indefinitely, 479 to 483; nega- Yeas and Nays on the bill making provision for General
tived, 485.

Lafayette, 55.
motion to refer to a select committee, 482; adopt- for the relief of the Niagara sufferers, 145, 274
ed, 486.

for subscribing to the Delaware and Chesapeake
a committee of seven appointed, 486.

Canal, 223, 333.
report of the committee, 522.

for extending the Cumberland Road, 261, 334
letter of Mr. Kremer, relative to, 522 to 525.

on the Speaker's Appeal to the House, 484, 486
decision on renewing an argument in the House on the bill relative to the Virginia Claims, 667.
in reply to one used in committee of the

to incorporate the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal
whole, 510.

Company, 687.


Act, (British,) for the Suppression of the Slave Trade, Convention for the Suppression of the Slave Trade. See

18, 19

Slave Trade.
Acts of the 18th Congress, 83 to 123.

Correspondence. See Letters.
Adams, Mr. letters to Mr. Rush, from, 22 to 25.
to Mr. Addington, 27.

Documents accompanying Messages, 8 to 36; 41 to 47 ;
to Mr. Sheldon, 41.

57 to 63
to Count de Menou, 42.

from War Department, list of, 30.
to Mr. Brown, 43, 45,
to H R. on the commercial regulations with the
Netherlands, 66.

Everett, Mr. letters to Mr. Adams from, 66, 70, 71, 72.
to Mr. Everett, 69.

to Baron de Nagell, 67, 68, 70.
Addington, Mr. letters to Mr. Adams, from, 21, 26.

to the Chevalier de Reinhold, 72.
Bermudez, Mr. letter to Mr. Nelson, from, 51.

France, message and documents on the negotiations
Brown, Mr. letters to Mr. Adams, from, 43, 44, 45, 46.

with, 41 to 47.
to M. de Chateaubriand, 44.
to Baron de Damas, 46.

Huskisson, Mr. letter to Mr. Rush from, 18.

Canal Boats, letter from the Comptroller of the Treasury Indiana, resolution of the General Assembly of, in refer
relative to, 47. 48.

ence to Gen. Lafayette, 82.
Canning Mr. letter to Mr. Addington from, 18. Indians, message and report on the future location of the,
to Mr. Rush, 24.

56 to 59
Chateaubriand, M. de, letter to Mr. Brown from, 44.

statement of the remaining tribes, and the land
Conferences with the British Plenipotentiaries, Proto-

claimed by, 60 to 63.
cols of, 16, 17.

Internal Improvement. See Roads and Canals.

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