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2002.-DINNER FOR 6 PERSONS (June).-H.

First Course.

Calf s-Head Soup.
Mackerel a la Maltre d'H6tel. Whitebait.

Chicken Cutlets. Curried Lobster.

Second Course.
Fore-quarter of Lamb and Salad. Stewed Beef a la Jardiniere. Vegetables.

Third Course.


Green-Currant Tart. Custards, in glasses. Strawberry Blancmange.

Souffle" of Rice.


i First Course.

Green-Pea Soup.
Baked Soles aux fines herbes. Stewed Trout.

Calf's Liver and Bacon. Rissoles,

Second Course.
Roast Saddle of Lamb and Salad. Calf' s Head a la Tortue. Vegetables.

Third Course.

Roast Bucks.

Vol-au-Vent of Strawberries and Cream. Strawberry Tartlets.

Lemon Blancmange. Baked Gooseberry Pudding.


1004.-DINNER FOR 6 PERSONS (June).—IV.

First Course.

Spinach Soup.

Soles a la Creme. Rod Mullet.

Roast Fillet of Veal. Braised Ham and Spinach.

Second Course.
Boiled Fowls and White Sauce. Vegetables.

Third Course.


Strawberry Jelly. Swiss Cream. Cheesecakes. Iced Pudding.

Dessert. >


2005. Sunday.—1. Salmon trout and parsley-and-butter, now potatoes. 2. Roast fillet of veal, boiled bacon-cheek and spinach, vegetables. 3. Gooseberry tart, custards.

2006. Monday.—1. Light gravy soup. 2. Small meat pio, minced veal, garnished with rolled bacon, spinach and potatoes. 3. Raspberry-and-currant tart.

2007. Tuesday.—1. Baked mackerel, potatoes. 2. Boiled leg of lamb, garnished with young carrots. 3. Lemon pudding.

2008. Wednesday.—1. Vegotablo soup. 2. Calf's liver and bacon, peas, hashed lamb from remains of cold joint 8. Baked gooseberry pudding.

2009. Thursday.—1. Roast ribs of beef, Yorkshire pudding, peas, potatoes. 2. Stewed rhubarb and boiled rice.

20io. Friday.—1. Cold beef and salad, lamb cutlets and peas. 2. Boiled gooseberry pudding and baked custard pudding.

2on. Saturday.—1. Rump-steak pudding, broiled beef-bones and cucumber, vegetables. 2. Bread pudding.

2012. Sunday.—1. Roast foro-quarter of lamb, mint sauce, peas, and new potatoes. 2. Goosoberry pudding, strawberry tartlets. Fondue.

2013. Monday.—1. Cold lamb and salad, stowed neck of veal and peas, young carrots, and new potatoes. 2. Almond pudding.

2014. Tuesday.—1. Green-pea soup. 2. Roast ducks stuffed, gravy, peas and new potatoes. 3. Baked ratafia pudding.

2015. Wednesday.—1. Roast leg of mutton, summer cabbage, potatoes. 2. Gooseberry and rice pudding.

2016. Thursday.—1. Fried soles, melted butter, potatoes. 2. Sweetbreads, hashed mutton, vegetables. 3. Bread-and-butter pudding.

2017. Friday.—1. Asparagus soup. 2. Boilod beef, young carrots an? new potatoes, suet dumplings. 3. College puddings.

2018. Saturday.—1. Cold boiled beef and salad, lamb cutlets and greet, peas. 2. Boiled gooseberry pudding and plain cream.

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2020.-DIKTH-EB FOR 12 PERSONS (July).

First Course.

Soup a la Jardiniere. Chicken Soup.

Crimped Salmon and Parsley-and-Butter. Trout aux fines herbes, in eases.

Tendrons de Veau and Pens. Lamb Cutlets and Cucumbers.

Second Course.

Loin of Veal a la Bechamel. Eoast Pore-quarter of Lamb. Salad.

Braised Ham, garnished with Broad Beans, Vegetables.

Third Course.

Roast Ducks. Turkey Poult.

Stewed Peas a la Franjaise. Lobster Salad. Cherry Tart.

Raspberry-and-Currant Tart. Custards, in glasses. Lemon Creams.

Nesselrode Pudding. Marrow Pudding.

Dessert and Ioes.


First Course.

Green-Pea Soup.

Salmon and Lobster Sauce. Crimped Perch and Dutch Sauce.

Stewed Veal and Peas. Lamb Cutlets and Cucumbers.

Second Course. Haunch of Venison. Boiled Fowls a la Bechamel. Braised Ham. Vegetables.

Third Course.

Roast Ducks.

Peas a la Franchise. Lobster Salad. Strawberry Cream. Blancmange.

Cherry Tart. Cheesecakes. Iced Pudding.

Dessert and lees.

2022.-DINNEB FOR 6 PERSONS (July).-I.

First Course.

Soup a la Jardiniere.

Salmon Trout and Parsley-and-Butter. Fillets of Mackerel a la Mattre d'Hfltel.

Lobster Cutlets. Beef Palates a la Italienne.

Second Course.

Roast Lamb. Boiled Capon and White Sauce.

Boiled Tongue, garnished with small Vegetable Marrows. Bacon and Beans.

Third Course.


Whipped Strawberry Cream. Kaspberry-and-Currant Tart. Meringues.

Cherry Tartlets. Iced Pudding.

Dessert and Ices.

2023.-DINNEB FOR 6 PERSONS (July's.

First Course.

Julienne Soup.

Crimped Salmon and Caper Sauce. Whitebait.

Croquettes a la Reine. Curried Lobster.

Second Course.
Roast Lamb. Rump of Beef a la Jardiniere.

Third Course.

Larded Turkey Poult.

Raspberry Cream. Cherry Tart. Custards, in glasses. Gateaux a la GeneVese.

Nesselrodo Pudding.



1024. Sunday.—1. Salmon trout and parsloy-and-butter. 2. Roast fillet of veal, boiled bacon-cheek, peas, potatoes. 3. Raspberry-and-eurrant tart, baked custard pudding.

2025. Monday.—1. Groen-pea soup. 2. Roast fowls garnished with water cress ; gravy, bread sauce; cold veal and salad. 3. Cherry tart.

2026. Tuesday.—1. John dory and lobster sauce. 2. Curried fowl with remains of cold fowls, dish of rice, veal rolls with remains of cold fillet. 3. Btrawberry cream.

2027. Wednesday.—1. Roast leg of mutton, vegetable marrow, and potatoes, melted butter. 2. Black-currant pudding.

2028. Thursday.—1. Fried soles, anchovy sauce. 2. Mutton cutlets and tomato sauce, hashed mutton, peas, potatoes. 3. Lemon dumplings.

2029. Friday.—1. Boiled brisket of beef, carrots, turnips, suet dumplings, peas, potatoes. 2. Baked semolina pudding.

2030. Saturday.—1, Cold beef and salad, lamb cutlets and peas. 2. Rolled jam pudding.

2031. Sunday.—1. Julienne soup. 2. Roast lamb, half calf's head, tongue and brains, boiled ham, peas and potatoes. 3. Cherry, tart, custard.

2032. Monday.—1. Hashed calfs head, cold lamb and salad. 2. Vegetable marrow and white sauce, instead of pudding.

2033. Tuesday.—L, Stewed veal, with peas, young carrots, and potatoes. Small meat pie. 2. Raspberry-and-currant pudding.

2034. Wednesday.—1. Roast ducks stuffed, gravy, peas, and potatoes; the remains of stewed veal rechauffe'. 2. Macaroni served as a sweet pudding.

2035. Thursday.—1. Slices of salmon and caper sauce. 2. Boiled knuckle of veal, parsley-and-butter, vegetable marrow and potatoes. 3. Black-currant pudding.

2036. Friday.—1. Roast shoulder of mutton, onion sauce, peas and potatoes. 2. Cherry tart, baked custard pudding.

2037. Saturday.—1. Minced mutton, rumpsteak-and-kidney pudding. 2, Baked lemon pudding.

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