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ISAAC TICHENOR, Bennington, Governor.
PAUL BRIGHAM, Norwich, Lieut. Governor.


TIMOTHY TODD, Arlington,
ELIJAH ROBINSON, Weathersfield, ELISHA ALLIS, Brookfield,

[Vernon.]" RICHARD WHITNEY, Guilford, Secretary. WILLIAM RICE, Woodstock, Sheriff.


SOLOMON MILLER was born in West Springfield, Mass., in 1761. He entered the revolutionary army, and was in the battle of Bennington and at the taking of Burgoyne. After the conclusion of the revolutionary war he removed to Wallingford, and from thence in 1786 to Williston, of which town he was clerk for many years. He was for fifteen years clerk of Chittenden county, and for fourteen years Judge of Probate. He represented Williston in the General Assembly of 1797, and was a Councillor from 1799 until 1803, in 1808, and 1813 and '14. He died in 1847, in the 87th year of age.-Vt. Historical Magazine, Vol. 1, p. 901; and Deming's Catalogue.

1 BENJAMIN BURT of Westminster was elected by the people, but declined the office, and on the 17th of Oct. Mr. BRIDGMAN was elected to fill the vacancy.

ELISHA Allis was graduated at Harvard University in 1767, after which he resided in Hatfield and Williamsburgh, Mass., until Feb. 1791, when he removed his family to Brookfield. He had spent the summers of 1789 and 1790 in clearing a small farm and erecting buildings in that town, making a homestead for the remainder of his life. He represented the town in the General Assembly in 1793, '95 until '99, and 1813 ; was Councillor 1799 until 1803 ; delegate in the Constitutional Convention of 1793 ; and Assistant Judge of Orange County Court 1797 until 1802. He was a deacon in the congregational church for more than thirty-five years, and “lived to a good old age, revered by a numerous posterity, honored and respected by his neighbors and fellow citizens. He died April 3, 1835, aged cighty-seven.” – Vt. Historical Magazine, Vol. II. p. 866 ; and Deming's Catalogue.

JOHN BRIDGMAN was appointed a justice of the peace for Cumberland County, by New York, April 14 1772; and from June until November 1776, he was a member of the Cumberland County Committee of Safety. In Jan. 1781, the Convention at Charlestown, N. H., appointed him one of a committee to wait upon the General Assembly of Vermont and promote the scheme of uniting all the New Hampshire Grants, west of the Mason line, under one government; in the following March he was elected an Assistant Judge and Justice of the Peace for Windham County; and in October of that year he was a member of the Vermont Assembly, which office he also filled in 1784, ?86, '94, and '96. He held the office of Assistant e udge of Windham County Court from 1781. until 1796, with the exception of the year 1783; and he was Chief Judge from 1796 until 1801. He was also Judge of Probate 1789 until 1803; Councillor in 1799; and Elector of President and Vice President in 1796.—B. H. Hall's Eastern Vermont; Deming's Catalogue; and Vols. I, II, and 1 of the Governor and Council.




OCT. 1799.

WINDSOR, Thursday October 10th. 1799.

} A Journal of the Proceedings of the Governor and Council of the State of Vermont, at their stated Session, begun and holden at Windsor, within and for said State, on the second Thursday of October, being the tenth day of said Month, in the year of our Lord, one Thousand Seven hundred' and ninety-nine-pursuant to the Constitution and Laws of this State-Present, His Excellency Isaac Tichenor Esquire, Governor, His Honor Paul Brigham Esq". Lieut. Governor, of the Council Thé Honble. William Chamberlain, Jonas Galusha, Stephen Jacob, Luke Knoulton, Ebenezer Marvin, Elijah_Robinson, John Strong, Samuel Safford, Abel Spencer, and Timothy Todd Esquires. Richard Whitney, Secretary. William Rice Esquire, Sheriff of the County of Windsor.

The following resolution was sent up from the house of Representatives:

“In General Assembly Oct 10th. 1799. On motion, Resolved, That a Committee consisting of two Members from each County be appointed to receive, sort, and count the Votes for Governor, L. Governor, Treasurer, and Councillors for the year ensuing, to join a Committtee for that purpose from the Council. Members Chosen, Mess's Robinson, Olin, Blake, Cutler, Williams, Witherell, Curtiss, J. Marsh, Chipman, A. Marsh, Johnson, Taplin, E. Keyes, Bliss, Beardsley, Blanchard, Sheldon, and F. Davis.

Attest, SAML. C. CRAFTS, Clerk.With the following certificate endorsed thereon-viz.

“ In General Assembly, Oct. 10th 1799. I hereby certify, that the Committee appointed by the house have been sworn to the faithful performance of their duty-by me, SAML C. CRAFTS, Clk.

The said resolution and certificate thereon being read, on motion, Resolved, That a Committee of five members be appointed on the part of the Council to join the Committee appointed on the part of the house of Representatives. Members Chosen-Mess's Robinson, Marvin, Strong, Knoulton and Todd.

The members on the part of the Council personally appearing, were severally and duly sworn to the faithful discharge of their trust, before the Governor and Council, by the Secretary.

Adjourned to 5 O'clock P. M.2
1 From Spooner's Vermont Journal of Oct. 15 1799:

On Thursday last the General Assembly of this state convened in this town; at 2 o'clock P. M. the Governor and Council, a number of the Members of the House, and a large concourse of people assembled at the new Meeting-House, where a well adapted discourse was delivered by the Rev. William Forsyth, from Job iii. 17, 18, 19. All the exercises of the day were conducted without parade or unnecessary expence.

5 O'CLOCK P. M. M" Amos Marsh, a member of the house of Representatives, appeared in Council, and delivered the following message, viz.

“ May it please your Excellency, I am directed by the house of Representatives, to acquaint your Excellency and the hon'ble Council that the Committee, appointed by the concurrent resolution of both houses to receive, sort and count the votes for Governor, LGovernor, Treasurer and Councillors, for the year ensuing, are now ready to make a partial report, and therefore request the Governor and Council to meet the house of Representatives, in the Representatives' room to hear the same.” And he withdrew. Whereupon Resolved, That the Governor and Council proceed immediately to the house of Representatives.

The Governor and Council accordingly joined the house, agreeably to the foregoing message and resolve, when the following report was handed in by the Chairman of said Committee, viz.

" To the Honble. the General Assembly, now sitting-Your Committee appointed to receive, sort and count the votes for Governor, Lt. Governor, Treasurer and Councillors, report. That his Excellency Isaac Tichenor Esq". is elected Governor-his Honor Paul Brigham Ésq". Lt. Governor-Samuel Mattocks Esq". Treasurer—That the votes for Councillors are not yet counted, and that your Committee have adjourned, for the purpose of accomplishing the business committed to them, till nine o'clock tomorrow morning.

JOHN STRONG, Chairman. Oct. 10, 1799."

The said report being read, William Rice Esquire, Sheriff of the County of Windsor, by proclamation declared said officers severally and duly elected to their respective offices by the suffrages of the Freemen.

The Governor and Council then returned to their Chanıber, and adjourned to 9 o'clock Tomorrow morning.

FRIDAY October 11th. 1799, 9 o'clock A. M. The Council met pursuant to adjournment, His Honor the L Governor in the Chair.

M". Elnathan Keyes, member of the house of Representatives, appeared in the council chamber, and delivered this message:

“ M" Chairman-I am directed by the house of representatives to acquaint the Council that the committee, appointed to receive, sort and count the votes for Governor, L. Governor, Treasurer and Councillors, for the year ensuing, are ready at this time to compleat their report, and therefore request the Governor and Council to meet the house of Representatives, in their room, to hear the report."

And he withdrew-whereupon, Resolved, that the Governor and Council proceed, immediately, to the representatives' room.

The Governor and Council, accordingly, joined the house of Representatives, agreeably to the foregoing message and resolve thereon, when the following additional report was handed in [by] the Chairman of said Committee:

“ Your Committee further report, That, The Hon'ble Samuel Safford, William Chamberlain, Stephen Jacob, Ebenezer Marvin, John Strong, Luke Knoulton, Elijah Robinson, Benjamin Burt, Timothy Todd, Abel Spencer, Solomon Miller, and Elisha Allis, Esquires, are elected Councillors.

JOHN STRONG, Chairman.” The same being read, William Rice Esquire, Sheriff of Windsor County, by open proclamation, declared said officers duly elected.

The Governor and Council then returned to their Chamber.

On motion, Resolved, That a letter similar to the following draft be addressed and forwarded, as soon as may be, to the new members of Council by the Secretary-viz.

“STATE OF VERMONT, IN COUNCIL CHAMBER at Windsor, Oct. 11th. 1799. To the Hon'. A. B. Esq. Sir-By the report of the Committee, appointed by the Council and house of Representatives to receive, sort and count the votes for Gov. ernor, L. Governor, Treasurer, and Councillors for the year ensuing, I have the honor to acquaint and notify you, that you have been declared duly elected a Councillor, by the suffrages of the Freeman-These are therefore to require your attendance, in the Council Chamber, at Windsor, as soon as the situation of your affairs, under this short notice, will justify it. Under the directions of his Excellency and the Hon'ble Council present, I have the honor to be, with high Esteem, your Obt. and very humble servant,


Secy. to the Govr. and Council." The hon'le. Solomon Miller Esquire, member of Council, appeared in the Council Chamber, and after taking the necessary oaths, was duly admitted to his seat.

The Council adjourned to 9 o'clock Tomorrow morning.

SATURDAY October 12, 1799, 9 o'clock A. M. The Council met pursuant to adjournment. His Excellency the Governor, attended by the hon'ble Council, proceeded to the Representatives' Room, and having signified his acceptance of the office of Governor in and over the State of Vermont for the year ensuing, and taken the necessary Oaths of office, delivered the following address to both branches of the Legislature.!

The Governor and Council returned to their Chamber, and commenced the consideration of business.

The following application and request of the Executive of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts was laid before the Council by his Excellency, viz.

“ To his Excellency Isaac Tichenor Esquire, Governor of the State of Vermont.

[SEAL.] MOSES GILL. S mander in Chief of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

The undersigned Lieutenant Governor and Com

} has the honor to inform his Excellency the Governor of Vermont, that it appearing by the annexed authenticated copy of an Indictment against Peter Gilson, of Pepperel, in the County of Middlesex and Commonwealth of Massachusetts, that he is charged with the crime of forgery, and it being represented to the Attorney General of the Commonwealth, that he has fled from justice, and is now residing in Hartland, or some other town in the State of Vermont : and the Executive of the said Commonwealth, according to the provision of the Constitution of the United States, requests the Executive of the said State of Vermont to cause the said Peter Gilson to be apprehended, and to be delivered over to Simon Larned Esquire, Sheriff of the County of Berkshire, in the said Commonwealth, that he may be brought to justice.

In testimony whereof, the said Lt. Governor has caused the public seal of said Commonwealth to be affixed hereto the sixth day of September A. D. 1799. By his Excellency's command.


For this speech, see Appendix J.

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