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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1843, by

B. A. GOULD, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of Massachusetts.



In preparing this little volume from the writings of Ovid, great care has been taken to admit nothing in the slightest degree indelicate or improper for the study of youth. Sufficient attention does not appear to have been paid to this point in the selections from Ovid which have commonly been used in schools.

One object has been to furnish examples of the different kinds of measure used by this polished and fascinating writer. It is not a little surprising, that in the whole course of studies preparatory for, and pursued at our colleges, not a verse of Pentameter measure occurs.* There are a few lines of the Elegiac measure in the Collectanea Græca Minora, which formerly served as a text, whereby to explain this measure; but since the exclusion of that excellent book from the requisitions for entrance, nothing of the kind remains, either of Greek or Latin, in the whole course.

This is the more surprising, since, in addition to the frequency with which this kind of versification occurs, it may be considered one of the most easy and graceful which the ancient poets used.

As this book is designed for a kind of introduction to fabulous history, the notes give a more full account of the subjects connected with the matter immediately under consideration, than might otherwise seem expedient. And this is the more necessary from the circumstance, that boys are not usually intrusted with a Classical Dictionary at so early an age as this book will probably be

* There may be exceptions to this remark, although there is none within the writer's knowledge.

given to them. For this reason very little reference has been made to Lempriere.

The Questions are designed to direct the student's attention to the subjects of the notes, as well as to those of the text; for a knowledge of the characters here introduced will greatly facilitate a proper understanding of all subsequent studies in Latin and Greek. The text is Burmann's. The selection from the Metamorphoses is the same with that published in England by Mr. Bradley, with some slight expurgation. The remaining portion was selected and expurgated for the occasion.

In preparing the notes, the additions of Burmann, Schrevelius, Minellius, Banier, and the Delphin edition, have been consulted; and the notes of Mr. Bradley have been used, wherever they conformed to the plan of this work.


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