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the commencement of their acquaintance. Some say he died the day Ovid was born ; but this is a mistake.

56. Thalia : the construction is, meaque Thalia (musa] non tarde facta est nota.

60. Corinna : this is the name under which Ovid celebrates a favorite in his Amorum Libri, which he calls judenilia.

90. Errorem : it is not known fully what was the cause of Ovid's banishment; but he is supposed to have been guilty of some violation of honor in relation to Augustus.

95. Pisæd olidâ: the victors at the Olympic games were crowned with olive at Pisa, a city of the Peloponnesus.

96. Abstulerat decies : i. e. after ten celebrations of the Olympic games. These took place every four years, and of course he means, after he was forty years old.

97. Tomitas : Ovid was banished to Tomos.

108. Occultum : i. e. the concealed, or South pole, the North pole being visible.

123. Qui detrectat presentia : which undervalues the works of living authors.'

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From whom was Prometheus de

scended ? In what city, and at what period By whom, and by what means is was Ovid born ?

the first man said by the poets Under which of the Roman em to have been formed and aniperors did Ovid flourish ?

mated ? To what place was Ovid ban. How was the impiety of Promeished ?

theus punished? Where is Tomos situated ?

Which was the first of the four What are the peculiar excellen

ages of the world ? cies of the poetry of Ovid ? How were the laws of the Romans Who were the Titans ?

made known to the people ? Who was Phæbe ?

Who was the sovereign of the Who was Amphitrīte ?

gods? What is the form of the earth ? Why was the oak dedicated to How many zones are there?

Jupiter ? What part of the earth is in the By whom was Saturn dethroned ? torrid zone?

How was the empire of the world Where are the two frigid zones divided, after Saturn was driven situated ?

from his throne ? What name is given to the two Under what names is Jupiter sup

zones which are situated be posed to have been worshipped tween the torrid and frigid by the Africans, Babylonians, zones?

and Egyptians ? Who was Aurora ?

What age followed the golden ? Why is the name of Aurora used In what age is the year said to to signify the east?

have been first divided into Where is Nabathæa, and from seasons ?

whom did it receive its name? What were the first habitations of Who was Zephyrus or Favonius ? mankind ? Which of the deities was the god. Which of the goddesses was dess of flowers ?

thought to preside over corn Which of the winds is called Bo and harvests ? reas ?

In what island was Ceres princiWhat wind is called Auster ? pally worshipped ? By what figure is Septemtrionem What is the third age of the world divided, in verse 64?

called ?

ty ?

What age succeeded the brazen ? By whom were the thunderbolts What evils were introduced into of Jupiter fabricated ?

the world in the iron age ? Who were the Cyclops. By what river were the gods ac In what part of the earth was the customed to swear ?

habitation of Æõlus? Where was the Styx, and why Which of the winds was called

was it supposed to be a river of Aquilo? the infernal regions ?

Who was said to be the queen of Who was Astræa ?

heaven and the wife of Jupiter? Who were the Giants that made What goddess was the messenger war against Jupiter?

of Juno? Where did the ancients suppose Which of the deities is represented

the habitation of their deities by the rainbow ? to be situated ?

Who was the god of the sea ? Where is mount Olympus ? How did he obtain his sovereignWhere are the mountains Pelion and Ossa situated ?

In what country is Bæotia situa What deity was supposed to be ted? the author of thunder ?

Where is Ætolia ? Who was Nereus ?

Of what country does Phocis form Who was Doris ?

a part ? Who were the Nereides ?

To whom was mount Parnassus What other nymphs were there? sacred ? Who were the Fauns and Satyrs? Who was Deucalion ? What is there peculiar in verse To whom was Deucalion married : 193 ?

Where is Corýcus ? By whom was Bacchus brought Which of the goddesses had an

oracle in Attica ? Who were the Silēni ?

Who was Themis ? Who were the Sylvāni ?

Who was Triton ? In what country were the moun. Who was Phæbus ?

tains Mænălus, Lycæus, and Over what sciences did Apollo Cyllēnus, and to whom were preside? they dedicated ?

In what town was the most celeWhere is Arcadia situated, and brated oracle of Phæbus ?

for what is it celebrated ? Who was Epimetheus ? Who was Lycaon ?

Where does the river Cephīsus Into what beast was Lycaon rise, and what celebrated city changed?

and mountain does it pass ? Who were the Molossi ?

What did the ancients do before What were the Penates ?

they approached the altars of Who was Erinnys ?

their deities? Who were the Furies, and for what What answer was returned by

purposes were they employed the oracle of Themis to the by the gods ?

inquiries of Deucalion and PyrWhat was the opinion of the an rha ?

cients concerning the axis of How did Deucalion interpret the the earth?

answer of the oracle ? Who were the Parce or Fates ? How is the earth said to have What was the name and office of been repeopled after the delug each ?

described by Ovid ?


Who was Python?

BOOK II. Why is Apollo often called Pythius?

From whom was Phaëton de. Why is the epithet arcitěnens scended ? applied to Apollo ?

Who was Clyměne ? Who was Daphne ?

Who was Epåphus? In what country is the celebrated Who was the god of fire and vale of Tempe?

smiths ? Who was Cupid ?

How was the lameness of Vulcan What is the modern name of the occasioned ? island Delos ?

Where were the forges of Vulcan To what goddess were human supposed to be placed ? sacrifices often offered ?

To whom was Mulciber married? What deity presided over hunting, Why is the epithet canorus apmountains, and forests ?

plied to Triton ? In what country was the city Who was Proteus, and for what Claros ?

remarkable properties was he Where is Delphi ?

distinguished? Where is Patăra situated ?

Who was Briareus ? In what sea is the island Teně. Who was Doris ? dos ?

What did Phaëton ask of Phæbus, Why was the laurel dedicated to as a proof that he was really his Apollo, and why is he always

son ? represented as crowned with its Who was Tethys? leaves ?

Why is the name of Tethys often Which of the gods is sometimes used for the sea ? called Pæan ?

Who was Chiron ? Who was lö ?

What were the Centaurs ? Who was Inăchus ?

Whence is the fabulous history of Into what animal was Iö changed the Centaurs supposed to have by Jupiter?

originated ? To whose care did Juno intrust For what was Chiron celebrated ? her rival lö ?

Into what constellation in the Who was Argus ?

zodiac was Chiron changed ? Which of the gods was employed By whom was the chariot of the

as the messenger of the other sun made ? deities?

What planet has been sometimes From whom was Mercury de called Lucifer ? scended ?

When is the planet Venus called What three things did Mercury Hespěrus by the poets ? have ?

Who were the Hours ? Which of the gods is called Atlan. In what part of the heavens are tiades ?

the constellations Ursa Major Why is Mercury sometimes called and Ursa Minor ? Cyllenius?

Who was Arcas ? By whom was Argus slain ? Who was Callisto ? How did Juno dispose of the What were the names of the horses hundred eyes of Argus ?

of the sun ? Where is the Nile ?

What stars are called the Triõnes ? In what nation was lö worshipped Where among the stars is the as a goddess ?

constellation Bootes ?

Who was Merops, and into what Where are the Tagus, Spercheus, was he changed ?

and Alpheus ? Where are the mountains Athos, What is the modern name of the

Taurus and Eto situated, and Cajster, and for what birds was

what are their present names ? it formerly celebrated ? To whom was mount Helicon Where are the rivers Strymon and

dedicated, and what is it now Hebrus? called ?

Where are the Rhine and the From whom did mount Hæmus Rhone? receive its name?

In what country are the Po and In what countries are the moun the Tiber?

tains Ida, Etna, Parnassus, On the banks of what river was Eryx, Cynthus, and Othrys? Rome built ? Where are Rhodope, Mimas, My What part of the infernal regions căle, and Caucasus ?

was called Tartărus ? For what is Scythia remarkable ? In what sea are the Cyclădes ? To which of the deities are Din- What was the end of Phaëton ?

dý ma, Cithæron and Pindus What country was called Hespededicated, and where are they ria by the Romans ? situated ?

What was Italy sometimes called Where are the Alps and the Ap by the Greeks? ennines ?

From what is the name Hesperia To what circumstanco doos Ovid derived!

ascribe the origin of the dark Who were the Helišdes ? color of the Ethiopians ?

Into what were the sisters of In what quarter of the earth are Phaëton changed ? Ethiopia and Libya ?

Which of the deities was considWhere are the fountains Dirce ered the goddess of war ? and Amymõne?

What was there peculiar in the In what country was the city of birth of Minerva ? Argos ?

Who was the goddess of wisdom Where is Corinth, and what is its and the sciences ? ancient name?

In what places was Pallas princiTo whom was the fountain Pirēne pally worshipped ?

sacred, and near what city was How was the goddess of Envy it situated ?

employed, when Minerva visited Where is the Don, and what was her abode ? its ancient name?

What description has Ovid given Where are the rivers Caicus, Is of the person of Envy?

mēnos, and Erymanthus ? Which of the goddesses is someWhat river was set on fire during times called Tritonia ? the Trojan war?

By whom was Athens founded ? Where is the Meander, and for Who was Cecrops, and when did what is it remarkable ?

he settle in Attica ? Where are the rivers Melas, Eu- How did Minerva punish the avarotas, and Euphrātes ?

rice of Aglauros ? Which is the largest river in In- Who was Herse ? dia ?

Why did the goddess of Envy In what countries are the rivers

weep at the sight of Athens ? Faoz and Danube, and what were their ancient names >

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