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Lurch o' the garland, to gain the Momeztany, for momentary. victory.

Montanto, a fencing term. Lunes, mad fits.

Morisco, Morris-dancer. Lust, pleasure, liking.

Mort of the deer, death of the deer. Lustick, joyous.

Mot, word, motto.
Lym, a species of dog.

Motion, puppet-show.
Motley, the fool's dress.
Mouse, a term of endearment.

Moused, mouthed.
Maculate, defiled, spotted. Mouse-hunt, stoat.
Mail'd up, armed.

Mouth, sweet, sweet tooth. Make, to do.

Mowe, for mouth. Make, mate.

Muset, small muse. Male, bag or wallet.

Mutines, mutineers.
Mandragora, mandrake, a soporific. Mutine, to mutiny.
Mankind, masculine.

Mutton, courtesan.
Many, the people.
Marchpane, a kind of cake.
Mare, riding the, hanging. Nayword, bye-word.
Mare, riding the wild, the game of Ne, nor.

Neis, fist. Match, to set a, to make an ap- Nether-stocks, stockings. See also pointment.

" Stock.” Mated, confounded.

Nice, trifling, unimportant. Maugre, in spite of.

Nicholas, St., bis clerks, highMaund, basket.

waymen, thieves. Meacock, coward.

Nick, out of all, beyond all calcuMealed, mingled.

lation. Mean, middle state.

Night-rule, night frolic. Measure, a dance.

Nill, will not. Meazels, lepers.

Nine-men's morris, a game. Meddle, to mingle.

Nobless, nobleness. Meed, desert.

Noddy, a game. Meiny, retinue.

Noise, Sneaks, Sneaks' company of Meet with, to counteract.

musicians. Mell, to meddle.

Nonce, occasion. Merchant, a term of abuse. Note, knowledge. Mere, absolute.

Novem, a game. Metal, for mettle.

Nourish, nurse.
Mete-yard, yard-measure.

Nowl, head.
Micher, a truant.
Middle-earth, the globe.
Miser, unhappy person.

Obsequious, as nt obsequies.

Obstacle, obstinate. Mobled, hastily dressed.

Obstruct, obstruction. Modern, common, familiar. OEiliads, eyeings, looks. share.

O'erlook'd, bewitch'd.

Mo and moe,


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O'ercrows, subdues.

Phill-horse, shaft-horse. See also O'er-raught, over-reached.

“Thills." O'er-raught, overtook.

Pick, to pitch. Of all loves, by all means.

Pight, pitch'd. Once, sometimes.

Pilch, leathern coat. Opal, changeable.

Pilcher, scabbard. Opposite, adversary.

Pillid, peel'd. Or, either.

Pin and web, cataract in the eye. Ordinant, governing.

Planched, boarded, planked.
Ostent, show.

Plates, money.
Over-scutched, scored over. Platforms, plans, plots.
Over-shut, shut in.

Plausibly, with applause.
Ouphes, elves.

Pleached, plaited, interwoven. Owe, to own.

Point, tag.
Point device, with nicety.
Poking-sticks, for setting ruffs.

Polled, bared.
Pack, to concert, to contrive. Pomander, a ball of perfume.
Pact, bargain, contract.

Pomewater, a kind of apple. Paction, contract.

Pouncet-box, perfume-box. Paddock, toad.

Powder, to salt. Palabras, words.

Practisants, for partisans. Pale, to impale, to encircle. Pregnant, ready, prepared, accomPall, to wrap as in a pall.

plished. Parcel-gilt, partly gilt.

Prest, ready. Paritor, an officer of the Bishop's Pretence, intention. court.

Pretend , to intend. Parlous, perilous.

Prevent, to anticipate. Partake, to take part.

Pricket, a stag of the second year. Parted, endowed with parts. Prime, spring. Pash, head.

Primero, a game at cards. Passes, surpasses.

Print, in, exactly, with nicety. Pass not, care not for.

Prize, privilege. Patch, fool.

Proface, much good may it do you. Patchery, folly.

Proof, approbation, approof. Path, to walk.

Proper, handsome, well-shaped. Pavin, a dance.

Propose, conversation. Peat, pet.

Provand, provender. Peevish, silly.

Pucelle, a virgin. Peg a' Ramsey, a tune.

Pugging, cheating. Peised, poised, weighed.

Pun, to pound. Pelting, petty, trifling.

Punk, prostitutas Perdy, par Dieu.

Purchase, booty. Perjure, perjurer. .

to incite. Periapt, amulet.

Puttock, a degenerate hawk.
Pew-fellow, companion.
Pheese, to beat, to humble.

Put on,


Quart d'ecu, fourth part of a Rivo, a drinking term.

Ronyon, scabby person.
Quarrel, square-headed arrow. Rook'd, roosted.
Quarry, a heap of dead game. Rother, ox, cow, or bull,
Quell, to kill.

Round, plain, unceremonious. Quern, a hand-mill.

Round, to whisper, to mutter. Quips, scoffs, reproaches.

Rouse, carouse. Quit, requite.

Roynish, scurvy, scabby. Quittance, repayment.

Ruddock, red-breast. Quoted, noted, observed.

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Sad, grave. Rabbit-sucker, a young rabbit. Safe, to secure. Rack, vapour, cloud.

Sag, swag. Rapier, for dancing.

Said, done. Rascal deer, lean deer.

Sallet, helmet. Rash, to tear away.

Saltiers, satyrs. Raught, reached.

Samingo, a drinking term. Raught, reft.

Scaled, exposed. Ravin, to swallow greedily. Scaled, dispersed. Rayed, made dirty.

Scaled , weighed. Read, advice, counsel.

Scambling, scrambling. Ready, dressed.

Scarre, rock. Rear-mice, bats.

Scathe, to injure. Reason, doubt.

Sconce, head.
Rebato, a kind of ruff.

Scotch'd, wounded , hack’a.
Recheat, recall, a term of the chase. Scroyles, scabs.
Reck, to care for.

Scrimers, fencers.
Record, to sing.

shoals. Recorder, a musical instrument. Seam, grease. Reechy, smoky, dirty.

Seeling, blinding. Regiment, government, command. Seething, boiling. Reguerdon, reward. See also Sennet, sounding of trumpets. "Guerdon."

Serpigo, the tetter. Remorseful , compassionate.

Servant, lover. Renege, to deny.

Shales , shells. Repured, purified.

Sbards, broken tiles. Resolveth, dissolveth.

Sheen, shining, bright. Respects, considerations.

Shekels, pieces of money. Rest, to set up, a phrase from Shent, destroyed, ruined, rebuked gunnery.

scolded. Riding the mare, being hanged. Ship-tire, a kind of head-dress. Riding the wild mare, the game of Shive, slice. see-saw.

Shove-groat, a game. Rigol, circle.

Shovel board, a game. Rim, the vitals.

Shrive, to confess. Rivage, shore.

Side-sleeves, long sleeves.

Siege, seat.

Stickler, a species of umpire. Sign, to denote.

Stigmatic, a person marked. Sink a-pace, a dance.

Stinted, stopped. Similar, simulator.

Slithy, a forge. Sizes, allowances.

Stock, stocking. See also “NetberSkills not, it does not signify. stocks." Skinker, drawer.

Stomach, pride, haughtiness. Skirr, to scour.

Slone-bow, a bow to shoot stones. Sleave-silk, floss-silk.

Stoop of wine, two quarts of wine. Sledded, sledged.

Stover, coarse grass, fodder. Sleided-silk, untwisted silk. Strappado, a punishment. Slip, counterfeit money.

Stuck, thrust. Slops, loose breeches, trowsers. Stuff, baggage, luggage, furni. Slubber, to neglect, to obscure. ture. Smack, taste.

Subscrib'd, surrender'd. Smirched, dirtied, soiled. See also Suggest, to tempt. "Besmirched.”

Suggestions, temptations. Smoothing, flattering.

Supposes, suppositions.
Sneak-cup. See “Snick-up.” Sumpter, horse or mule to carry
Sneap, snub.

luggage, or persons.
Sneaping, snipping or nipping. Surcease, to finish, conclude.
Snick-up, a term of contempl. Swart, brown, black.
Snuff, anger, dislike.

Swath', grass cut by mowers.
Solve, solution.

Sweeting, a kind of apple.
Sonties, God's, God's sanctities. Sweet mouth, sweet tooth.
Sooth, to flatter.
Sort, company, collection.
Sort, to select.

Table, picture, panel.
Sort, to accompany.

Table, palm of the hund. Sort, to agree, to befit.

Tabourines, drums. Sort, to happen, to turn out. Tag-rag, multitude. Sowle by the ears, to pull by the Take me with you, let me under

ears. Speaking thick, speaking rapidly. Take, to blast, to infect. Sperr up, to bar up.

Take in, to conquer. Sport alone, excellent.

Taking up, dealing. Sprag, active, nimble.

Tall, bold, courageous.
Square, to quarrel.

Tarre, to provoke, to incite.
Squash, an unripe peascod. Task'd, tax'd.
Squire or square, a mensure or Taste, to try.

Tawney-coats, a bishop's livery. Stain, tincture, colour.

Teen, sorrow.
Stale, a decoy, bait, pretence. Tent, to reside, to dwell.
Stannyel, a kind of hawk.

Tent, to search a wound.
Star, sphere.

Tercel, male goss-hawk. Starkly, stiffly.

Thewes, strength. Steld, steeled?

Thickly, rapidly.

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stund you.

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Thills, the shafts.

Unstate, to descend from rank. Thrice-repured, thrice purified. Urchin, hedgehog. Throw, time, moment.

Use, interest.
Tickle-brain, a kind of liquor. Utis, or utas, the seventh day after
Tick-tack, or trick-track, a game.

a feast.
Tilly-vally, an exclamation. Ultered, put out.
Tire on, to peck at greedily. Utterance, extremity.
Tiring, attiring.
Toge, toga.
Touze, to pull about, to pull from.
Touch, touchstone.

Vail, to lower.
Trash, to check, or beat back.

Validity, value. Tray-trip, a game.

Vantbrace, armour for the arm. Treachers, traitors.

Varlet, knight's servant. Trol-my-dames, a game.

Vaward, advanced body. Trossers, trowsers.

Venew, or veney, a hit in fencing. Trot, an old woman.

Via , an exclamation. Truepenny, a mining term. Vice, a character in old plays. Tuck, rupier, sword.

Vied, challenged, or staked. Tucket, sound of a trumpet. Vinewd'st, most mouldy. Turk, to turn, to change com- Violenteth, compelleth !

pletely. Twire, to peep.

Wage, to remunerate. Unanel'd, without extreme unction.

to contend. Unavoided, unavoidable.

Wan, to grow pale. Unbated, not blunted.

Wanton, a trifler, a feeble person. Unbolted, unsifted, course. Warn, to summon. Uncape, to unearth.

Water-work, water-colours. Under-wrought, undermined. Web and pin, cataract in the eye. Unear'd, unploughed. See also Weet, to wit, to know. “Ear.”

Weird, fatal.
Uneath, scarcely.

Welkin-eye, blue-eye.
Unexpressive, inexpressible. Westward ho! an exclamation.
Unhappy, mischievous, unlucky. Where, whereas.
Unhatch'd, unhack'd.

Where, place.
Unhousel'd, not having received the Whiffler, fifer.

White, to hit the, to hit the mark. Unimprov'd, unproved.

Whoo-bub or hubbub. Union, a kind of pearl.

Wilderness, wildness. Unmann'd, a term in falconry. Wimpled, hooded, veiled. Unpregnant, unready, unprepared. Winds, or wints, bouts at plough. Unsisting, unresting?

Wish, to recommend. Unsmirched, unsullied, not dirlied. Wishtly, wishfully.

See also, “Besmirched,” and Wist, knew. “Smirched."

Wit, to know.

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