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Boot, something given in.

Cates, provisions.
Bought and sold, over-reached. Censure, opinion, judgment.
Bosky, woody.

Cesse, cease.
Brach, dog, hound.

Cess, out of all, out of all measure. Braid, crafty.

Chambers, small pieces of ordBrawl, French, a dance. Break up, to carve.

Champaign, open country. Breast, voice.

Chape of a dagger, the hook by which Brief, abstract.

it bangs. Bribe-buck, stolen venison. Character, hand-writing. Brize, gad-fly.

Character, to imprint. Brock, badger.

Characts, inscriptions.. Brogues, heavy shoes.

Chares, matters. Bruit, to noise, to report.


school-house. Buckle, to bend.

Charm, to bewitch. Bugs, bugbears.

Charnico, a Portuguese wine. Burgonet, helmet.

Chaudron, entrails. Burgher, citizen.

Cheater, escheator. Burst, to break.

Cherry-pit, a game. By ’r lakin, by our ladykin. Cheveril, kid-skin.

Childing, teeming.

Chopine, a high shoe. Caliver, hand-gun.

Cinque-pas, a dance. Callat, a drab.

Cital, recital. Canary, a dance.

Clamour, to silence? Cantons, songs.

Cleped, called. See also "Ycleped." Cantle, piece, portion.

Clip, and enclip, to embrace. Canvass, to sift.

Clout, white cloth, the mark in Capitulate, to draw up heads. archery. Capocchio, dolt.

Clubs, to cry, to call for assistance. Captious, capable of receiving. Coast, to approach sidelong. Carbonado, meat cut and broiled. Cock, small boat. Carded, mixed.

Cog, to cheat. Carduus benedictus, blessed thistle. Collied, black. Carkanet, necklace.

Collier, a term of abuse. Carl, churl, clown.

Colt, to trick. Carlot, pensant.

Comart, treaty. Carping, prating.

Combinate, contracted. Carry out a side, to win the game. Comforting, abetting. Case, skin.

Commence, a university word. Case of lives, two lives.

*Compact, made up of. Cased, caged, confined.

Compact, in concert with. Cassock, part of dress.

Companion, fellow. Castiliano, a drinking exclamation. Compassed window, bay or bow Cast, left off

window. Castle, a close helmet.

Competitor, confederate. Cataian, a term of abuse.

Comply, to compliment.

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Compt, account.

Curiosity, scrupulousness. Comptible, accountable.

Cursorary, for cursory. Con, to know.

Curtle-ax, broadsword. Concolinel, a tune.

Cut, horse. Confect, com fit.

Cyprus or cypress, a transparent Congreeing, concurring.

stuff Consort, to associate. Consort, company.

Daff'd, put aside. See also "Doff.” Contemptible, scornful, contemp- Danger, debt. tuous.

Darkling, in the dark. Con thanks, to give thanks. Darraign, to prepare. Contraction, contract.

Daub, to plaister.
Contrive, to spend.

Day-woman, dairy-woman.
Convey, to defraud, to rob. Deal, part.
Convicted, conquered.

Dear, dire.
Convince, to overcome.

Dearn, lonely, secret. Convive, to feast.

Deceivable, deceitful. Cony-catching, cheating.

Deck, to sprinkle. Cope, covering.

Deck, pack of cards. Copy, abundance.

Decline, lean from. Coranto, a dance.

Defeat, to free, to disembarrass. Corky, dry, withered,

Deftly, dexterously. Costard, head.

Defy, to refuse. Coted, overtook.

Demerits, merits. Counsel, secrecy.

Den, good, good even. Counter, to run, a term of the Denay, denial. chase.

Denay, to deny.
Counterfeit, portrait.

Denier, small piece of money.
Counterpoints, counterpanes. Deny, to refuse.
Court-cupboard, sideboard. Depart with, to part with.
Court holy-water, flattery. Descant, a term in music.
Coy, to caress.

Design, to point out.
Coystrill, or kestrell, bastard hawk. Detect, to discover.
Cozier, botcher.

Detected, suspected. Crack, boy.

Dich, do it. Cracked within the ring, uncurrent Diet, to fast. gold.

Diffused, disordered, confused, unCrants, garlands.

intelligible. Crare, a small craft.

Disable, to under-rate.
Credit, belief

Disappointed, unprepared.
Cresset, a light, a beacon. Disclosed, hatched.
Crone, old woman.

Dismes, tenths.
Crosses, money:


unnatural. Crush a cup, a drinking term. Disseat, unseat. Cry aim, to encourage.

Distained, unstained. Cunning, knowledge.

Doff, to do off. See also “Daff’d.” Curb, to benit.

Doit, a small piece of money.


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Dole, dealing, share.

Fall, to drop, to let fall
Dowle, down.

Fancy, love.
Drumble, to bungle, to fumble. Fangled, trifling.
Dry-foot, to draw, a phrase of the Fantastical, imaginary.

Fap, drunk.
Dudgeon, handle.

Farced, stuffed, inflated.
Dump, a musical term.

Fashions, farcins.
Fast and loose, a game.

Eaning time, time of parturition.
Ear, to plough. See also "Unear’d." Fear, to frighten.

Feat, nice, neat. Eager, sour.

Federary, confederate. See also Eche, to eke.

“Feodary.” Eftest, readiest. Eld, age.

Fee-farm, for ever. Embarquement, impediment.

Feere, companion, wife. Embossed, foaming at the mouth. Peodary, confederate. See also

Fell, hide, skin. Engle, gull.

“Federary." Enmew, to mew up, to hide. Enseamed, greased.

Festinately, hastily.

Fet, fetched.
Entreat, to treat.
Envious, hating.

Fetch, trick.
Envy, hatred.

Fil'd, polished.

File, to defile.
Envoy, conclusion.
Escoted, paid.

Fine, refined, artful.
Esil, vinegar. See also “Eysil.” Firago, for Virago.

Fine, to end. Ever, always.

Fire-drake, serpent, dragon. Everlasting, a material for dress. Excrement, beard, hair.

First-good, best. Exempt, taken away, separated.

Fives, a disorder in horses. Exhibition, maintenance.

Fixure, fixture.

Flap-jacks, pancakes. Exigent, end.

Flaw, gust.
Expedience, expedition.

Flecked, spotted.
Expedient, expeditious.
Expiate, expired.

Fleet, float.
Exposture, exposure.

Flewd, chapped. Extended , seized.

Flote, wave. Extremes, extremities.

Flouted, scorned.

Flush, luxuriant. Eyas, young hawk.

blemishes. Eyas-musket, small young huwk. Eye of green, shade of green.

Foison, plenty.

Fond, foolish.
Eyry, nest.
Eysil, vinegar. See also " " Esil.”

Foot, to grasp in the talons.
Footed, landed.

For, because.
Fading, the burden of a ballad. Force not, care not for.
Fadge, to suit, to answer. Force, of, of necessity.
Fair, fairness.

Fordo, to destroy.

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Forslow, to delay.

Gourd, a false die. Forestalled, anticipated.

Gouts, drops. Formal, sane.

Grace, beauty. Forspoke, forbidden.

Gramercy, great thanks. Fox, sword.

Gripe, griffin, vulture. Frampold, uneasy, uncomfortable. Grise, degrees, steps. Frank, sty.

Growing, accruing. Fretten, fretted.

Guards, ornaments of dress. Frippery, old clothes shop. Guerdon, reward. See also “ReFrise, coarse woollen cloth.

guerdon." Frontier, forehead.

Gust, to taste.
Frush, to break, to bruise.
Fullam, a false die.

Haggard, wild hark.
Gad, a point.

Handsaw, for Heron-shaw. Gain-giving, misgiving.

Harrow, to subdue. Galliard, a dance.

Haught, haughty. Gallow, to terrify.

Hests, heavings. Garboils, commotions.

Hent, to take. Gaskins, large breeches.

Herb of grace, rue. Gaudy, joyful.

Hest, command. Gear, matter.

Hide fox and all after, a game. Geck, fool.

High men and low men, fulse dice. General, subjects.

Hight, called. Germins, sprouting seeds. Hilding, low wretch. Gest, a resting-place.

Hint, suggestion. Gib-cat, a male cat.

Holding, burden of a song. Gilt, gilding.

Hoodman-blind, blind man's bough. Gimmal, a device.

Hot-house, bagnio. Gimmal-bit, double-bit.

Hox, to ham-string. Ging, gang

Hubbub, for Whoo-bub. Ginger-knapping, stands for gin- Hugger mugger,

in secret. ger-snapping

Hull, to be driven to and fro by Gird, taunt, reproof. Give aim, to direct.

Hunt-counter, a dog that runs the Gleek, jeer, scoff.

wrong way.
Glose, to expound, to explain. Hunts-up, a morning song.
God 'ild you, God yield or reward Hurly-burly, confusion.

Husbandry, frugality.
Going to the world, marrying.
Gongarian, for Hungarian.
Good den, good even.

Ignomy, ignominy.
Good year, what the, an exclama- Illustrous, dull, not bright.

Imbare, to expose, to lay bare. Good, to weep a, to weep much. Imp out, to piece out. Gorbellied, corpulent.

Impair, unworthy. Goujeers, a disorder.

Impartial, taking no part.


Imperial, imperious.

Kam, or cam, awry.
Imponed, pawned.

Keech, a lump of fat.
Importance, importunity.

Keel, to cool.
Important, importunate.

Kernes, peasants.
Impose, imposition.

Kind, natural.
Impress, to press, to compel. King and Beggar, a ballad.
Inclip, to embrace. See also“Clip." Kirtle, a jacket, a petticoat.
Include, to conclude.

Knapping, snapping.
Incony, fine, pretty.
Index, commencement.
Indifferent, not different.

Laced mutton, a dressed courtezan.
Indict, convict.

Latched, licked.
Induction, entrance.

Latch, to catch.
Indurance, confinement.

Lauds', songs of praise.
In, for e'en.

Lavolta , a dance.
Infer, to bring, to produce. Lay, to way-lay.
Informal, insane. See also "For- Leaguer, camp.

Leasing, lying
Ingenious, ingenuous.

Leather-coat, a kind of apple.
Ingle, gull.

Leman, sweetheart.

uninhabitable. Leer, skin, complexion.
Inhibited, forbidden, prohibited. Leese, to loose.
Inkhorn, pedantic.

Leiger or Lieger, ambassador.
Inkle, tape, worsted.

Lenten, spare.
Inland-bred, well-bred

Let, to hinder,
Inn, house.

Lewd, lustful, ignorant, wicked.
Innocent, idiot.

Liberty, extemporal acting.
Insane root, hemlock.

Lie for, to, to lie in prison for.
In-set, to set.

Liefest, dearest.
Instance, solicitation, motive. Lieutenantry, proxy, deputation.
Insuit, solicitation.

Lifter, thief
Intend, to pretend.

Light o'Love, a tune.
Intrinse, intricate.

Lightly, commonly.
Invis'd, unseen.

Liking, to be in, to be in flesh,
Inward, intimate.


List, boundary, limit.
Jar of the clock, tick of the clock. Livelihood, liveliness.
Jet, to strut.

Loach, a fish.
Jew, a term of fondness.

Lockram, coarse linen.
Jig, a theatrical entertainment. Loggats, a game.
John, poor, dried hake.

Longly, for longingly.
Jovial, like Jove.

Loof'd, luff'd, a sea term.
Jump, to agree with.

Lover, friend.
Jump, just.

Loves, of all, by all means.
Jump, to risk.

Lowted, bowed.
Jump, a hazard

Lozel, an abandoned fellow.
Justicer, judge.

Luce, a pike fish.

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