Logs of the Great Sea Fights, 1794-1805: IV. The Nile, 1798. V. Copenhagen, 1801. VI. Trafalgar, October 21, 1805, Band 2;Band 18

Thomas Sturges Jackson
Navy Records Society, 1900

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Seite i - SOCIETY desire it to be understood that they are not answerable for any opinions or observations that may appear in the Society's publications; the Editors of the several Works being alone responsible for the same.
Seite 347 - Guineas, the payment of which entitles the Member to receive one copy of each work issued by the Society for that year, and to purchase back volumes at reduced prices.
Seite 347 - The Journal of Captain (afterwards Sir John) Narbrough, 1672-73, to be edited by Professor JK Laughton ; a Calendar of the MSS. in the Pepysian Library, to be edited by Mr.
Seite 26 - Never mind, Webley, there it goes for luck! Put the helm up, and make all sail.' Captain Foley of the Goliath, being close to the Zealous, perceiving this manoeuvre, guessed what the orders were, and bore up likewise, so that when the two ships had shaped their course, they were nearly abreast of each other. The Goliath being a little in advance, which of course was...
Seite 45 - Majestic, chose to be so, to give time to the Goliath, Zealous, and Leander to join us, neither of which were yet moving ; and I sent an officer to tell Hood I waited for them. My people were also so extremely jaded, that as soon as they had hove our sheetanchor up they dropped under the capstan-bars, and were asleep in a moment in every sort of posture...
Seite 185 - Partial firing continued until 4.30, when a victory having been reported to the Right Honourable Lord Viscount Nelson, KB and Commander-in-Chief, he then died of his wound.
Seite 245 - Achille was burning, she got out of the gunroom port and sat on the rudder-chains till some melted lead ran down upon her and forced her to strip and leap off. She swam to a spar where several men were, but one of them bit and kicked her till she was obliged to quit and get to another which supported her.
Seite 251 - Observed the sternmost, a Spanish ship's, rigging and sails very much cut up. Lay to on her quarter with our fore and main topsails to the mast...
Seite 224 - ... variance with the text of the Memorandum. There is also to be considered the evidence of Captain Harvey, of the Temeraire, written two days after the battle, in which that officer, who followed Nelson into the fight and was to have led the weather line if Nelson had not led it himself, says : " It was noon before the action commenced, which was done according to the instructions given to us by Lord Nelson.
Seite 149 - I intend to push or go through the end of the enemy's line to prevent them from getting into Cadiz.

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