A Treatise on the Game of Chess: Containing an Introduction, and an Analysis of the Various Openings of Games; with Several New Modes of Attack and Defense ...

A.H. Baily and Company, 1844

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Seite 452 - WHITE. 1. KP two squares. 1. KP two squares. 2. KB to QB fourth square.
Seite 273 - WHITE. 1 KP two squares. 1 KP two squares. 2 KBP two squares. 2 P. takes P. 3 K. Kt. to K.
Seite 443 - QB 4th square 4 K. Kt. P. one square 5 Castles 5 K. Kt. P. takes Kt. 7. THE BISHOP'S GAMBIT is a difficult but interesting game, and differs from the foregoing gambits on the third move : — WHITE. BLACK. 1 KP two squares 1 The same 2 KBP two squares 2 P. takes P. 3 KB to QB fourth sq.
Seite 506 - ... until he is persuaded he has discovered the solution. There can be no doubt, remarks Mr. Lewis, that those who discover the method of winning from the diagram alone, are entitled to the praise of having fairly solved the problem ; but the like praise cannot be given to those who, placing the pieces on the board, try first this, then that move, until they have hit on the right one. It must, however, be confessed that the latter method considerably lessens the difficulty. Among these positions...
Seite 333 - B. to R's 6th (ch.) Your game is gone. 10. Kt. to his 4th. 10. Kt. takes Kt. 11. P. takes Kt. 11. Q. takes P. 12. Q. to K's 2nd.
Seite 345 - Kt.'s 2d. 13. Kt. takes KR 14. Q. takes KB 14. Q. takes Q. 15. Kt. takes Q. 15. K. takes B. 16. K. takes Kt. Black has obviously the advantage. 10. Kt. takes KB 10. KR to B.'s sq.
Seite 325 - KBP two sq. 2. P. takes P. 3. K. Kt. to B. third. 3. K. Kt. P. two. 4.
Seite 361 - B's 4th. 4. P. to K. Kt.'s 5th, 5. P. to Q's 4th. 5. P. takes Kt. This ingenious departure from the customary way of pursuing the attack is given by Koch, who states that it was communicated to him by the late Lieutenant-Colonel Donop, who told him that, while Commander of Brussels, he often played at the chess club there with an Englishman, who usually adopted this move, and invariably won by it. Shortly after the publication of Koch's book, Ghulam Kassim produced a more skilful and elaborate analysis...
Seite 326 - KB's 4th. 14. P. to KR's 4th. 15. P. takes Kt. You have a much better game. 10. Q. Kt. to Q.'s 2d. 10. K. Kt. to K.'s 2d. 11. P. to KR's 5th. 11. B. takes B. 12. Kt. takes B. 12. Q. Kt. P. two. 13. Kt. to K.'s 3d. 13. Q. Kt. to B.'s 3d. You have no adequate compensation for...

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