Geschichte des achtzehnten Jahrunderts und des Neunzehnten bis zum Sturz des Französischen Kaiserreichs: Bd. Bis auf den Anfang des Kriegs zwischen Frankreich und England um 1778


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Seite 383 - Permit me, sire, further to observe, that whoever has already dared, or shall hereafter endeavour, by false insinuations and suggestions, to alienate your Majesty's affections from your loyal subjects in general, and from the City of London in particular...
Seite 500 - These, with the pictures, busts, and prints, (of which copies upon copies are spread everywhere,) have made your father's face as well known as that of the moon, so that he durst not do any thing that would oblige him to run away, as his phiz would discover him wherever he should venture to show it.
Seite 390 - The properest time to exert our right of taxation," said he, " is when the right is refused. To temporize is to yield ; and the authority of the mother country, if it is now unsupported, will be relinquished forever : a total, repeal cannot be thought of, till America is prostrate at our feet.
Seite 392 - ... projected, proposed to administration, solicited, and obtained, by some of the most respectable among the Americans themselves, as necessary measures for the welfare of that country.
Seite 378 - ... living, reduced to this conclusion, that instead of the arbitrary power of a king, we must submit to the arbitrary power of a house of commons?
Seite 378 - The name of Stuart, of itself, is only contemptible; — armed with the sovereign authority, their principles are formidable. The Prince, who imitates their conduct, should be warned by their example; and while he plumes himself upon the security of his title to the crown, should remember that, as it was acquired by one revolution, it may be lost by another*.
Seite 363 - I assert the authority of this kingdom to be sovereign and supreme, in every circumstance of government and legislation whatsoever. Taxation is no part of the governing or legislative power: the taxes are a voluntary gift and grant of the commons alone. The concurrence of the peers and of the crown is necessary only as a form of law. This house represents the commons of Great Britain.
Seite 185 - Impériale à la confédération générale réunie pour la conservation des lois et libertés polonaises, avec le redressement de tous les abus qui se sont glissés dans le gouvernement, contraires aux lois cardinales du pays...

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