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Of Prologues and Epilogues

175 PRECEPTS for the ĚPic or HEROIC POEMS with occasional Remarks

180 to the End. What constitutes an Epic Poem Stricture on Criticifm Of Homer

184 Of the Iliad. Its Design and Fable Some defects in this poem hinted at Of the Character of Achilles, and his bold Speeches 16 Agamemnon

ibid. A Picture of the Simplicity and Temperance of ancient Times

190 Speeches between Achilles, Ulysses,Pbanix and Ajax190 to 261 Speeches between Hector and Achilles

201 A Simile on the occasion, which is defective

202 Speeches between Hector and Ajax

. 203 The Character of Agamemnon

Description of that Chief
His cruel Speech to Menelaus

206 Accused of Cowardice by Ulylles

ibid. Infolent Speech of Diomed to him

207 ------Character of Diomed

208 Diomed's Behaviour approved by Neftor

ibid, Characters of Ulysses and Neftor The Character of Therfites, and his Speech to low more Dissention in the Army

ibid. The Speech of Ulysses in answer to him

211 Of Ulysses, Menelaus, and Helen

212 Helen's Lamentation over Heftor's Corse

ibid. The Misfortunes of Priam and HeEtor affect us more than those of the Greeks

ibid. Of Homer's partiality to the Greeks

213 Of the Retreat of Ajax from He&tor, with two beautiful Similies on that occasion

ibid. The Character of Ajax The use Homer makes of the Gods is often to the Difad. vantage of his Heroes

ibid. Hector takes Leave of Andromache and his Son, and their affecting Speeches on that occasion

215 Of the pathetic Interview between Priam and Achilles, with .

Reflections on Eloquence, and the force of a mournful desponding Attitude

218 Speeches between Priam and Achilles

219 Homer's knowledge of Mankind, and Power over the hu

man Heart Of some of the Defects in the Iliad, with a few Words

by way of Defence Of the Sentiments, Diction, and Numbers

ibid. Of the Painting of Homer.--His Descriptions and Similies numerous and beautiful




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