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Beneath this verdant hillock lies
Demer, the wealthy and the wise.
His Heirs, that he might safely rest,
Have put his Carcass in a Chelt:
The very Chef, in which, they fay,
His other Self, his Money, lay.
And if his heirs continue kind
To that dear Self he left behind,

I dare believe that four in five : Will think his better Half alive. We shall give but one example more of this kind, which is a merry Epitaph on an old Fiddler, who was remarkable. - (we may suppose), for beating time to his own musick.

On Stephen the Fiddler.
Stephen and Time are now both even;

Stephen beat Time, now Time's beat Stephen. We are now come to that sort of Epitaph which rejects Rhyme, and has no certain and determinate measure ; but where the diction must be pare and strong, every word have weight, and the antichefis be preserved in a clear and dia rect opposition. We cannot give a better example of this, sort of Epitaph, than that on the tomb of Mr. Pulteney, in the cloysters of Wesiminfier- Abbey.

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