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Gleams on the day; the nobler works of peace Hence bless mankind, and generous commerce binds The round of nations in a golden chain.

The unfruitfal rock itself, impregn'd by thee, In dark retirement forms the lucid stone. The lively Diamond drinks the purest rays, Collected light compact ; that, polith'd bright, And all its native luftre let abroad. Dares, as it sparkles on the fair one's breast, With vain ambition emulate her eyes. At thee the Ruby lights its deepning glow, And with a waving radiance inward Aames. From thee the Sapphire, solid ether, takes Its hue cerulean ; and, of evening tinet, The purple-streaming Amethyst is thine. With thy own smile the yellow Topaz burns. Nor deeper verdure dyes the rope of Spring, When first she gives it to the southern gale, Than the green Emerald shows. But, all combin'd, Thick thro' the whitening Opal play thy beams; Or, flying several from its surface, form A trembling variance of revolving hues, As the lite varies in the gazer's hand.

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How Thall I then attempt to fing of Him,

*IGHT HIMSELF, in uncreated light

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