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Commission'd hungry Wolves t' infest the Fokl,
And shook from Oaken Leaves the liquid Gold :
Remov'd from human Reach the chearful Fire ;
And from the Rivers bad the wine retire :
That studious Need might useful Aris explore,
From furrow'd Fields to reap the foodful Store :
And force the Veins of clashing Flints to expire
The lurking Seeds of their Celestial Fire.
Then first on Seas the hollow'd Alder swam :
Then Sailors quarter'd Heav'n, and found a Name
For ev'ry fix'd, and ev'ry wand'ring Star,
The Pleiads, Hyads, and the Northern Car.
Then Toils for Beasts, and Lime for Birds were found ;
And deep-mouth'd Dogs did Forest- Walks surround;
And Casting-Nets were spread in hollow Brooks;
Drags in the Deep, and Baits were hung on Hooks :
Then Saws were toorh'd, and founding Axes made ;
And various Arts in Order did succeed. Dryd. Virs

Future Golden Age.
Unbidden Earth (all wreathing Ivy bring,
And fragrant Herbs, the Promises of Spring
The Goats with structing. Dugs fall honieward fpeed,
And lowing Herds secuire froin Lions feed.
The Serpents Brood shall die ; the facred Ground
Shall Weeds and pois’uous Plants refuse to bear,
Each common Bulli shall Syrian Roses wear :
Unlabour'd Harvefits all the Fields adorn,
And cluster'el Grapas ihall blush on ev'ry Thorn.
The knotted Oak Tall Show'rs of Honey weep.;
And thro' the marted Grass che liquid Gold Mall creep
The greedy Sailor shall the Seas forego ;
No Keel shall cut the Waves for foreign Ware,
For ev'ry Soil shall ev'ry Product bear.
The lab'ring Hind his Oxen Mall disjoin,
No Plough Thall hurt the Glebe, no Pruning-Hook

(the Vine, Nor Wool shall in disembled Colours thine.


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But the luxurions Father of the Fold,
With native Purple, or unborrow'd Gold,
Beneath his pompous Fleece fhall proudly sweat,
And under Tyrian Robes the Lambs shall bleat. Dryd.

A I R.
Remark the Air's tranfparent Element,
Its curious Structure, and its vaft Excént :
Its wondrous Web proclaims the Loom Divine ;
Its Threads, the Hand that drew them out so fine..
This thin Contexture makes its Bofom fit
Celestial Heat and Lustre to transmit;
By which, of foreign Orbs.the Riches flow
On this dependent, need y Ball below.
Observe its Parts, link'd in such artful Sort,
All are at once supported, and support.
The Column pois'd fits hov’ring on our Headsg ,
And a soft Burthen on our Shoulders spreads.
So the Side-Arches all the Weight sustain;
We find no Pressure, and we feel no Pain :
Still are the subtile Strings in Tension fourid,
Like those of. Lutes to just Proportion wound,
Which of the Air's Vibration is the Source,
When it receives the Strokes of foreign Force.

Let curious Minds, who would the Air inspecto,
On its Elastie Energy

reflect t;
The fecret Force thro' all the Frame difusod,
By which its Springs are from Compression loos'd.
The fpungy Parts now to a straiter Seat
Are forc'd by Cold, and widen’d now by' Heat
By Turns they all extend, by Turns retire,
As Nature's various Services require.
They now expand, to fill an empty Space';
Now Shrink, to let a pond'rous Body pals.
If raging Winds invade the Atmosphere,
Their Force its curious Texture cannot tear,
Make no Disruption in the Threads of Air



Or, if it does those Parts themselves restore,
Heal their own Wounds, and their own Breaches cure,

Hence the melodious Tenants of the Sky,
Which haunt inferior Seats, or soar on high,
With Ease throʻ all the fluid Region fray,
And thro' the wide Expansion wing their way;,
Whose open Melhes let terreftial Streams
Pass thro', entic'd away by folar Beams :
And thus a Road reciprocal display,
To rifing Vapours, and descending Day:

Of Heat and Light, what ever during Stores
Brought from the Sun's exhaustless golden Shores,..
Thro' Gulphs immense of intervening Air,
Enrich the Earth, and every Loss repair !
The Land, its gainful Traffick to maintain,
Sends out crude Vapours, in Exchange for Rain.
The flow'ry Garden, and the verdant Mead,
Warm'd ly the Rays, their-Exhalations spread,
In Show'rs and balmy Dews to be re-paid :
The Streams, their Banks forsaken, upward move,
And fow again in wand'ring Clouds above.
The Regions, Nature's Magazines, on high,
With all the Stores demanded, there flipply ;
Their different Steams the Air's wide Bofom fill,
Moist from the Flood, dry from the barren Hill;
Materials into Meteors to be wrought,
Which back to these terrestrial Seats are brought,
By Nature shap'd to various Figures; those
The fruitful Rain, and these the Hail compose,
The snowy Fleecegi and curious 'Frost-Work: These
Produce the Dew, and those the gentle Breeze :
Some from fierce Winds, which o'er the Mountains

(pals, And beat, with vie

Wings, the Valley's Face; O’er the wide and barren Désart Blow, O’er Lybiashing Sands, and Scythia's Snow ; Shake the high 'Cedar, thro' the Forest Tweep, And with their furious Breath ferment the Deep.

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This thing this soft Contexture of the Air,
Shows the wise Author's Providential Care,
Who did the wond'rous Structure so contrive,
That it might Life to breathing Creatures give;
Might re-inspire, and make the circling Mass
Thro' all its winding Chanels fit to pass.
Had not the Maker wrought the springy Frame
Such as it is, to fan the vital Flame,
The Blood, defrauded of its nitrous Food,
Had coolid, and languish'd in th’Arterial Road;
While the tir'd Heart had Itrove, with fruitless Pain,
To push the lazy Tide along the Vein.

[Black. Creat.
For Albion the Son of Nepiune was;
Who, for the Proof of his great Puissance,

Out of his Albion did on Dry-foot pass
Into old Gaul, that now is cleeped France,
To fight with Hercules, that did advancé

To vanquish all the World, with matchless Might: And there his mortal Part, by great Mischance,

Was Nain; but that which is th’immortal Spright
Lives still, and to his Feast with Neplune’s Seed was

The Virgin Daughter of Eternal Night.
She ftill delights in War, and human Woes.
Ev'n Pluto hates his own mishapen Rice.
Her Sister Furies fly her hideous Face :
So frightful are ohe Forms the Monster takes,
Co fierce che Hillings of her fpeckled Snakes.
'Tis hers, to ruin Realms, o'errurn a State;
Betwixe che dearest Friends to raise Debate,
And kindle Kindred Blood to mutual Hate.
Her Hand o’er Towns the fun’ral Torch displays,
And forms a thousand Ills, ten thousand Ways.
She shakes from out her fruitful Breast the Seeds
Of Envy, Discord, and of cruel Deeds :



Confounds eftablish'd Peace, and does prepare
Their Souls to Hatred, and their Hands to War.

(Dryd. Virg.
The Fates infernal Minister;
War, Death, Destruction, in her Hands fhe bears;
Her curling Snakes with Hillings fill the Place,
And open all the Furies of her face.
Her Chairs The rattles, and her Whips the shakes
Churning her bloody Foam.

Dryd. Virg,

hot AM A ZO N.
So march'd the Thracian Amazons of old,
When Thermodon with bloody Billows rould ;
Such Troops as these in shining Arms were seen,
When Theseus met in fight their Maiden Queen.
Such to the Field Penthefilea led,
From the fierce Virgin when the Grecians fed.
With su.h return'd triumphane from the War,
Her Maids with Cries attend the lofty Car ;
They clash with manly Force their Moony Shields,
With female Shouts refound the Phrygian Fields.

[Dryd. Virg.
Refilless thro' the War Camilla roje,
In Danger unappall'd, and pleas'd with Blood.
One Side was bare for her exerted Breast,

А One Shoulder with her painted Quiver press’d. Now from afar her faral Jav’lins play ; Now with her Ax's Edge fhe hews her Way, Diana's Arms upon her Shoulders sound, 2 And when too closely press’d, she quits the Ground, From her bent Bow the sends a backward Wound.

[Dryd. Virg. Penthefilea chere, with haughty Grace, Leads to the Wars an Amazonian Race : In their righe Hands a pointed Dirt they wield; Their left, for Ward, fuftains the Luar Shield.


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