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The best way to see divine light, is to put out thine own

candle. The hermit thinks the sun shines no where but in his cell. The wrath of brothers is the wrath of devils. ---Spanish. The offender never pardons.--Italian. The timid and weak are the most revengeful and implacable. The loquacity of fools is a lecture to the wise. The example of good men is visible philosophy. The fool is busy in every one's business but his own. The good palliate a bad action.

Ital.-La buona intenzione scusa 'el mal fatto. The follies of youth are food for repentance in old age. The devil entangles youth with beauty, the miser with gold,

the ambitious with power, the learned by false doctrine. The first degree of folly is to think one's self wise; the next

to tell others so; the third, to despise all counsel, The devil goes shares in gaming. There are as many serious follies as light ones. The greatest learning is to be seen in the greatest plainness. The most lasting monuments are, doubtless, the paper mo

The noblest remedy of injuries is oblivion.
• There is no honour where there is no shame.--Italian.

They ought not to do evil that good may come.
There is no medicine against death.-Italian.
To read and not to understand, is to pursue and not to take.“

To err is human, to persist in it beastly.-Spanish.
Too much fear is an enemy to good deliberation.
Truth refines but does not obscure.

Spanish.-La verdad adelgazo pero no quiebra.
Truth may be blamed, but it can never be shamed.
Truth hath always a fast bottom.-Gaelic.

Truths and roses have thorns about them.
Truth may languish but can never perish.— Italian.
Truth is the daughter of time.

Ital.-La verita e figlia del tempo.
Truths too fine spun, are subtle fooleries.
To give his honour, to ask his grief.- Spanish.

A proud, but generous sentiment.
To a bad character, good doctrine avails nothing.-Italian.

U. V. Unkindness has no remedy at law. Vain glory blossoms, but never bears. Vice is it's own punishment, and sometimes it's own cure. Vows made in storms are forgotten in calms.

w. Wealth breeds a pleurisy, ambition a fever, liberty a vertigo,

and poverty is a dead palsy.-Gaelic.
We talk, but God doeth what he pleases.
We may give advice, but we cannot give conduct.
We have all forgotten more than we remember.
Well to judge depends on well to hear.-Italian.

The French say, “A foolish judge makes a short sentence.”
What the eye sees not, the heart rues not.
What maintains one vice would bring up two children.
What soberness conceals drunkenness reveals.

Lat.Quod est in corde sobrii est in ore ebrii.
When you are angry, remember that you may be calm; and

when you are calm, remember that you may be angry.

Spanish. ..
When honour grew mercenary, money grew honourable.
Who thinks to deceive God, deceives himself.-Italian.
Woc to those preachers who listen not to themselves.

Who is wicked in the country will be wicked in the town. Who thinks often of death, does things worthy of life.


Who teaches often learns himself.-Italian.
Where content is, there is a feast.
Who is not used to lie thinks every one speaks the truth.-

Who draws others into ill courses is the devil's agent.
Who thinks every day to die can never perish.-Italian.
Worth begets in base minds envy; in great souls emu-

lation. Who has one foot in a brothel, has the other in the hospital.

Where reason rules, appetite obeys.
Where honour ceases, knowledge decreases.

Lat.-Honos alit artes.
Who preaches war is the devil's chaplain.
Whoring and bauderie do often end in beggary.
Who is bad to his own is bad to himself._-Italian.
When you would be revenged on your enemy, live as you

ought, and you have done it to some purpose ! Who follow not virtue in youth, cannot fly sin in old age.

Ital. Worth hath been under-rated ever since wealth was over

valued. Who pardons the bad, injures the good.—Italian. ' Who perishes in needless danger is the devil's martyr. Whoredom and grace dwelt ne'er in one place.-Scotch. When you have no observers be afraid of yourself. When a proud man hears another praised, he thinks himself

injured. When passion enters at the foregate, wisdom goes out at the


Wise men have their mouth in their heart, fools their heart

in their mouth. Wisdom without innocence, is knavery ; innocence without

wisdom, is folly. Wisdom don't always speak in Greek and Latin. Wise men learn by others' harm, fools by their own. Wise men care not for what they cannot have. Who ever suffered for not speaking ill of others ? Wicked men, like madmen, have sometimes their lucid

intervals. Where the heart is past hope, the face is past shame.

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Y. Years know more than books. You would do little for God if the devil were dead.Scotch. You make a great purchase when you relieve the necessitous. You plead after sentence given. You should ask the world's leave before you commend your.


You will never repent of being patient and sober.
You may break a colt, but not an old horse.
You will never have a friend, if you must have one without

failings. Your father's honour to you is but a seeond-hand honour. Youth and white paper take any impression.

Zeal, without knowledge, is like fire without light..



A PRINCE wants a million, a beggar but a groat.
An ass that carries a load is better than a lion that devours

An illiterate king is a crowned ass.

Ital. Il re non letterato é un asino incoronato. A king is never powerful that has not power on the sea.- Ital. A king promises, but observes only what he pleases.

Ital. Un prince promette, ma non osserva se non cio che gli com


An ill man in office is a public calamity.
A true Englishman knows not when a thing is well.
Who knows but it is to the grumbling spirit of our countrymen that

England owes her superiority to other nations ! Thank God, we
have not the phlegm of the Germans, to whom, if they only say

“ Eat straw," they eat straw. Antiquity cannot privilege an error, nor novelty prejudice a

A deceitful peace is more hurtful than open war.

Ital.-Noce piu la pace simulata, che la guerra aperta.
Antiquity is not always a mark of verity.
A king's favour is no inheritance.
An ox should not be on the jury at a goose's trial.

Beggars fear no rebellion.
Be you never so high the law is above you.
Better a lean peace than a fat victory.
By wisdom peace, by peace plentý.

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