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N. Ne'er seek a wife till ye ken what to do with her.-Scotch. Never was a prison fair, or a mistress foul.

French. Il n'y a point de belle prison, ni de laides amours.
Next to no wife, a good wife is best.
Novelty is always handsome.- Italian.
New amours make us forget the old.-Italian.
Nineteen nay-says of a maiden are half a grant.-Scotch.
Not so ugly as to be frightful, nor so beautiful as to kill.

No woman is ugly when she is drest.

Observe the face of the wife to know the husband's charac

ter.—Spunish. Old women's gold is not ugly. A wipe for those who are on the scent after old Dowagers with

heavy purses.
One love drives out another.
Old maids lead apes in hell.
One year of joy, another of comfort, and all the rest of con-

A marriage wish.

P. Paint and patches give offence to the husband, hopes to the

gallant. Play, women, and wine, undo men laughing. .. Prettiness makes no pottage.

S. She was a neat dame that washed the ass's face. She is neither maid, wife, nor widow. She had rather kiss than spin. She who often looks at her face in the glass, often thinks of

her tail,

Coquet and ooy at once her air,

Both study'd, though both seem neglected ;
Careless she is, with artful care

Affecting, to seem unaffected.-CONGREVE.
She that is born a beauty is half married.
Sbe that has an ill husband shows it in her dress.
Smoke, raining into the house, and a scolding wife, will

make a man run out of doors. Saith Solomon the wise, ' A good wife's a good prize.' She who is born handsome is born married.

Ital. Che nasce bella, nasce maritata. Sometimes you are like a dog and cat, and sometimes like

the monkey and his clog. Since you wrongd me, you never had a good thought of me. She spins a good web, who brings up her son well.--Spanish. She is well married, who has neither mother-in-law nor sister

in-law by her husband.-Spanish. In Spain, they entertain no great opinion of this class of kindred.


Take heed, girl, of the promise of a man, for it will run like a


That is, backwards. The bride goes to her marriage bed, but knows not what

shall happen to her.Hebrew. The woman who has a bad husband makes a confidant of her

maid.--Spanish. The bitch, that I mean, is not a dog. The society of ladies is a school of politeness. The rich widow cries with one eye, and rejoices with the

other.--Spunish. The love of women is like wine ; the evening it is good, the

morning it is spoiled. - Italian. The fairer the hostess, the fouler the reckoning.

French.-Belle hostesse, c'est un mal pour la bourse,

The remedy for love ismland between.-Spanish.
To a foolish woman, a violin is more pleasing than a distaff.-

There is no better looking glass than a true friend.
The first wife is matrimony, the second company, and the

third heresy.-Italiun. The calmest husbands make the stormiest wives. This is one of the learned aphorisms,” which Mr. D’Israeli says

the husbands of former days had inscribed on their trenchers, to remind them of the sort of policy necessary to govern their dames. The same elegant writer informs us that, much later even than the reign of Elizabeth, our ancestors had proverbs always before them, on every thing which had room for a piece of advice on it. They had them painted on their tapestries, stamped on the most ordinary utensils, on the blades of their knives, the borders of their plates, and “conned them out of goldsmith's rings.” The usurer, in Robert Green's “Groat's worth of Wit," compressed all his philosophy into the circle of his ring, having learnt sufficient Latin to understand the proverbial motto of,

“ Tu tibi cura." The cunning wife makes her husband her apron.-Spanish. The more women look in their glasses, the less they look to

their houses. Three women and a goose make a market.—Italian. Tell it to her once, and the devil will tell it to lier ten times.

Tell a woman she is beautiful, and the devil will often put her in

mind of it. They were both equally bad, so the devil put them together. To preserve a friend three things are required; to honour

him present, praise him absent, and assist him in his ne

cessities.-Italian. The mother knows best whether the child be like the father. There is many a good wife that can't sing and dance well. Three daughters and a mother are four devils for the father.

Spanish. There is one good wife in the country, and every man thinks There's no mischief in the world done, but a woman is al

he hath her.

ways one. To kiss a man's wife, or wipe his knife, is but a thankless


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Women grown bad are worse than men; because the corrup.

tion of the best, turns to the worst. Women and children's wishes are the ambition of only weak

men. Women and wine intoxicate the young and old.-Italian.

“ Beauty, though dangerous, hath strange power !" Women commend a modest man, but like him not.

« Not much he kens, I ween, of woman's breast,
Who thinks that wanton thing is won by sighs;
What careth she for hearts when once possess'd ?
Do proper homage to thine idol's eyes;
But not too humbly, or she will despise
Thee and thy suit, though told in moving tropes :
Disguise ev'n tenderness, if thou art wise;
Brisk confidence still best with woman copes,
Pique her, and soothe in turns, soon Passion crowns thy hopes.”

Wife and children are bills of charges..
Who feels love in his breast, feels a spur in his limbs.

Italian. Where did the girl lose her maiden-head? Where she spoke

ill, and heard worse.--Spanish. We bachelors grin, but you married men laugh till your

hearts ache. When a couple are newly married, the first month is honeymoon, or smick smack; the second is hither and thither ; the third is thwick-thwack ; the fourth, the devil take them

that brought thee and I together. When poverty comes in at the door, love flies out at the

window. When the good man's from home, the good wife's table is

soon spread.

Who has a bad wife, has purgatory for a neighbour.-Italian. Who is a cuckold, and conceals it, carries coals in bis bosom.

-Spanish. Who weds ere he be wise, shall die ere he thrives. Wine and wenches empty men's purses. Women, wine, and horses, are dangerous ware.Italian. Women must have their wills while they live, because they

make none when they die. Women, priests, and poultry, have never enough. "

Itali-Donne, preti, et polli, non son mai sat olli. Women and linen look best by candle light.

French.—Elle est belle à la chandelle, mais le jour gâte tout. Women and dogs set men together by the cars. Women are wise on a sudden, fools on premeditation.

Italian. Women in mischief are wiser than men. Who hath a scold hath sorrow to his sops. Who thinks a woman hath no merit but her money, deserves

to be made a cuckold. Who more ready to call her neighbour-scold, than the great

est scold in the parish ? : Ladies of pleasure affect not you, but your money. While the tall maid is stooping, the little one hath swept the

house. Women laugh when they can, and weep when they will. Works and not words are the proof of love.-Spanish. Who takes an eel by the tail, and a woman by her word, may

say, that he holds nothing.-Italian.

' Y. You may know a foolish woman by her finery.

Ital.-Femme sotte, se cognoit à la cotte. You need not marry; you have troubles enough without it.

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