The Laws and Principles of Whist Stated and Explained and Its Practice Illustrated on an Original System ...

J.W. Lovell, 1880 - 257 Seiten

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Seite 34 - I must confess I think it is below reasonable creatures to be altogether conversant in such diversions as are merely innocent, and have nothing else to recommend them but that there is no hurt in them. Whether any kind of gaming has even thus much to say for itself I shall not determine; but I think it is very wonderful to see persons of the best sense passing away a dozen hours together in shuffling and...
Seite 248 - ... or if when called on to lead one suit he lead another, having in his hand one or more cards of that suit demanded, he incurs the penalty of a revoke.
Seite 247 - ... or play several such winning cards, one after the other, without waiting for his partner to play, the latter may be called on to win, if he can, the first or any other of those tricks, and the other cards thus improperly played are exposed cards.
Seite 79 - Then further we must say to ourselves, ' What requireth Christ of a Christian man ? ' Now turn up your trump, your heart, (hearts is trump, as I said before,) and cast your trump, your heart, on this card...
Seite 242 - The dealer has always the right to shuffle last ; but should a card or cards be seen during his shuffling, or whilst giving the pack to be cut, he may be compelled to re-shuffle.
Seite 26 - ... there be among them a card too many : should this be the case they may be searched, and the card restored ; the player is, however, liable for all revokes which he may have meanwhile made.
Seite 249 - If any player lead out of turn, and the other three have followed him, the trick is complete, and the; error cannot be rectified ; but if only the second, or the second and third, have played to the false lead, their cards, on discovery of the mistake, are taken back; there is no penalty against any one, excepting the original offender...
Seite 248 - If all four players throw their cards on the table face upwards, the hands are abandoned ; and no one can again take up his cards. Should this general exhibition show that the game might have been saved or won, neither claim can be entertained, unless a revoke be established.
Seite 34 - I think it is very wonderful to see persons of the best sense passing away a dozen hours together in shuffling and dividing a pack of cards...
Seite 189 - If a bystander make any remark which calls the attention of a player or players to an oversight affecting the score, he is liable to be called on, by the players only, to pay the stakes and all bets on that game or rubber.

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