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In this Edition the Author has made various corrections and additions, which he hopes will add to the utility of the work, and be deemed improvements.

The most important addition is the Prosodiacal Vocabulary, exhibiting the quantities and the accents in the pronunciation of the names of drugs and chemicals employed in medicine.

October 1847.

Sect. 7.- Terms relating to Issues, Setons, Acu-

puncture, &c. Issues, mode of production.

Setons. Seton needle. Acupuncture

SECT. 8.-Terms relating to Electricity. Elec-

tricity, positive and negative.- Apparatus for

electrization,-different modes of electrifying.

Voltaic electricity. Electro-magnetism. Elec-

tro-puncture. Magnetism

Sect. 9.–Terms relating to Purging, &c. Stools

or Excrements,-purging ;-constipation,--to

purge,-to bind the bowels. Clysters. Sup-


SECT. 10.—Terms relating to Vomiting, Sweating,

Sneezing, 8c. Vomiting,--to promote it, to

suppress it ; infusion of emetics into the veins.

-Sweating, to promote it, to suppress it.-

Sneezing, to excite it.-Diuresis, to promote it.

-Catheters, to draw off the urine.-

Menses, to

promote them.-- Intestinal worms (and other

entozoa), to expel them.

Secr. 11.-Terms relating to Baths, Fomentations,

8c. Baths, different kinds of; ancient baths,

local baths. Affusion. Fomentation. Wash-

ing. Dry fumes. Aqueous vapours

Sect. 12.-Terms relating to Doses. Doses or por-

tions. Spoonfuls, cupfuls, glassfuls. Volume

of solid medicines. Different modes of ad.

ministering medicines

Sect. 13.- Terms relating to time. Months, weeks,

days, hours.--Immediately, occasionally, &c.

SECT. 14.-Terms relating to Parts of the Body.

Head, neck, body, chest, abdomen, extremi.

ties, &c..

SECT. 15.-Terms relating to the Symptoms of Dis-

eases. Cough, pain, watchfulness, tenesmus,

fever, spasm, hiccup, &c.

Sect. 16.-Terms relating to the Powers and Uses

of Remedies. To cure, to prevent relapses, to

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