Selecta è præscriptis, selections from physicians'prescriptions [by J. Pereira]. To which is added, a key


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Seite 120 - Si non valeat, if it does not answer. Si op. sit., Si opus sit, if there be occasion.
Seite i - PHYSICIAN'S PRESCRIPTION BOOK. Containing Lists of Terms, Phrases, Contractions, and Abbreviations used in Prescriptions, with Explanatory Notes, the Grammatical Constructions of Prescriptions, Rules for the Pronunciation of Pharmaceutical Terms, a Prosodiacal Vocabulary of the Names of Drugs, &c., and a Series of Abbreviated Prescriptions illustrating the use of the preceding terms, &c.
Seite 111 - DecubMs, of lying down. De d. in d. De die in diem, from day to day.
Seite 121 - T. 0. Tinctura opii, tincture of opium; generally confounded with laudanum, which is, properly, the wine of opium. TOC Tinctura opii camphorata, paregoric elixir.
Seite 108 - Coch. infant., Cochleare infantis, a child's spoonful. Coch. magn., Cochleare magnum, a large spoonful. Coch. med., Cochleare medium, Coch.
Seite 96 - When he, most fortunately for the science and for the popularity of his whole System of Nature, invented the present simple specific names, he called them nomina triviaiia, trivial, or for common use ; but that term is now superfluous.
Seite 130 - Partitives, and words placed partitively, comparatives, superlatives, interrogatives, and some numerals, govern the genitive plural ; as, AKquis phUoiophorum, Some one of the philosophers.
Seite 116 - Misce, mix; mcnsurii, by measure; manipulus, a handful; minimum, a minim. Mane pr. Mane primo, very early in the morning. Man. Manipulus, a handful.* Min. Minimum, the 60th part of a drachm measure. Minutum,} a minute. MP Mnisa pilularum, a pill mass.
Seite 120 - Sign. n. pr., signetur nomine proprio, let it be written upon, let it be signed with the proper name, (not the trade name.) Sing., singulorum, of each. SSS, stratum super stratum, layer upon layer.
Seite 124 - Uncia, an ounce Troy ; or, in liquids, the 16th part of a wine pint.

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