Cassell's book of sports and pastimes


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Seite 326 - ... for that player ; on either player winning his third stroke, the score is called 40 for that player ; and the fourth stroke won by either player is scored game for that player ; except as below : — If both players have won three strokes, the score is called deuce ; and the next stroke won by either player is scored advantage for that player.
Seite 493 - The disciples of Plato contributed not a little to the advancement of optics, by the important discovery they made, that light emits itself in straight lines, and that the angle of incidence is always equal to the angle of reflection. Plato terms colours " the effect of light transmitted from bodies, the small particles of which were adapted to the organ of sight" This seems precisely what sir Isaac Newton teaches in his " Optics,
Seite 776 - Here comes a candle to light you to bed, And here comes a chopper to chop off your head.
Seite 136 - In all match games, lines connecting the liome and first bases, and the home and third bases, and also the lines of the striker's and pitcher's positions, shall be marked by the use of chalk or other suitable material, so as to be distinctly seen by the umpire. The...
Seite 72 - To him who, poising, aims and aims again ; Another runs and sweeps where nothing lies. Success alternately, from side to side. Changes ; and quick the hours un-noted fly, Till light begins to fail, and deep below, The player, as he stoops to lift his coit, Sees, half incredulous, the rising moon. \ But now the final, the decisive spell Begins ; near and more near the sounding stones, Some winding in, some bearing straight along, Crowd justling all around the mark, while one, Just slightly touching,...
Seite 28 - When there shall be more than four players on a side there shall be no bounds. All hits, byes, and overthrows shall then be allowed. 9. The bowler is subject to the same laws as at double wicket.
Seite 325 - At the end of the first game the Striker-out shall become Server, and the Server shall become Striker-out ; and so on alternately in the subsequent games of the set.
Seite 27 - When there shall be less than five players on a side, neither byes nor overthrows shall be allowed, nor shall the Striker be caught out behind the wicket, nor stumped out.
Seite 410 - This simple instrument consists of an elastic steel tongue, riveted at one end to a frame of brass or iron, the form of which is represented in the annexed figure ; the free extremity of the tongue is bent outwards to a right angle, so as to allow the finger easily to strike it when the instrument is placed to the mouth, and firmly supported by the pressure of the parallel extremities of the frame against the teeth.
Seite 97 - On rescuing a person by diving to the bottom, the hair of the head should be seized by one hand only, and the other used in conjunction with the feet in raising yourself and the drowning person to the surface. 8. If in the sea, it may sometimes be a great error to try to get to land. If there be a strong

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