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The Busy-Body, No. 1 3

II 6


IV 13

V 20


Dialogue between Philocles and Horatio .... .36

A second dialogue 42

Public men 49

Self-denial not the essence of virtue 55

On the usefulness of the mathematics 58

On true happiness 63

On discoveries 65

The waste of life 69

The way to wealth 73

Necessary hints to those who would be rich .... 84

Advice to a young tradesman 85

The may to make money plenty in every man's pocket 88

New mode of lending money 89

An economical project 90

On early marriages 96

Effect of early impressions on the mind 98

The whistle 101

A petition to those who have the superintendency of

education 104

The handsome and deformed leg 105

Morals of chess 108

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The art of procuring pleasant dreams .113

Precautions to be used by those who are about to undertake a sea voyage 119

Dialogue between Franklin and the Gout . . • . . M9 A parable against persecution ......... 13C

On the death of relatives ...134

The ephemera an emblem of human life 1.15

Account of a whirlwind at Maryland 138

On the saltness of sea water 140

On the effect of air on the barometer, and the benefits

derived from the study of insects 142

On the art of swimming 145

On the same subject 150

On the free use of air 153

On the causes of colds . . . . • 154

Tendency of rivers to the sea.—Effects of the sun's

rays on cloths of different colours 155 On the magnetism and theory of the earth .... 160 Queries and conjectures relating to magnetism and the

theory of the earth 165

On the nature of sea coal 169

Effect of vegetation on noxious air 170

Observations on the prevailing doctrines of life and

death 171


T. Davison, Printer, Whitefriars.

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