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No. III.

Supplement to Cardinal Pole's Instructions for his

Messenger to the Queen.

See Appendix, Num. LXXV. pp. 921-935.

FOR the conclusyon of all thatt ys comprysed in your instruction, as that the whiche conteyneth the hole somme of my poore advise and counsell it pleasyth her grace to aske of me, yow shall saye that my moste humble desyer is that in all deliberation her grace shall make toucheing the mayntenaunce of her state, the same wyll euer well pondre and consydre what the providence of God hath showed therein, above that which hath bene showed in her predecessours kyngs of the realme in this one poynct, whiche is to have the crowne not onle as a kyngs dowghther and heyr, but hath ordered that this poyncte off ryght inherytaunce shall depend, as it doyth, of the authoritie he hath geven to his churche, and off the See of Rome, whiche is the See Apostolyk approveng her mother to be legittimate wyffe off Kyng Henrye the Eyght, wherebye she is bounde both afore god and man as she wyll showe her selffe the very doughther off the sayde Kyng Henrye the Eyght ryght heyr off the crowne, so also to showe her selffe ryght doughtier off the Church and of them that be the See Apostolyke, who be the ryght heirs to Peter, to whome and hys successours Christe chiefe hedd of the Church in heven and in earthe hath gyven in earth to bere hys place, toucheng the rule off the same churche, and to have the crowne thereoff. Which well consydered and pondered her grace shall sone see how in her person the prouydence of god hath ioyned the ryght she hath by her father in the realme, wyth the ryght of the church, thatt she can nott prevayle by the one, excepte she ioyne the other wythall, and they thatt wyll seperate thise twoo, take away not onlye halfe her ryght, but her hole ryght, beyng not so moch heyr because she ys kyng Henryes onlye doughtier wythout yssue male, as she ys his lawefull doughtier, which she hath by the authorytie off the Churche.

Which thing prudentlye and godlye considred she can nott but see what faithfull counsell this is, that above all acts that in this parlament shall be made, doth aduertyse her grace, to establesh that the wych parteyneth to the establesheng off the authoritie off the Churche and the See of the same, wyth rendreng to hym that is ryght successour to Peter therein his ryght tytle off hedde in the church in yearthe, wythout the which she can not be ryght hedde in the realme, and this estableshed, all controuersye is taken awaye, and who wyli repyne vnto this, he doth repine to her ryght off the crowne.

Wherefore this is my furst aduyse, that this poynote above all other shuld be entreated and enacted in the parlament, And so I knowe her graces full mynd was and is that it shuld be, but she fearith difficultyes, and hereapon dependeth that her grace asketh my poore aduyse how this difficultyes may be taken away.

Vnto this yow may saye, that they muste be taken away by the healpe off him that by his highe provydence above mannes expectation hath gyven her all redye the Crowne, which wyll have as well this second act knowen of the mayntenaunce thereof to depend off him, as the furst in atteyneng therto. And to have his healpe the meane is, by humble prayer, wherein I wold advertise her highnes not onlye to gyve her selff to prayer, but also by almes to the nede excitate the myndes off other to prayer, these be the meanes off moste effycacye, and wyth this to take that ardent

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mynde to stableshe the authoritie off the Church casteng away all feare off man, that she toke to have her crowne, and not so moche for her owne sake as for the honour off god, which gave her the crowne, And yf ony dyfficultye shuld be feared in the parlament herein, leve the honor to take

away the dyfficultie thereoff to none other, but assume that parson to her selffe, as most bound thereynto, and to propone yt her selffe, which I wold trust to be off that efficacye that yff inwardlye ony man wyll repugne, outwardlye the reasons be so evydent for this part that ioyned wyth the authoritie off her parson beyng proponent, none wyll be so hardye, temerariouse, nor impious, that wyll resyste. And if in this deliberation it shuld seme straunge to put furth thise matters in the parlement, as I have sayd in the instructions wythout comunicateng the same wyth ony off her cownsell, I wold thinke ytt well her grace myght conferre it wyth twayne off the chefest that be counted off the people moste nere her fauour, one spirituall and an nother temporall, wyth declareng to them, furst how touching her conscyence afore god, and her ryght afore the world she can neuer be quyett vn tyll this matter be stableshed touching the authorytie off the Churche, reqwyrеng their vttermost healpe in that as if she shuld fyght for the crowne, her majestye may be suer the putteng the same furth wyth that erneste maner, they wyll not lacke to serve her, and thei may serve greatlye in the parlament after her grace hath spoken, to prosecute and justyfye the same wyth efficacye off wordes to gyve all other example to follow, her grace leaveng this part vnto them, that if the nanie off obedyence to the Pope shuld seme to bryng as it were a yoke to the realme or ony other kynde of seruytute, besyde that it shuld be profytable to the realme both afore god and man, that her grace that bryngeth it in again wyll neuer suffir it, nor the Pope himselfe reqwyreth no such thing, and herein also yf they saye that my person beyng the meane to bryng it in wold neuer agree to be an instrument thereoff, if I thought ony thraldome shuld com therbye, thei shall neuer be deceyued off me. And yff thei wold say besyde I wold neuer haue taken this enterpryce apon me except I thought by the same to bryng greate comfert to the countreye, wherein
the Popes authorytie beyng accepted I wold trust shuld be
so used that it myght be an example off comfort not onlye
to that countreye butt to all other that hath rejected it afore
and for that cawse hath bene euer syneth in great myserye.
This is the summe off all my poore aduyse at this tyme,
in this case, whereoff I besech almyghtie God so moche
may take effect as shall be to his honour, and welth to her
grace, and the hole realme besyde. Amen.


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