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PRINTED rom H. D. syMo NDs, No. 20, PATER Nost ER-Row ;
By wbon Communications (post-paid) are thankfully received.

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THE year on which we have entered will, we think, notwithstanding the eventful years already passed, prove of the most interesting importance to mankind. At such an epoch, perhaps the Readers of the UNIVERSAL MAGAZINE may enquire, What is to be expected, in return for the patronage with which this Literary Miscellasy has been hitherto favoured P

Comprehensive as its title, it is the wish of the Proprietors, that the UNIVERSAL MAGAZINE, amidst all the fluctuations of opinion and party, should open to the Public an inexhaustible source of amusement and information. Enough is always done, to irritate turbulence, flatter presumption, and gratify malevolence. It is to happier and nobler feelings that the appeal remains to be

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