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This volume contains the remainder of Cowper's posthumous Poems, and the Translation of Andreini's Adamo, the joint work of Cowper and Hayley at Eartham, when Johnny of Norfolk “acted as Secretary, and committed the composition to paper, as it proceeded from the lips of the two social translators.”

The version was made from one of the Milan editions, (1613. 1617.) There are great alterations in the later one of Perugia, (1640 ;) but if the translators had been aware of this when they commenced this work, they would still, says Hayley, have preferred the earlier copy, as best answering their “ main purpose of enabling the reader to judge how far it is probable that the imagination of Milton might have caught fire from the ideas of Andreini, since the translation exhibits those ideas just as they appeared in that copy of the Adamo which Milton must have read, if he read any, during his travels in Italy. For the edition of Perugia was not printed till several years after the return of our great poet to his own country.”

The translation was first published by Hayley in that edition of Milton's Poetical Works which contained his own life of the poet, with Cowper's translations of the Latin and Italian poems, and Cowper's annotations; and which he entitled Cowper's Milton. It was printed at Chichester, in four volumes crown octavo, 1810.

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