An Essay on the Investigation of the First Principles of Nature: Together with the Application Thereof to Solve the Phænomena of the Physical System ...


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Seite 32 - RULE II Therefore to the same natural effects we must, as far as possible, assign the same causes. As to respiration in a man and in a beast; the descent of stones in Europe and in America; the light of our culinary fire and of the sun; the reflection of light in the earth, and in the planets.
Seite 57 - And though this increase of density may at great distances be exceeding slow, yet if the elastic force of this medium be exceeding great it may suffice to impel bodies from the denser parts of the medium towards the rarer with all that power which we call gravity.
Seite 57 - Body endeavouring to go from the denser parts of the Medium towards the rarer ? For if this Medium be rarer within the Sun's Body than at its Surface, and rarer 'there than at the hundredth part of an Inch from its Body, and rarer there than at the fiftieth part of an Inch from its Body, and rarer there than at the Orb of Saturn ; I...
Seite 54 - I do not here consider. What I call attraction may be performed by impulse, or by some other means unknown to me. I use that Word here to signify only in general any Force by which Bodies tend towards one another, whatsoever be the Cause.
Seite 350 - A yet farther proof that the opacity of bodies arifes from this difcontinuation of their parts may be had, by confidering that opake fubftances become tranfparent, by filling their pores with any fubftance of an equal or nearly equal denfity with their parts. Thus, paper dipped in water or oil, the oculus mundi ftone fteeped in water, linen' . cloth oiled or varnifhed, and many other fubftances foaked in fuch liquors as will intimately pervade
Seite 344 - Light at one degree of obliquity fhould meet with Pores enough in the Air to tranfmit the greater part of it, and at another degree of obliquity...
Seite 367 - Paflage out of Glafs into Air be incident more obliquely than at an Angle of 40 or 41 Degrees, it is wholly reflected ; if lefs obliquely, it is in a great meafure tranfmltted.
Seite 122 - Strength, and keeping at a distance, so as sometimes to take up above a million of times more space than they did before in the form of a dense Body. Which vast Contraction and Expansion seems unintelligible; by feigning the Particles of Air to be springy and ramous, or rolled up like Hoops, or by any other means than a repulsive Power.
Seite 56 - Is not this Medium much rarer within the dense Bodies of the Sun, Stars, Planets, and Comets, than in the empty celestial spaces between them ? And in passing from them to great distances, doth it not grow denser and denser perpetually, and...
Seite 32 - ... 3. The qualities of natural bodies which cannot be increased or diminished, and agree to all bodies in which experiments can be made, are to be reckoned as the qualities of all bodies...

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