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Mr. K**N.

1. K. P. two sq.

Q. P. two sq. 3. K. B. to Q. 3rd. 4. Q. R. P. one sq. 5. K. P. one sq. 6: K. B. P. two sq. 7. K. kt. to his B. 3rd. 8. K. castles 9. Q. Kt. P. one sq. 10. Q. to K. 11. K, kt. takes P: 12. Q. B. to K. 3rd sq. 13. K. R. P. one sq. 14. Q. takes K. kt. 15. Q. kt. to Q. 2nd. 16. Q. to K. kt. 3rd 17. K. to R. 2nd sq.

Game Lost.


White. 1. K. P. one sq. 2. Q. B. P. one sq. 3. K. kt. P. one sq. 4.' Q, P. two sq. 5. Q. B. P. one sq. 6. Q. Kt. to B 3rd. 7. K. kt. to R. 3rd. 8. K. B. to K 2nd. 9. K. castles 10 Q. B. P. takes P. 11. K. B. to Q. B 4th. 12. K. kt. to its 5th sq. 13. K, kt. takes Q. B. 14. Q. to her kt. 3rd. 16. Kt. takes K. kt. 16. Kt. checks at K. 7th sq. 17. Kt, takes Q.

H. K. Causton, l'rinter, Birchin Lane.



In 8vo. Illustrated with Engravings. A TREATISE on PHYSICAL EDUCATION, specially adapted to young Ladies.

By A. M. BUREAUD-RIOFREY, M. D. "Si l'on veut perfectionner l'espèce humaine c'est dans la medecine qu'il faut en

chercher les moyens."

Embellished with a beautiful Engraving, price 1s. 6d. neatly boued The Lord's Prayer and Ten Commandments,


for the Use of Young Persons.
“Remember now thy Creator in the Days of thy Youth.”-

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In 8vo. 10s. 6d cloth.

GOVERNESSES.-By MADAME BUREAOD RIOFREY. Beaucoup de parens croient avoir élevé leurs enfans quand ils ont payé

des maitres." ** This work which has created so much notice in the great world, by its fearless castigation of the foibles of fashion has been most favorably spoken of by all Reviewers without exception.

Price 3s. 6d. cloth.

Plain Instructions for their expeditious acquirement, on a new easy

and comprehensive plan.
By ROBERT SHORTER, Short-Hand Writer.

Tria juncta in uno. A Work of real utility, intended not only for the use of Public Schools and Private Families, but by the study of which every one, whether connected with Commerce, Law, Literature, Physic or Divinity, may be greatly benefited.

The WEYMOUTH and MELCOMBE REGIS NEW GUIDE, embracing Antiquarian, Historical, and Geological Notices, embellished with an elegant engraving on Steel, and a Map of the surrounding country.

Price 2s. 6d.

The Self Instructing Chess-Board.

This elegantly designed Chess-Board is arranged upon a plan equally simple and unique. As a Companion to the • Accomplished Chess Player,' it will be found indispensable; and united, they at once simplify to the ready comprehension of all, especially the junior classes of society, the extensive tatics of this superior game, hitherto considered too abtruse for general amusement, and thus rendering it an elegant and instructive pastime.

Price One Shilling on a Sheet.

Cribbage made easy; a general and ininute account of the Chances and Rules of this useful and interesting Game: illustrated by examples in Five and Six Card and Four handed Games, and copious explanations on every point of the play; also the Short Game, a description of play omitted by Hoyle. Price One Shilling.

Ecarte. The Rules and Laws of this elegant and fashionable Game, as played by the Recherché of Paris and London.

Price Sixpence.

The fashionable Whist Player, explaining the Modern Game of Whist, as played in the Clubs and most select Societies, embracing the established Maxims of the most experienced Players, with Rules for Betting, &c. Price Is.

An Original and Enlarged Treatise with illustrative Games,

Price 1s. 6d.

Shortly. The PRINCIPLE OF CHANCES AND THEORY OF PROBABILITIES, embracing the SCIENCE OF GAMES OF HAZARD, and equally applicable to every circumstance in Life where uncertainty prevails; with an Essay on Antient and Modern Gambling, and a few words on the Insanity of Play.

Le jeu est le fils de l'avarice, et le père du désespoir.”


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