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The most difficult Checkmates are a Knight and Bishop, or two Bishops, against a King; a Rook and Bishop against a Rook ; and a Queen against a Bishop and Knight.

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White-K. at K. B. 7th sq.-P. at K. kt. 7th sq.
Black-K. at K. R. sq.-P. at K. R. 2nd sq.

BISHOP AND ROOK AGAINST Rook. White-K. at K. kt. 6th-R. at K. 6th-B. at K. kt. 5th sq. Black-K. at K. kt. sq.-R. at K. B. 2nd sq.

MATE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BOARD. White-K. at its sq.-Q. at K. 4th'sq.-P. at Q. 3rd sq. Black-K. at K. 4th-Q. at K. B. 3rd sq.-P. at Q. 3rd sq.


Situation of the Pieces. White.-K. on Q. kt. square-Q. on her B. 3rd, - Q. R. P.

at its square. Q. K. P. at its sq.-Q. B. P. at its sq.m Kt. on Q. kt. 5th

square. Black.-K. on his R. squ.-Q. R. at its squ.-K. R. on K. Kt.

3rd squ.-K. R. P. at its squ.-K. kt. P. at its squ.

White to move.

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White. 9. Kt, to Q. B. 5th. 10, K. B. to B. 7th sq. 11. Kt. to Q. Kt. 7th sq.

Black. 9. K. to Q. B. sq. 10. K. to Q. sq. 11. K. to Q. B. sq. 12. K. to Kt. sq. 13. K. to B. sq. 14. K. to Kt. sq. 15. K. to R. sq. 16

K. to Kt. sg.

checking 12. K. to Q. B. 6th sq. 13. K. to Kt. 6th sq. 14. B. checks 15. Kt, to Q. B. 5th sq. 16. B. to Q. 7th sq. 17. Kt. gives check 18. B. gives checkmate.


i White.

5. K. to K. 6th

sq. 6. K. to Q. 7th sq. 7. B. to Q. 3rd sq. 8. B. to Q. Kt. 5th sq. 9. Kt. to K. 5th sq. 10. Kt. to Q. B. 4th sq. 11. K to Q. 6th sq.

Black 4. K. to Q. sq. 5. K. to B. 2nd sq. 6. K. to Q. B. 3rd sq. 7. K. to Q. B. 2nd sq. 8. K. to Q. sq. 9. K. to B. 2nd sq. 10. K, to Q sq. 11. K. to Q. B. sq.

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