Historical and Biographical Works: Memorials of Thomas Cranmer. 1840

Clarendon Press, 1840

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Seite 207 - And like unto him was there no king before him, that turned to the LORD with all his heart, and with all his soul, and with all his might, according to all the law of Moses; neither after him arose there any like him.
Seite 91 - Reformation, but generally all England over, among all the vulgar and common people ; and with what greediness God's word was read, and what resort to places where the reading of it was. Every body that could bought the book, or busily read it, or got others to read it to them, if they could not themselves ; and divers more elderly people learned to read on purpose. And even little boys flocked among the rest to hear portions of the Holy Scripture read.
Seite 127 - That he thought it not indif" ferent so to order the matter : for," said he, " poor men's "children are many times endued with more singular gifts " of nature, which are also the gifts of God, as with eloquence, " memory, apt pronunciation, sobriety, and such like ; and " also commonly more apt to apply their study, than is the " gentleman's son delicately educated.
Seite 169 - O my chaplain, now I know who is the greatest heretic in Kent," communicated to him these matters, shewing him the book of articles against him and his chaplains, and bad him peruse it.
Seite 3 - After this he gave his mind to good writers, both new and old ; not rashly running over them, for he was a slow reader, but a diligent marker of whatsoever he read, seldom reading without pen in hand.
Seite 82 - I commend me unto your lordship. And whereas I understand that your lordship, at my request, hath not only exhibited the bible which I sent unto you, to the king's majesty, but also hath obtained of his grace that the same shall be allowed by his authority to be bought and read within this realm...
Seite 227 - This is My Body;' and of the Cup He saith, 'This is My Blood.' Wherefore we ought to believe that in the Sacrament we receive truly the Body and Blood of Christ.
Seite 206 - Your Majesty is God's vicegerent and Christ's vicar within your own dominions, and to see, with your predecessor Josiah, God truly worshipped, and idolatry destroyed, the tyranny of the Bishops of Rome banished from your subjects, and images removed.
Seite 83 - Christ saith in the gospel, that whosoever shrinketh from him and his word, and is abashed to profess and set it forth before men in this world, he will refuse him at that day; and contrary, whosoever constantly doth profess him and his word, and studieth to set that forward in this world, Christ will declare the same at the last day, before his Father, and all his angels, and take upon him the defence of those men.
Seite 363 - MOST Reverend Father in God, we present unto you this godly and well-learned man to be Ordained and Consecrated Bishop.

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