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History of MoKcitti County.

RAL History.—Bouiularyand Area—Land
Cessions and Purchases—Population—As-
sessment Statistics—General Description-
Topography—Creek Nomenclature —Vege-
tation—Lumber Manufacture—Game and
Fish—Fossils—Coal Mines—Gas Wells 53-58

CHAPTER II.—Oil Fields.—Early Discov-

eries of Oil—Coal Oil Mills and Oil Wells
Oil Companies—Wells of the Pioneer Period
—The Bradford Oil Field-"Shut In" by
Producers—Pipe Lines and Companies-
Well Drilling, Past and Present—(Ml Scouts
—Well Torpedoes -Miscellaneous 58-94

CHAPTER III.—Pioneers and Pioneer
Days.—Prehistoric Remains—Indians In-
dian I-and Purchases—Sale of Lands Early
Surveys and Settlements—Early Tax-payers
—Underground Railroad—Hunting—Storms
and Floods—First Court-house—First Ball
—Early Wedding — Early Incidents and
Reminiscences—County Centennial Celebra-
tion 95-105,

CHAPTER IV.—Transactions Of The

COUNTY — Organization

of the County—Holland Land Company's
Lands- John Heating's Liberality—Mneth-
port, the County Town—County Administra-
tion—County Buildings — Public Roads
Bridges—Poor Farm Mortgages—Forfeit-
ed Lands 105-112

CHAPTER V.—Courts And Bail—First

Courts—Character of the Early Bench and

Bar. with Dates of Admission of Members

Prior to 1878—Celebrated Causes—Judges

and Associate Judges—Prominent Attor-

neys. Prothonotaries, etc.—Attorneys Ad-

mitted to the McKean County Bar since May,

1878. Term—Orlo J. Hamlin—John W. Howe . 112-118

CHAPTER VI.-- Political Affairs.—In-
troductory—Orlo J. Hamlin—Elections for
Governor, 1835—Elections from 1840 to IWI
—General Elections. 18S4 to issa--Prohibit-
ory Amendment Vote. lssa 121-128

CHAPTER VII. —Military History.—
Forty-second Regiment (Bucktails)—Col.
Kane—Fifty-eighth Regiment, P. V. I.—
Eighty-third Regiment. P. V. I.—One Hun-
dred and Fiftieth Regiment, P. V. I.—One
Hundred and Seventy-second Regiment, P.
V. I.—Two Hundred and Eleventh Regi-

ment, P. V. I.—Miscellaneous 128-144

Addendum.—List of soldiers buried in
the vicinity of Bradford 569-570

CHAPTER VIII.—Newspapers—Schools
Physicians. — AViwpapero — Introduc-
tory—Journals and Journalists—Bradford
Newspapers—Bradford Press Club—Miscel-
laneous Journals. .School*—Grant of Land
and Money by John Keating—First Schools-
Primitive Eleemosynary institution—Early
School at Smethport — Education Law —
School Commissioners and Delegates-
School Tax—Statistical Report for lsss.
Jfwlico!—Physicians. Past and Present--
Early Practitioners—Indian Doctors—Re-
markable Cure—Itinerant Disciples of /Es-
culaplus—McKean County Medical Associa-
tion—List of Medical Men Who Have Regis-

tered In McKean County since 1881 144-154

CHAPTER IX.—Railroads.-The Kinzua
Viaduct—The Warren Railroad Convention
—Sunbury & Erie R. R.—Buffalo. Bradford
& Pittsburgh R. R.—The Turkey Path-Sale
of the Western New York & Pennsylvania
R. R.- Olean. Bradford & Warren It. R.-

Bradford & Foster Brook R. R.—The " Peg

Leg" Line—Bradford, Bordell & Kinzua

R. R.—Bradford. DeGolier & Smethport R.

R.—Pittsburgh. Bradford & Buffalo Ry., and

Big Level & Bradford R. R.-Big Level &

Kinzua R. R.—Bradford R. R. and Kinzua

R. R.-Bradford & State Line R. R. Co-

Buffalo Division of Rochester & Pittsburgh
R. R. Co.- -Miscellaneous 155-161

CHAPTER X.—Bradford Township And
City Of Bradford.—Bradford 7'oien*Jup.
—General Description—Census Statistics—
Early Settlers — Land Warrants and Com-
panies—Early Schools and Churches—Some


First Things—Bradford Villain In 1875—

Township Officers Elected in Ism—Villages.

City of Bradford—Pioneers—Origin of the

Town —Oil Boom, etc.—Fires—Municipal

Affairs — Light and Heat Companies —

Banks, Etc.—Oil Exchanges—Post-office-
Hotels—Schools—Churehcs—Cemeteries —
Hospital — Societies, etc. — Manufacturing
and Other Industries—Conclusion 162-214

CHAPTER XI.—Foster Township—Bor-
Ough Of Kendall—ColtvDon Town-
Ship.—Foster Township— Formation—Cen-
sus—Fires—Township Officers Elected in
1890—Villages. Borough of KctuIatt—iAeii-
tion—Population—Business—Peg-Leg Line
—Incidents—Fires, etc. —Elections—Schools
—Churches—Cemetery—Societies. Con/don
Township—Topograpny, etc.—Population-
Seated Tax-payers, 1836-37—Early Mills-
Township Officers Elected in 1890 214-225


Ceres Township. A nnin Township

Topography and Natural History—Popula-

tion—Officers of the Township, 1890—Turtle

Point—Newell Creek—Churches and Ceme-

tery. Ceres Township — Topography — Oil

Wells — Population—Officers of Township,

1890—First Justice of the Peace—Early Set-

tlers—Resident Tax-payers, 1836-37—Re-

survey of the Northern State Line. Ceres

Village—First Arrivals—Post-office — Mer-


roads—Industries 225-230

CHAPTER XIII.—Eldred Township—

Borough Ok Eldred.—Eldred Township

—Topography—Oil Wells—Population—Offi-

cers of the Township, 1890—First Settle-

ments—Resident Tax-payers, 1843-14—First

Slilngle-mill — Villages, etc. Borough of

Eldred—Origin of Name—Early History-

Growth of the Town—Incorporation—First

Council — Officers Chosen in 1890—Hurri-

canes, Fires, etc.—Fire Company—Schools

and churches — Societies — Hanks—Water-

works—(las Company—Industries—Miscel-

laneous 231-244

CHAPTER XIV.—Hamilton Township—

Hamlin Township.—Hamilton Township

—Topography—Geology—Population— Resi-

dent Tax-payers, 1836-37—Officers Elected in

1889—Villages. Hamlin Townshiit—Boun-

dary— Topography—Oil Wells—Discovery of

Limestone—Forests— Population- Resident

Tax-payers, 1847-18—MoimtJewett—Its Rise

and Growth— Natural Gas — Industries —

Post-office—Churches and Cemetery—Soci-

ety—Kinzua Bridge—Oil Companies 244-251

CHAPTER XVI.—Lafayette Township.—

Topography - Minerals — Oil Wells — Coal
Mines and Companies- Population—Elec-
tion In February, 1890— Resident Tax-pay-
ers, 184:144—State Road—Stores—Disasters
and Fires—Miscellaneous 276-281


CHAPTER XVII.—Liiikuty Township—

BOROUGH Of Port Allegany.—Utterly

Township — Topography — Geology — Coal

Measures and Mines—Oil Well-Early Set-

tlers, etc.—Resident Tax-payers, 1836-37—

Early Stores—Population—Officers Elected
in r ebruary, 1890 — Churches — Cemetery
—Fires. Borough of Port Allegany—Intro-
ductory—Canoe Place—Pioneers, etc.—Pop-
ulation—Fires and Floods-Municipal Mat-
ters —Industries—Hanks—Cemetery Asso-
ciation—Hotels—Churches— labile Schools
—Societies, Associations, etc 281-295

CHAPTER XVIII.—Norwich Township.—'
Topography, etc.—Geology—Coal Mines-
Oil Wells-'Population—officers for 1890-
Assessment, 1837—Early Settlers—The Old
Norwich Church—The Old Norwich Ceme-
tery Association—Stores in 1847—Mineral
Wells — Timber Lands and Saw-mills—
Ncwerf 296-301

CHAPTER XIX.—Otto Township.—Otto

Township — Topography—Population—< >ffi-

eers Elected in 1890— Resident Tax-payers,

1854-55— Arthur Prentiss' Account—Some

Earlv Settlers-Storms and Fires—Church

—Society at Rixford—Miscellaneous. Duke

Centre—Some First Things—The Place in

1879 — Postmasters — Population — Charter

Election, 1881 — Gas Company — Bank —

Churches—Societies 301-306

CHAPTER XX.—Sergeant Township.—

Topography, etc.—Coal Measures—Oil Wells

—Population—The Cooper Lands—Town of

Instanter—The Place in 1810-13-17—Assess-

ment of Sergeant Township for 1836-37—

Villages. Clermont—Some First Things—

Fire—Gas Wells—Cemetery Association-
Societies 306-312


Borough Of Kane.Wetmore Township

General Topography — Oil Wells and

Lands—Lumber Company—Oil Fields and

Enterprises — Population—Officers Elected
in 1890—Gen. Kane—The Seneca Hunters-

Forest Fires—Town of Jo-Jo—Large Sale

of Oil Interests. Borough of Kane—Ori-
gin of Name—Col. Kane and David Cornelius

— Population — The Place In 1869-74—Elec-

tion—Schools—The Hoard of Trade—Nat-

ural Gas Companies — Water Company—

Bank and Industries—Hotels—Churches-

Societies—Miscellaneous 313-320

CHAPTER XXII. Biographical

Sketch Es.—Bradford Township and City of

Bradford 327-113


Sketches.—Keating Township and Bor-

ough of Smethport 413-465


Sketches.—Foster Township and Borough

of Kendall 465-184


Sketch F,s.—Eldred Township and Borough
of Eldred—Otto Township 484-515

CHAITER XXVI. — Biographical

Sketches.—Liberty Township and Bor-
ough of Port Allegany—Annln and Ceres

Townships 615-535


Sketches.—Norwich, Hamlin, Lafayette

and Sergeant Townships 536-554

Sketches.—Wetmore Township and Bor-
ough of Kane — Corydon and Hamilton
Townships 554-.W

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CHAPTER IV.—courts And Bab.—First
Omi t Held in Forest County, 1857—Proceed-
ings from IST»7 to 1860—First Court Held lit
Tionesta. 1807—Admissions to the liar from
1857 to 1889—Forest Bar Association—Im-
portant Civil and Criminal Cases—Despera-

CHAPTER V.—Political History.—Es-

tablishment of the Little Original County of

Forest—The Joint Resolution—Judicial and

Administrative Government up to 189'—

Birth of the Greater Forest Countv, ISM.—

List of Representatives from lsoo £o lsuti—

otlieers of Venango County Prior to lsfiG—

Elections from la"*; to 1888 — Prohibitory and

Suffrage Amendments, June, lsxti—Repub-

lican Candidates Selected, July. 1S89—Dem-

ocratic Nominations, July, 1883—Elections

in 1889 867-874

CHAPTER VI.—Military History.—Sol-

diers of the Revolution, War of 1812 and

Mexican War—Forest County In the Civil

War—First Company Organized—Eighty-

third Regiment. P. V. I— Thirty-ninth. P.

V. I. — Fortieth, P. V. I.—One Hundred

and Fiftieth. P. V. I.—One Hundred and

Third. P. V. I.—One Hundred and Fifth. P.

V. I.—Soldiers' Graves in Forest County-

Miscellaneous 874-878

CHAITER VII. — Journalism—Physi-

Cians.— Journalism—The Forest Press—

The Forest < 'ounty Bee—The Forest Repub-

lican—The Fagundas City Press—The Com-

monwealth—The Democratic Vindicator—

The National Democrat. Phi/sirians—Pio-

neer Doctors—List of Physicians Who Have

Registered Under the Act of 1881 879-882

CHAPTER VIII.—Railroads.—Meeting in

18(17— Lamentation Railroad—Pennsylvania

Petroleum Railroad Company—Foxourg &

St. Petersburg Railroad Company —Fox-

burg. Kane & Bradford Railroad Company

—Tionesta Valley Railroad Company-

Pittsburgh, Bradford & Buffalo Narrow




ship— General Topography—An Unfathom-

able Pit—Population—The Township's His-

toric Beginnings—Officers Elected in 1889.


Bnmuuh of Tiow*i--General Description
—Ice Floods, etc.—Deed to Sliolass Range—
First Settlers — Business, etc. — Improve-
ments— Municipal Matters—Banks—Natu-
ral (las—Hotels—Manufacturers—Postmas-
ters— Educational —Churches—Societies—
Miscellaneous 886-900

CHAITER X.—Barn-kit And Green

Townships.—Darnett Township—(leneral

Description — Population — Officers Elected

in February, 1890—Owners of Personal
Property in 1852, and Value of Unseated

Lands —The Pioneers — Villages, tlreen

Township—Topography—Coal Beds—Popu-

lation—Elections in February, 1890—Vil-

lages 901-904

CHAITER XI.—Harmony And Hickory

Townships. - Harmony yin/in/n'i) — To-

pography—Minerals—Oil Wells—Elections

in February, 1890 — Population - Villages.
Hiekorn Townsliip—Streams—Elevations-

Population—Elections in February, 1890—

Industries, etc.—Fire—United States Sale

of Land—Miscellaneous 005-907


Streams — Minerals — Population — (Iffleers

Elected In F'ebruary, 1X90—Assessments—

Lumber Manufacture In I8»i7—Villages-

Post-offices—F'ires. etc 908-911

CHAPTER XIII.—Jknks Township.—

Streams — Minerals — Population — Officers

Elected In F'ebruary. 1890—First Assessment

Roll—The Township in 1882—Daniel Har-

rington's Description—Miscellaneous. Mar-

Umvuic—First Settlement—Additions and

Improvements—The Village in 18S4-85-S6—

Schools, Churches, Societies, etc '.111-918

CHAITER XIV.—Kingsley Township.—

Streams—Population—Officers Elected in

February. 1890—The History of the Town-

ship— Lumber Companies and Mills—Mi-

lages, Post-office, Incidents, etc 818-920

CH A ITER X V.—Biographical Sketches.

—tionesta Township And Borough

Ok Tionesta—Hickory And Harmony

Townships 920-950

CHAITER XVI.—Biographical Sketch-

Es.—Jenks. Barnett, Howe. Kingsley

And Green Townships 951 970


Blood. Cyrus 847 I Dale, J. G 883

Dale, John A 829 I Davis, E. L 865

Af laaellaneous.

Outline map of McKcan. Potter, Cameron, Elk. Forest and Warren Counties 14 and 15

Table showing the vote of Governors of Pennsylvania since the organization of the State 47

Map showing the various purchases from the Indians 48

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