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men in clearing his lands, and did much toward the growth and prosperity of the county. Mr. and Mrs. Blood wore prominent members of the Presbyterian Church. He died in 1860; his widow in 1868. Fivechildren were born to their union, named as follows: Marieu F. (now Mrs. J. D. Hunt, of Marieuville), Kennedy L. (of Brookville, Penn.), Louisa M. (deceased wife of Dr. R. S. Hunt, of Brookville). Clarine L. (now Mrs. S. F. Rohrer, of Marienville), and Parker P. (of Brookville).

J. D. Hnut (deceased) was born in West Hartford, Vt., July 3, 1811. He received a common school education, and in 1833 came to Marienville. engaging as a laborer with Cyrus Blood. In 1843 he married the eldest daughter of Mr. Blood, Miss Marion F., by whom he had two children: Clara B. (wife of Dr. S. S. Towler, of Marieuville) and Cyrus F. (also of Marienville. Mr Hunt erected and operated a saw- and grist-mill in connection with his farm. He was a member of" the Democratic party, and served the county in the legislature in 1807. He also filled the office of county treasurer, and various other important offices. He was an elder in the Presbyteriau Church, and helped to build the church at Marieuville. He died in September, 1887. His widow still resides on the homestead in Marienville, which town was named in honor of her by her father.

J. W. COLE, farmer, P. 0. Marionville. was born in Kingsley township, Forest Co., Penn., May 6, 1846, a son of Daniel and Lucinda (Green) Cole, natives of Venango county, Penn., and the former a farmer and lumber dealer by occupation. They were prominent members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. The mother died in 1867, and the father in 1880. They reared six children, five of whom are living: J. W.; Nelson, in Nebraska, Forest Co., Penn.; Clinton, in Indiana; Elizabeth, wife of Isaac Lennox, in McKean county, Penn., and Sarah, wife of William Whitney, in Erie county, Penn. J. W. Cole received an ordinary education, and has been principally engaged in lumbering in Kingsley, Tionesta and Jeuks townships, Forest county. In 1873 he married Miss Ruth A., daughter of Noah K. Burton, of Jenks township, and they have four children: Florence A., William N., Maud E. and Jessie May. Mr. Cole is a member of the Democratic party; has served five years as justice of the peace, and twelve years as school director; has also been supervisor, trustee and commissioner. He is a member of Jenks Lodge, No. 250, I. O. O. F.

JOHN DODGE, farmer, P. 0. Marionville, son of Tyler and Esther (Graves) Dodge, was born in Canada in 1823, and soon after moved with his parents to Ohio, where he was reared and received a common school education. He began life as a laborer on the Erie canal, where he worked for three years, and then carried on farming in Erie county, Penn., for two years. In 184.") he came to Forest county, where he worked for Col. Cyrus Blood for some years; then engaged in boat building at Clarington, and finally, in 186!1, settled on his present farm in Jenks township. He married, in 1856, Miss Louisa, daughter of Jacob Mercelliott, of Jenks township, and they have two children: Warren, in Williumsport, Penn., and Emma, at home. Mr. Dodge participated in the Civil war, enlisting in 1864 in the Forty-eighth Pennsylvania Volunteers, and served until the close of the struggle. He is a Democrat in politics, and a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

RUFUS DODGE, farmer, P. O., Marionville, was born in Ohio, November 20, 1825, a son of Tyler and Esther (Graves) Dodge, farmers by occupation, who settled in Ohio from Canada. Mr. Dodge, at an early age, was bound out to a farmer in Crawford county, Penn., where he was reared, and obtained but a limited education. After his release, he engaged in lumbering, at Clarington and Tionesta, working as a day laborer, for a number of years. He married, in 1856, Miss M iry J. Mercelliott, daughter of Jacob Mercelliott. of Jenks township, and settled on his present farm, which he has cleared and improved. For twenty-two years he carried the mails from Marienville to Sheffield and Brookville. Mr. and Mrs. Dodge are the parents of six children: John M., Annie (widow of Albert Healy), Warren M., Francis, Edgar F. and Florence May. Mr. Dodge is a member of the Democratic party, and has filled various township offices.

REV. J. M. EDWARDS, pastor of the Marienville Methodist Episcopal Church, was born in Butler county, Penn., June 30, 1844, and is a sou of James and Elizabeth (Milliken) Edwards, natives of England and Ireland, respectively. The father came to America about 1820, and superintended the building of iron rolling mills for the governors of Virginia and Maryland, and he continued to work at that business for about twenty years. He was educated for the Episcopal ministry, but was never ordained, and finally united with the Methodist Episcopal Church. After marriage, he settled in Butler county, Penn., where he carried on farming until his death, which occurred April 23, 1888; his widow now resides with the subject of this sketch. Their family consisted of three children: Richard and Simon, residing in Butler county. Penn., and J. M. The subject of this writing attended the township schools and Clarion Seminary, finishing his education in private schools. After this he acted as principal of Carrier Seminary, at Clarion, for five years, and was ordained in 1876. He has held charges in Mercer, Clarion and Forest counties, having located at Marienville in 1886. Mr. Edwards is also engaged in manufacturing lumber, having two mills in Jenks township. He was united in marriage, in 1870, with Miss Margaret, daughter of William Martin, of Clarion county, Penn., and they have eight children: Mary, Sadie, John M., Martin, Vincent, Ethel, Grace and Robert. Mr. Edwards was formerly a Democrat, but of late years has been an active member of the Prohibition party.

CHARLES D. ELDRIDGE, farmer, P. 0. Marionville, son of David S. and Emeline (Donehower) Eldridge, was born in Philadelphia, Penn., April 30. 1844, and came to Forest county with his parents, in 1849, locating on his present farm in Jenks township. James Eldridge, the grandfather of Charles D., also settled on this farm at the same time. Four children were born to David S. and Emeline Eldridge: Charles D. and George D. (in Jenks township), Marien (wife of Judson Parsons, in Jenks township), and Zebiah L. (wife of William Cunningham, in Howe township). The father died in 1886, • and the mother in 1857. Charles D. Eldridge has lived on his present farm since five years of age, and has done much toward clearing and improving the same. He is identified with the Democratic party, and has filled the office of township auditor.

JOHN F. GAUL, farmer, P. O. Marionville, was born in Philadelphia, Penn., March 12. 1820, and is a son of John F. and Catherine M. (Mayhew) Gaul. His paternal grandfather, also named John F. Gaul, was born in Germany, July 4, 1760, and came to America with his parents in 1768. He was a soldier in the Revolutionary war. His maternal grandfather, Samuel Mayhew, was born in New Jersey, July 4, 1760, and also participated in the same war. His father was in the war of 1812, serving as a private in Capt. Hoffman's company, Pennsylvania Rifle Rangers, and his uncle, Christian Gaul, was third lieutenant in the same company and in the same war. John F. Gaul (our -ubject) was reared in Philadelphia, and after completing his education, served an apprenticeship as a brass founder, afterward engaging in that business in Philadelphia, which he conducted for seven years. June 20, 1855, he came to Forest county and purchased his present farm, in Jenks township, which was then a virgin forest. He was united in marriage, in 1846, with Miss Harriet, daughter of Daniel Dixon, of New Jersey. She died in 1852, leaving two children: Catherine E. (widow of J. Douglas Lawrence, of Philadelphia) and John F. (in Mexico). Mr. Gaul was afterward married, in 1857. to Miss Deborah, daughter of James Eldridge. and by her had two children, one deceased, and James E., living on the home farm, married to Edith, daughter of James A. Scott, of Jenks township, and has one child, James Clinton. John F. Gaul is a member of the Democratic party, with prohibition proclivities. He raised a company in Philadelphia, and joined the Fourth Pennsylvania Reserves, serving as lieutenant-colonel, under Gov. Carlin, and resigned in 18(5'2. He was commissioner of Forest county from 18(53 to 1870; justice of the peace five years, and school director twelve years. He is a member of Jenks Lodge, No. 250, I. O. O. F., and of the Lutheran Church.

CECIL GROSS, dealer in cherry lumber and logs, also hemlock timber and bark, Marienville, was born in Chautauqua county, N. Y., February 7, 1852. and is a son of G. W. and Rebecca M. (Hurlbnrt) Gross, of Chautauqua and Onondaga counties, N. Y., respectively. Cecil Gross received the advantage of an ordinary education, and for a number of years engaged in butchering in Erie and Venango counties, Penn. In 1884 he located on the Watson farm in Forest county, and thence moved to Marienville, where he carries on his present business. October 12, 1873, he was united in marriage with Miss Linnie E., daughter of Joseph Hall, of Crawford county, Penn. She died in 1882, leaving two children: St. Elmo and Ivan; and Mr. Gross afterward married, in 1887, Miss Lina E., daughter of Robert Morrison. Mrs. Gross is a member of the United Presbyterian Church of Jefferson county. Mr. Gross, in politics, casts his suffrage with the Republican party.

H. H. HENSIL, manufacturer of lumber, lath and shingles, Marienville, was born in Wheeling, W. Va.. October 19, 1855. His father, Henry Hensil, a shoemaker by trade, and who was a native of Germany, moved to Allegheny City, Penn., where H. H. Hensil was educated in the public schools. Our subject learned the sawyer's trade, and in 1877 moved to Jefferson county, engaging in the manufacture of lumber, and in 1884 came to Jenks township. Forest county, where he now manufactures 16,000 feet daily. In 1882 he married Miss Nancy J. Stine, daughter of Mrs. Sarah A. Stine, of Jefferson county, and she died March 6, 1888, aged twenty-seven years, ten months and seventeen days, leaving four children: Edward Miles, Annie Bell, Ella May and Lulu Josephine. Mr. Hensil in politics is a Democrat, and is now serving as commissioner of Jenks township. He is a member of the Patriotic Order Sons of America.

Z. S. HIMES, butcher, Marienville, was born in Clarion county, Penn., August 20, 1839, a son of Joseph and Abigail Ann (Space) Himes, natives of that county. They were farmers by occupation, and still reside on the homestead. They are prominent members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Z. S. Hines was educated in the township schools, and engaged in farming until 1877, when he moved to Shippensville, Clarion Co., Penn., where he kept a hotel for two years. He was elected justice of the peace, which office he held four years. In 1882 he came to Marienville and established his present business, also erecting, in September, 1888, the Forest House, of which he has since been proprietor. December 8, 1869, he married Miss Nancy J. Reimer, of Clarion county, and they have three children: A. E. (in partnership with his father), Abigail (wife of Harvey Stanley, in Tylersburg, Penn.) and May (at home). Politically Mr. Himes is a Republican; has filled the office of township commissioner, and is now school director. He is a member of the P. O. S. of A., and has been identified with the Methodist Episcopal Church for thirty six years, twenty-two of which he was class leader.

C. F. HUNT, merchant, Marienville, a son of John D. and Marien F. (Blood) Hunt, was born in Jenks township, Forest Co., Penn., September 22, 1852. He received his education in the township schools, and was graduated from Duff's Commercial College, at Pittsburgh. Learning telegraphy. Mr. Hunt worked for the United Pipe Line Company as operator for eight years, and in December, 1887, he established his present general store at Miirienville. August 1, 1880, he married Miss Belle L., daughter of Samuel H. Collom, of Philadelphia, Penn., and they have two children: Leigh F. and Earle B. Mr. Hunt is identified with the Democratic party; is a member of the Patriotic Order Sons of America, the Sons of Temperance and the Equitable Aid Union. Mr. and Mrs. Hunt are members of the Presbyterian Church, of which he is a trustee.

J. W. KAHLE, Jr., of the firm of Kahle Bros. & Co., Marienville, was born in Clarion county, Penn., March 31, 1858, a son of J. W. and Ann (Cheers) Kahle. His father, who was a prominent man in Huntingdon county, Penn., finally settled in Clarion county, where he took an active part in Democratic politics, representing the county in the legislature in 1878 and 1879. J. W. Kahle, Jr., is the sixth in a family of eight living children, and received a good education, finishing in Allegheny College. Meadville, Penn., after which he engaged in oil producing in Venango and Warren counties, in company with his brothers, D. P. and J. C. The firm began operations in Marienville in January, 1888, and were successful in finding a good gas well. They immediately organized a plant, and have since supplied the town with gas. Mr. Kahle married in 1885, Miss Sadie Henry, of Clarion county, and they have two children: Wayne and Caribel. Mr. Kahle is a member of the Sons of Temperance, and of the Evangelical Church; he is a Democrat in politics.

CHARLES S. LEECH, lumber manufacturer and merchant, Marienville, was born in Clarion county, Penn., March 20, 1857, a son of John and Susan M. (Everhart) Leech, who moved from Centre county to Clarion, in 1844. Charles was educated at Carrier Seminary, and learned the printer's trade, which he followed four years. He carried on mercantile business at Lickingville. for two years, and was one year at Tylersburg. He then engaged in drilling oil wells through the entire oil field, from 1880 until 1885, when he came to Marienville, where he erected his present planing mill, and has since added a saw-mill, with a daily capacity of 14,000 feet. He established his present store, in 1888. He married in 1877, Miss Kittie B., daughter of Absalom Smullin, of Armstrong county, Penn., and they have three children: J. C, Edna and Frank. Mr. Leech is a Republican. He is a member of Jenks Lodge, No. 250, I. O. O. F., and of the A. O. U. W.

JOHN H. MENSCH, farmer, P. O. Marionville. was born in Northumberland county, Penn., January 29. 1828. a son of Christian and Sarah (Hursh) Monsch, natives of that county, and who moved to Union county in 1839. His father was born in 1801, and died in 1887; his mother died in 1878. They reared eight children: Stephen (in Union county, Penn.), Lewis (in Centre county, Penn.) Elizabeth (Mrs. Silas Roadarmel, in Union county, Penn.), Druzilla (Mrs. Daniel Harter, in Wayne county, Ohio), Mary Ann (in Union county, Penn.), Hannah (Mrs. Henry Strickler, also in Union county, Penn,), Henrietta (Mrs. John Klingman, in Northumberland county), and John H. The subject of these lines carried on farming in Northumberland county. He was married, in 1860, to Miss Susanna C. Keller, daughter of Henry Keller, of Columbia county, Penn., and settled on his present farm in Jenks township, Forest county, in 1874. Mr. and Mrs. Mensch are the parents of two children: Florence (Mrs. John Paul) and Lewis (at home). Mr. Mensch is identified with the Democratic party, and has filled various township offices. He was formerly a member of the Lutheran Church, but is now an elder in the Presbyterian Church.

J. H. MORRISON, lumber manufacturer, Marienville, was born in Jefferson county, Penn., August 3, 1851, a son of Robert and Martha (Brown) Morrison, the latter of whom, a native of Ireland, came to America when six years of age with her parents, who settled in Clarion county, Penn. The father of our subject was a lumberman by occupation. On August 27,1861, he enlisted in Company H, One Hundred and Fifth Pennsylvania Volunteers, and was killed at the battle of the Wilderness in 1864. His widow afterward married Patterson Leech, and they now reside in Jefferson county. There were six children in the family: J. H., W. A. (in Jefferson county), R. M. (in Marienville), S. S. G. (in Montana), J. A. (in Iowa) and Lina E. (Mrs. Cecil Gross, in Marienville). J. H. Morrison learned the carpenter's trade, which he followed for some years. In 1884 he came to Marienville, and has since been engaged in manufacturing lumber, having mills in Jenks township with a capacity of 14,000 feet daily. He married, in 1876, Miss Elizabeth, daughter of James R. Thompson, of Jefferson county, and they have six children: Margaret Elnora, Martha Elsie, Robert Irwin, James Blaine, George Loraine and an infant. In politics Mr. Morrison is a Republican, and is a member of the school board.

JAMES J. PARSONS, farmer, P. O. Marionville, was born in Clarion county, Penn., February 17, 1844, and is a son of David and Maria (Wilkey) Parsons, who cleared a large farm in Clarion county, and afterward moved to Ohio, settling in Mahoning county. He affiliated with the Democratic party, and was with the one-hundred-day men, commonly called the "Squirrel Hunters," in the Morgan raid. He died in Ohio in 1868, a member of the Presbyterian Church; his widow now resides in Brookville, Penn. They reared four children: Catherine (wife of Munson Cotton, in Reynoldsville, Penn.), Elizabeth (wife of Harvey Craig, in Bethlehem, Penn.), John (went west when about twenty years of age, and while there raised a company and entered the service of his country as a captain, rising to the rank of colonel; he was killed at Atlanta, Ga.) and James J., who remained on the homestead until 1851, when he came to Marienville, and lived with Col. John D. Hunt until he attained his majority. In April, 1861, he enlisted in Company K, Eighth Pennsylvania Volunteers (three months' troops), and served the term of his enlistment; then re-enlisted in Company B, One Hundred and Fifth Pennsylvania Volunteers. In 1863 he re enlisted as a veteran in the same company, and served as lieutenant of same until the close of the war. He was wounded at the battle of Fair Oaks and at Gettysburg, also at Deep Bottom, Va., and was struck in the right breast with a grape-shot, at Chan cellorsville, also struck on the buckle of his belt and knocked off of the works at Spottsylvania. He never left his command, except on account of wounds received at Fair Oaks and Gettysburg, though they were all severe. After the close of the war he returned to Forest county, and has since followed lumbering and farming. He mar ried, May 4, 1868, Miss Marien F., daughter of David S. and Emeline Eldridge, of Jenks township, and they have seven children: Reid, Bertha, William, Ella, Mable, David and Nellie. Mr. Parsons is an active member of the Republican party, and has served as county commissioner since

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