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There are fifty-four members. The secretaries have been as follows: W. C. Healy, in 1870; George L. McCracken, 1871-74; Horace Warner, 1874-75; Eugene J. Miller, 1876; W. C. Healy, 1879-89. The officers for 1890 are Frank C. Ely, H. P.; J. D. Fullerton, king; T. H. Claffey, scribe; B. F. Ely, treasurer, and W. C. Healy, secretary.

Knapp Commandery, No. 40, was organized under dispensation March 29, 1871, with the following-named officers: C. R. Earley, E. C.; G. T. Wheeler, G.: C. V. Gillis, C. G.: W. C. Healy, recorder, and unofficial member, Samuel C. Hyde. The past commanders are C. R. Earley, 1871; G. T. Wheeler, 1872-73; C. V. Gillis, 1874; L. W. Gifford, 1875; liufus Lucore, 1870; E. J. Miller, 1877-78; G. T. Wheeler, 1879-1881; Hiram Carman, 1882-86; Amos B. Wheeler, 1887; E. J. Miller, 1888; Frank C. Ely, 1889. The commandery, like the chapter, rents the Masonic hall. There are now forty-seven members, eleven of whom were admitted last year. The past secretaries are W. C. Healy, 1871-75; George R. Woodard, 1876-78, and William C. Healy, 1879-1889. There was no regular election from March, 1877, to March, 1879. The election in March, 1890, resulted in the choice of J. M. Schram, C.; W. S. Horton, G.; W. C. Healy, recorder, and B. F. Ely, treasurer. In 1868 a committee was appointed to procure a new hall, and in September of that year this body reported and was authorized to purchase lot and building of Albert Willis, on Depot street. This was carried out and a part of the Willis building forms a part of the present hall, to which additions have been made to accommodate the other Masonic bodies of the borough.

The Elk Hall Association was incorporated August 8, 1867, for the purpose of erecting one or more buildings at Rjdgway. The members were Henry Souther, Charles R. Earley, B. F. Ely, D. D. Cook, Hiram Carman, R. P. Saltsman, J. R. Whitmore, G. A. Rathbnn, G. L. McCracken, D. C. Oyster, W. C. Healy, G. F. Dickinson, B. A. Dill, W. S. Service, Henry H. Thomas, G. T. Wheeler, N. T. Cummings, A. Thompson, H. S. Belknap, Isaac Horton, Jr., R. J. Robinson, J. L. Brown, E. Kimm Scribner and Byron J. Jones. The lodge leased a room where Powell & Kime's store now is.

Ridgway Lodge, No. 969, I. O. C. F., was chartered February 28, and instituted March 11, 1880, by D. D. G. M. Robert Dick, with John Knorl. N. G.; M. D. Cohn, V. G.; Rev. C. A. Squier, secretary; N. M. Space, assistant secretary, and J. Colderbank, treasurer. Among the members admitted were W. H. Schram, I. W. Beckwith, L. Vankirk, J. A. Anderson, William Johnson, A. and George Fredenburgh, Thalius Wingfield, Joel Miller, J. A. Ross, F. A. Vanorsdall, C. H. Rhines, J. N. Rhines, F. Kiester, A. F. Kuhns, Sam Hildebrand, W. A. McChesney, Patrick Connor, Lewis A. Brendel, C. L. Chamberlin and H. H. Wensel. The past grands of this lodge since September, 1880, are named as follows: Marks D. Cohn, John Ross, L. A. Brendel, William Cuthbert, T. Wingfield, C. H. Rhines, John A. Anderson, W. C. McMillan, Reuben Mohney, Gus. Rhodes, M. D. Cohn, J. A. Gear, J. E. Logan, J. J. Hinkle, L. J. A. Lesser, A. Lindholm and James Davison. The past secretaries are Reuben Gross, J. W. Smith, John A. Anderson, 1881-83: William J. Cuthbert, 1883 to June, 1888, when L. J. A. Lesser was elected secretary. The present grand is R. I. McChesney. The present membership is about 55. In the fire of 1882 the hall in the Rhines building was destroyed, when the lodge lost all property except the secretary's desk and records. The insurance company paid $297 of this loss. Subsequently the lodge met in the Knights of Honor hall until their present quarters in the Ridgway Bank block were leased. The personal property is valued at $800. Only one death is recorded. The officers chosen in October, 1889, were W. Johnson, N. G., and L. J. A. Lesser, secretary. In March, 1890, Henry E.. Van Aken was elected presiding officer.

Albert W. PerrinPost, No. 370, G. A. R., was organized September 21, 18S3. withD. F. Farrand (36th Wis. Inf.), commander; Reuben Mohney (78th P. V. I.), V. C.; DuBois Gorton (143d New York Regiment), J. V. C.; James Penfield (105th P. V. I.), Q. M.; O. T. Miner (11th Pa. R. I.), adjutant; W. L. Williams (63d P. V. I.), surgeon; M. E. Lesser (Pa. I. Co.), O. of D.; Philip Shirk (lllth P. V. I.), O. of G.; J. C. Andrews (57th P. V. I.), chaplain. The soldier in whose honor the post was named, was a resident of Spring Creek township until the war. He died in Andersonville prison. The names of the other charter members of the post are Nathan Laugher (Pa. R.), A. Fulmer (10th Pa. Cav.). H. H. Wensel (148th Inc.), J. K. Moore (105th Inf,), J. A. Stroup (63d Inf.), William Tierney (62d Inc.), John Hamilton (2d W. Va. Inf.); J. H. Secor (56th N. Y.). J. Bear (127th Pa.), S. R. Milliven (18th N. J. Inf.), Lewis Mohney (78th Pa.), A. G. Travis (6th U. S. Cav.), Raymond Eastley (78th Pa.), Jonathan Mohnev (21st V. R. C), Thomas B. Johnson (1st V. R. C), W. P. Henry (160th Pa.) and J. C. Malone(5Sth Pa. ). The present membership is forty-eight. H. H. Wensel was commander in 1884, C. F. Yennie in 1885, Philip Shirk in 1886, J. M. Grosh (89th Ill. ) in 1887-88, and R. A. Park in 1889. James Woodward served as adjutant in 1884, W. M. Elliott in 1885, R. A. Park in 1886-88 and W. S. Ross (5th Pa. H. A.) in 1889. The officers for 1890 are P. A. Mead, commander; R. I. Robinson, S. V. C; W. S. Ross, J. V. C.; T. B. Johnson, O. of G.; J. A. Myres, O. of D. ; J. H. Secor, Q. M., J. N. Brown, surgeon; Philip Schirk, chaplain. .

W. S. Ross Camp, No. 222, Sons of Veterans, was chartered October 13. 1888, with L. T. Park, G. H. and Charles Secor, A. S. Grosh, R. E., P. C. and S. E. Ross, P. R. Mercer. A. K. Houghtaling, A. J. Lewis, E. H. McCurdy, P. D. Walsh, F. A. Walshe, H. Lentz, J. M. Kennedy and Jerome Gordon.

The names of soldiers buried in the cemeteries of Ridgway prior to May 30, 1887, are Elisha DeGroat, Company F, 58th Pennsylvania Regiment, who died in 1880, in St. Leo's Cemetery; William Stephenson, Company D, 100th Pennsylvania Regiment, who died in 1808; Willis Taylor, Company B, 149th Pennsylvania Regiment, who died in 1883; N. P. Lent, Company F, 56th New York Regiment, who died in 1881; A. D. Laymon, Company H, 143d New York Regiment, who died in 1886. Interred in Pine Grove Cemetery: Thomas J. Malin, Company K, lllth Pennsylvania Regiment, who died in 1866; E. K. Scribner, Company G, 42d Pennsylvania Regiment, who died in 1869; Eli Rolle, Company I, 105th Pennsylvania Regiment, who died in 1883, and Ephriam Shall, and also White, whose military records are unknown, in Ridgway Cemetery.

Ridgway Council, R. A. M., was presided over, in 1889, by Regent C. F. Burleigh, the other officers being as follows: W. H. Baker, C. F. Yennie.

D. C. Murphy, Robert Morrison, William Earl, D. C. Oyster, E. H. McCurdy, M. D. Cohen, J. E. Logan, G. F. Rohde. The trustees are J. T. Waid. W. H. Baker and Thalius Wingfield. The past regents are J. T. Waid and D. C. Murphy. C. F. Burleigh is regent and William Morrison, secretary (1890).

The P. O. S. of A. was organized in November, 1888, with the followingnamed members: B. R. Kline, D. C. Murphy, W. G. Kline, F. H. Ely, John G. Whitmore, C. F. Hartley, B. E. Taylor, Joe Messenger, F. o. Tinthoff,

E. A. Sowers, Clyde Kime, Ralph Ritter, H. Schindler, W. S. Pittman. Ed Kime, F. Baker, Harry Hyde, A. K. Houghtaling, P. R. Mercer, W. A. Locke. C. H. Taylor, E. H. McCurdy, S. Murphy. The names of past presidents are John G. Whitmore, F. H. Ely and D. C. Murphy. W. A. Fleming is secretary. The present number of members is fifty-four, and the value of property $150. F. H. Ely is now president.

Knights of Labor Lodge, No. 9993. was chartered January 27, 1887.

Ridgway Tent, No. 75, K. O. T. M., was chartered September 13, 1888. with W. C. McNutt, D. Cunningham. G. L. French, P. Schick, J. B. Nicklin. S. T. Scott, W. L. Williams, C. F. Geary, John Fraser, Paul Johnson, An drew Johnson and John P. Johnson, officers in the order of rank.

Laurel Green Division, No. 455, Sons of Temperance, was organized at Ridgway in January, 1854, with Caleb Dill, T. O. Hutchinson, H. A. Pattison, F. J. Dill, Harvey Henry, Henry Souther, R. Maginnis, Charles Robinson, Jerome Powell and James L. Gillis, officials in order of rank.

Ridgway Lodge, No. 256,I. O. G. T., was reorganized in May, 1877, with twenty-five charter members, and the officers named as follows: J. O. W. Bailey, Mrs. C. E. Holaday, Dr. James D. Fullerton, O. S. Davis, Docia Rbines, James E. Pugh, G. W. Gardner, Clara Brooks, Daniel Irwin, Ada Young, Ella Wade, Mrs. T. S. Hartley, Mrs. Fannie F. Olmsted, C. E. Holadav and Dr. T. S. Hartley, and trustees: S. A. Olmsted, C. D. Osterhout, Dr. T.'S. Hartley.

The Ridgway Temperance Society was organized December 16, 1881, with

C. D. Osterhout, president; Horace Little, D. R. Kline, Ben Stewart, W. S. Hamblen, A. H. Head, G. F. Dickinson and George Gulnack, vice-presidents; Will Dickinson, secretary; F. C. Ely, treasurer; C. E. Holaday, Jacob McCanley, R. V. Kime, S. A. Olmsted, H. Gorton, S. H. Langley and C. Luther, directors.

Ridgway Council of Royal Templars of Temperance was organized January 18, 1884, by M. E. Peck, of Corry. The object of this organization is the promotion of temperance work, which is assisted by the beneficiary aid which members enjoy. The following-named officers were elected: C. J. Swift,

D. Rishell, Rev. A. L. Goodrich, Miss H. Goodrich, Miss May Little, Miss A.

E. McKee, Mr. L. C. Dingman, Mr. P. G. Wooster, Miss Alice DeHaas and Dr. C. L. Kellogg; physician, Dr. J. T. Waid; trustees, C. E. Holaday (three years), Dr. C. L. Kellogg (two years), C. J. Swift (one year).

St. Leo's Branch, No. 61, C. M. B. A., was chartered May 29, 1889. with the following-named members: Rev. M. Meagher, chaplain; John Flynn, president; Hugh McGeehin, vice-president; T. B. Gillooly, second vice-president; Albert Weis, recorder; Robert Powers, assistant; Thomas Lehan, F. S.; James S. Maginnis, treasurer; John Dwyer, marshal; P. Ryan, guard; A. M. McClain, D. R. McDonald, John Nagle, John Lahhive and Cornelius Hogan. trustees.

The W. C. T. U. was organized November 28, 1881, with the followingnamed members: Mrs. J. C. Houk, Mrs. H. Little, Miss Anna McKee, Mrs. S. R. Chapin, Mrs. D. C. Oyster, Mrs. W. S. Hamblen, Mrs. G. G. Messenger, Mrs. W. H. Osterhout, Mrs. C. E. Holaday, Mrs. D. S. Luther, Mrs. George Garritt, Mrs. Fred Dickinson and others. Mrs. G. G. Messenger is president. The names of secretaries in the order of holding office are Miss Anna McKee, Mrs. N. T. Arnold and Mrs. Annie E. Irwin. The present number of members is thirty.

The Elk County Bible Society was organized February 25, 1887, with J. H. Beadle, C. D. Osterhout, N. T. Arnold and Rev. T. S. Negley, officials.

The Ridgway Silver Cornet Band was organized in March, 1872, with Fred Schoening, president; T. S. Hartley, vice-president; E. J. Miller, secretary, and D. B. Day, treasurer.

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