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Keith, father of Phebe E. (Keith) Hallock, was born in Herkimer county, N. Y., September 19, 1823, and died in Oneida county, N. Y., August 27, 1883. Jerusha (Read) Keith, mother of Mrs. P. E. Hallock, was born in Herkimer county, N. Y., in 1826, and died there in 1855.

H. W. MARTINDALE, lumberman, Bradford, was born in Erie, Erie Co., Penn., June 2, 1855, a son of A. C. and Abbie (Borrows) Martindale. former a native of Erie county, and a farmer by occupation, latter a native of Jamestown, Chautauqua Co., N. Y.; they are still living in Erie county, and are prominent members of the Presbyterian Church. They have three children living: Elsie (wife of J. J. Wheelock, of Titusville), Ruby (living at home) and H. W. H. W. Martindale was reared on the homestead farm, and received his education at the State normal school at Edinborough. At the age of twenty-three years he left home and located at Bolivar, N. Y., engaging in the livery business. He was also a commercial traveler for three years. In 1884 he came to McKean county, and accepted a position with H. S. Southard as foreman of his lumber-mills in Hamilton township. This position he held for throe years, and has since been engaged in manufacturing lumber for B. Nesmith & Co., employing sixty men. In 1880 he married Miss Ida, daughter of W. H. Burlingham, of Holland, Erie Co., N. Y., and they have one child: Roy E. Mrs. Martindale is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Mr. Martindale in politics is a Republican.


The following list of soldiers buri was furnished by T. J. Fennerty, bu proper chapter:


James De Long, First Company Fourteenth New York Volunteers, War of 1812; died April 21, 1872, aged ninety.

A. Beaman, New York Volunteers, War of 1812.

M. P. Brown, Company D, One Hundred and Forty-sixth Pennsylvania Volunteers, died May 21, 1872.

Julius Buchanan entered service in 1861, died July 27, 1872.

George Ingraham, soldier of 1812, died July 27. 1872.

M. O'Brien, Company F, Seventy-second New York Volunteers, died November 27, 1877.

Barnabus Pike, soldier of 1812, andthe first white settler in this valley, died thy. iober30, 1880.

H. D. Hicks, Company C, Two Hundred and Eleventh Pennsylvania Volunteers, died at Petersburgh, Va., April 2, 1865, aged forty-three years and two weeks.

Sam Brownlee, Forty-ninth New York Volunteers, died in June, 1880.

Thomas Maben, Pennsylvania Volunteers, died May 1, 1881.

I in the vicinity of Bradford, Penn.. received too late for insertion in its


William Fairfax, United States Colored

Joseph Carpenter, Eleventh New York Vol-
unteers, died September 19, 1877, aged
thirty-two years.

Henry Schlegel, Company F, Thirty-sixth Pennsylvania Volunteers, died December 17, 1881.

Frank Humbart, Pennsylvania Volunteers, died during the year 1881.

A. L. West, Company D, Twenty-third
Regiment N. J. Volunteers, died in Oc-
tober, 1880, at Knapp's creek.

A. S. Magee, died in December, 1881, at

G. Hutchinson, Company E, Fifty-eighth
Pennsylvania Volunteers, died May 5,

Benjamin Lecompt, Company B, Eighth
Pennsylvania Volunteers.

Richard Chancellor, Company B, United
States Colored Troops.

J. B. Jamison, Fiftieth New York Engin-

H. Ingles, Company D. Fourth Pennsylvania Cavalry.

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W. J. Snyder, Company I, Forty-second Pennsylvania Volunteers (Bucktails), died October 7, 1867.






Formation—Judge Geddes' Report—General Topography—Population, Area And Natural Resources—Oil And Gas Wells And Pipe Lines— Coal Deposits, Etc.—Lumber Resources—Fires And Floods—Wild Fruits, Animals, Etc.

ELK COUNTY was carved out of the hills and valleys of McKean, Jefferson and Clearfield counties, April 18, 1843. Judge Geddes, who in 183132 surveyed the Clarion and Sinnemahoning summit for the proposed canal of that period, says in his report: "At the head of Bennett's Branch is a marsh called Flag Swamp, from which in wet seasons the water flows both ways, and where at such seasons the summit might easily be passed in a canoe. This point is remarkable as, probably, the only one in the State where the beaver can be found. Everywhere else they have been driven out by the approach of human footsteps. In the same region a few elk still remain." Running from the southeast corner of Warren county through McKean's southwest corner, and as far as Daguscahonda was the old Buffalo swamp. The big level or ridge, running in opposite directions through the northwest corner of the county, made the swamp look greater to the old-time travelers than it really was, while the Warren and Ridgway State road, cut through in 1832, aided such travelers in obtaining glimpses of the historic swamp in its extensions.

The elevations of the county are given as follows, the figures representing the number of feet above tide level: Hyde House, Ridgway, 1,400; P. & E. R. R., Ridgway, 1,393; S. & R. R. R. crossing Ridgway and Centreville road, 1,925; Lower Kittanning bed at Mine No. 8, 1,605; L. K. bed at Mine No. 15,1,845; L. K. bed, McAllister's farm, 1,600; road at J. C. McAllister's. 1,580; Clarion bed at Mine No. 7, 1,685; Clarion bed at Mine No. 16, 1,735; Boot Jack, 2,166; road forks, warrant 4,248, 1,760; road at Brandy Camp Hotel, • 1,565; lower Freeport bed ("Event"), Faust farm, 1,760; lower Freeport bed (" M vein") west side of Mead's run, north of Mead's Run School-house, 1,710; lower Freeport bed, tunnel opening, southwest of Meade Run Schoolhouse, 1,650; Freeport lower limestone, McAllister farm, 1,740; ferriferous limestone, mouth of Karns run, 1,535; George Faust's house, 1,765; J. C. Wellington's house, Karns run, 1,600; Mead's Run (Colomo) School-house, 1,550; Theodore Fox's house, 1,530; summit of Fox hill, 1,755; Freeport lower limestone, west of Fox hill, 1,580; bottom bench of Freeport upper coal, west of Fox hill, 1,650; J. S. Chamberlin's house, 1,545; summit of Cham

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