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in June, 1889, and G. R. Mabb re-elected K. of R. & S. The present number of members is 125, and value of lodge property $500. T. Fitzpatrick is representative to the grand lodge, and the other officers in lodge rank are E. D. Matteson, G. W. Double, P. J. Nolan, W. J. Loucks, J. W. Baker, G. R. Mabb, W. H. Malick, E. T. Wright, W. F. Robinson and J. C. Malick.

Bradford Division No. 22, U. R. K. of P., was instituted December 22, . 1885. The early members of this division were Henry S. Tucker, Thomas Fitzpatrick, Charles M. Carr, James A. Lindsey, Edwin P. Wright, Andrew R. Burns, Fred S. Parker, James A. McCready, M. H. Fitzgibbons, John C. McCrea, J. S. Fritz, William H. Malick, Edwin J. Chambers, William H. Hall, George W. Slocum, C. L. Bradburn, John A. Nelson, William G. Kahl, C. L. Casterline, J. L. Tracy, J. F. Lasher, John W. Valentine, James O'Hara, Frank E. Bradley, James E. Grainger, Sanford Gordon, M. Herron, Isaac V. Averill, A. W. Swanson, Charles Brown, C. Hazelmaier, William C. Howe, David W. Lerch, P. H. Linderman. The seven first named were elected officers in the order of rank. The officials in 1889 were A. D. Burns, James O'Hara, E. D. Matteson, W. H. Malick and E. P. Wright. The present membership is thirty.

Bradford Post No. 141, G. A. R., was instituted August 13, 1879, with the following members: J. A. Ege, Peter Grace, Joseph Moorhead, J. W. Shaw, J. W. Searls, Henry A. Page, W. H. Perrigo, J. K. Graham, Clinton J. Smith, A. Wicks, W. W. Brown, F. M. Lockwood, C. G. Cooper, J. C. Sturgeon, T. J. Fennerty, J. F. Collins, A. S. Sinclair, M. W. Ferris, Lynford Lardner, G. H. Lyons, G. H. Baldwin, S. M. Potter, P. M. Fuller, H. B. Huff, E. B. Chamberlain, W. M. Boggs, S. M. Sayer, E. S. Pier, Benjamin Franklin and J. P. Siggins. The commanders have been E. R. Sherman, R. A. Dempsey, J. T. Bishop, W. W. Brown and William Dobie, who is now commander. The position of adjutant has been filled by J. K. Graham, W. C. Rockwell and E. R. Sherman. E. R. Sherman is the present adjutant. The trustees are F. H. Roberts, J. C. Hughes and E. R. Sherman. S. Howard is S. V.; A. N. Heard, J. V. The number of members is 180, and the value of post property $1,500. A few years ago a number of the members of this post formed the Union Veteran Legion, and were duly installed. Later on another body of men from the same post organized Union Veteran Union, and in 1889 another post was formed by members of the parent post.

John S. Melvin Post No. 585, G. A. R., was mustered June 21, 1889, by J. M. McElroy, mustering officer, assisted by the following officers: W. Dobie, S. V. Com.; J. E. Baldwin, J. V. Com.; B. F. Wright, Chap.; George Griffith, Q. M.; H. M. Choate, Adjt.; F. H. Roberts, O. D.; Thomas Ryan, O. G.; M. B. McMahon, I. S.; W. W. Brown, escort. The charter officers, in order of rank, were P. M. Shannon, C. P. Byron, W. L. Yelton, W. C. Rockwell, L. E. Hamsher, J. W. McFarland, W. B. Chapman, C. T. Cummings, C. H. Babcock, Arch. Gilchrist, J. T. Bishop, T. J. Fennerty, I. G. Howe, and the trustees, R. McAllister, S. D. Heffner, T. J. Fennerty. The present officers areas follows: C., I. G. Howe; S. V. C., S. D. Heffner; J. V. C.. W. L. Yelton; Chap., Warren G. Gray; Q. M., W. C. Rockwell; Adjt., J. L. Adams; O. D .,W. B. Chapman; O. G., S. Fisher; Surg., E. I. Baldwin; Sergt.-Maj., C. F. Cummings; Q. M. S., T. J. Fennerty.

In February, 1890, W. B. Chapman was elected judge advocate-general of the National Encampment of the U. V. L.

Camp No. 7, Union Veteran Legion, was instituted July 29, 1886. Among the first officers were C. C., S. D. Heffner; L. C., W. K. Laney; M., C. E. Harrington; A., M. Albert; Q. M., T. Gallaher; O. D., N. S. Siggins; C., W. B. Tracy; O. G., Thomas Fitzpatrick. The membership at close of year was eighty-five.

Gen. Kane Command No. 6, Union Veteran Union, Department of Pennsylvania, was instituted August 20, 1887, with thirty-five members. The first officers were C., T. J. Fennerty; L. C., Callip Tibbetts; M., G. W. Eddy; A, N. Wilkins; Q. M., C. H. Rhodes; C., D. F. Wolcott; O. D., M. C. Canrow; 0. O. T. G., J. H. Leffler. Command No. 6 elected the following named officers in October, 1889: T. J. Fennerty, Col.; C. B. Tibbetts, Lieut.-Col.; C. P. Byron, Surg.; D. F. Wolcott, Chap.; L. F. Egbert, Q. M.; T. C. Mosier, O. of D., and L. Wolfe, O. of G.

During the G. A. R. reunion of August, 1888, the pipe wherein the bluecolored fire was burning, exploded, killing three men: Robert Hurley, Ed. Duel and Wallace E. Curtis, and wounding many others. In September, 1888, the second annual reunion of the Bucktails was held at Bradford.

The Bradford Military Company completed enrollment August 30, 1880, with a roster of eighty-seven men and asked to be assigned to the Seventeenth National Guard Post. This was subsequently assigned to the Sixteenth. Among its charter members who answered roll-call in September, 1885 (five years after muster) were T. F. Conneely, J. C. Fox (the present captain), A. McAlpine, F. E. Bradley, T. Scroxton, H. Field, A. D. Burns, John J. Lane, W. F. Robinson, R. C. Hazelmair, Ed. J. Boylston and W. G. Kohl.

The score made by this company in January, 1890, the years of service and names of candidates for sharpshooters' medals are given as follows:

T. F. Conneely, lieutenant 47

F. E. Bradley, lieutenant 46

W. B. Chapman, private 45

T. B. Babew. private 43

T. W. Scroxton. sergeant 42

F. F. Eiliben, private 42

F. W. Webster, sergeant 42

C. G. Griffith, private 41

C; L. Griffin, sergeant 39

W. F. Robinson, sergeant 39

J. E. Fennerty, private 39

C. W. Wallace," 37

M. M. Neal, " 36

E J. Boylston, sergeant 36

E. E. Blair, corporal 36

G. F. Bullock, corporal 35

U. C. Elliott, private .' 34

T. F. Mullen, private 34

F. E. Cloud," 34

W J. Bovaird." 34

G. W. McKay," 33

O. B. Cutting," 32'

R H. Slone, corporal 32

J. D. Snyder, private 32

J. W. May bee, private 31

C. L. Blakeslee, corporal 31

C. W. Conneely, musician 31

I. O. Cloud, private 31

N. R. Baker, private 31

A. F. Campbell, corporal 30

J. C. Fox, captain 30

H. C. Chesney, private 30

C. W. Heard, private 30

G. O. Slone, private 29

M. H. Riley, corporal 29

J. J. Crosby, private 28

H. C. Chattle, private 27

E. F. McIntyre, private 27

W. N. Crane, private 27

S. B. Burton, private 27

A. D. Burns, lieutenant 27

E. F. Riley, private 27

E. A. Sherman, private 27

J. E. Begel, private 26

F. N. Levens, private 26

J. W. Crosby, private 26

A. F. Leonard, private 25

E. P. Wilcox, private 25

The Armory Hall Company was incorporated in April, 1881, with Charles A. Bailey, president; Thomas Connolly, secretary, and F. E. Bradley, treasurer. There were sixty shares of SI00 each subscribed, the president and secretary each holding thirteen shares.

Bradford Relief Corps No. 13 was organized January 29, 1885, with the following named members: Madams M. A. Wallace, N. J. Heffner, E. R. Sherman, Lucy Higgins, E. M. Gillespy, J. E. Broniger, Allis Smith, A. O. Baker, Rachel Troup, W. G. Shaw, Laura Switzer, Amond Siggins, S. C. Jayert, M. J. Mitohel, C. Hill, I. S. Woursly, E. J. Chambers, G. Graff, B. Brown, L. B. Clark, S. E. Artly, A. Jones, L. A. Levans, M. A. Rockwell, J. Hood, L. J. Sherman, D. Goodwin, Lottie McAlister, J. McEntyre, G. Ashdun, Z. Gareman and H. Laurence. Madams M. A. Wallace, Culbertson, Sherman and Karns have presided over the corps, while Madams Gillespy, Godfrey, Langworthy, Green and Bergman have filled the office of secretary Mrs. Chapman, of Bradford, was elected color bearer of the Ladies' Auxiliary of the National Encampment of the U. V. L.

Tunungwant Lodge No. Ill, Ancient Order of United Workmen, was instituted June 1, 1877, with the following members: H. H. Adsit, J. L. Andrews, A. L. Avery, L. B. Brown, T. J. Powers, H. Wilson, P. D. Wright and O. C. Cutting, who are now members, with others who have removed. The past-masters are named as follows: J. L. Andrews, J. T. Bishop, J. W. Bogardus, Robert Collins, George E. Davis, Frank Fowler, I. G. Howe, James A. Lindsey, T. J. Powers, C. A. Sinclair, J. W. Siggins, S. D. Wearing, C. R. Cosolowsky, C. A. Spreater, F. H. Bailey, T. J. Fennerty, A. Simpson, W. W. White, A. A. Perkins, H. Wilson, H. M. Harkness, A. P. Odell, T. Kavanaugh, John Wilson, Otho Gash, H. R. Waiger, S. D. Winter and F. W. Hastings. The office of secretary has been held by J. A. Lindsey, John Kelly and F. W. Hastings. The membership is 190. The officers elected for 1890 comprise C. Burnsides, J. W. Siggins, W. W. White, J. A. Lindsey, F. W. Hastings, J. G. Howe, F. Fowler, Otho Gash, S. D. Winter and A. P. Odell.

Bradford Legion No. 16, S. K. A. O. U. W. was organized July 30, 1884, with the following named officers: J. T. Bishop, C.; James A. Lindsey, V. C.; J. S. Barlow, Lt. C.; W. L. Beardsley, Rec.; A. Simpson, R. T.; A. L. Wyman, Treas.; J. Franklin, Chap. The names of commanders are J. T. Bishop, J. A. Lindsey, A. P. Odell, M. L. Thorn, Otho Gash, W. W. White. Jacob Turk and S. A. Smith, with E. Burnsides, M.; J. P. Eaton, S. B.; B. Sackrand, Sr. W.; J. Turk, Jr. W.; M. L. Thorn, G. L. The position of secretary has been held by W. L. Beardsley, J. M. Denny and D. H. Rook, who is the present recorder. There are thirty-six members. The officers elected in 1890 are W. W. White, Charles Burnsides, F. W. Hastings, W. H. Coleman, Otho Gash, D. H. Rook, J. A. Lindsey, A. P. Odell, H. S. Karns, Jacob Turk and H. Boss; James A. Lindsey is P. G. C. and treasurer.

Bradford Council No. 302, Royal Arcanum, was instituted March 24,1879, with the following members: S. L. Kinkead, M. Danson, E. W. Barker. Ezra Holmes, A. Thornton, C. B. Seymour, F. M. Sweet, C. W. Dennis, H. M. Spence, H. R. Lamb, J. M. Armstrong, F. D. Wood, F. M. Lockwood, F. H. Murdoch, W. A. Brown, P. G. Andrew, C. A. Siegfried, R. Pettibone, F. P. Morris, C. Murray, L. Kennedy, A. A. Perry, J. N. Markham, George Sheffield, I. Beam, A. L. Ewing, O. N. Hazen, M. D. Harris and G. Chapman. The names of past regents are J. W. McFarland, J. A. Ege, J. T. Evans, H. M. Spence, F. H. Murdoch, J. L. Barrett, J. A. Lindsey, W. C. Henry, A. Thornton, B. McAllister, P. D. Tangney and the present regent, John C. McKenna. The names of secretaries are S. L. Kinkead. J. T. Evans, J. L. Barrett, and J. T. Evans, the present secretary. The present membership is twenty four. In ten years this council has lost seven members by death, and paid out $21,000 in benefits. The officers for 1890 are P. W. Howe, E. R. Shepard, J. C. McKenna, J. B. McElwaine, G. H. Mills, J. T. Evans, F. P. Slocum, S. L. Rhodes, C. Spangler and A. Thornton.

Keystone Council No. 144, Catholic Benevolent Legion, was instituted April 28, 1886. Among the first officers were P. C., J. T. Kinsler; P., A. H. Blomer; V. P., John E. Sullivan; O., J. F. Leonard; S., J. H. Ossenbeck; C, A. Gillis; T., W. Hanley; Sr. C., C. P. Byron. The officers elected in December, 1880, are C. J. H. Ossenbeck; P., A. Gillis; V. P., M. J. Berry; O., Phillip Wise; R. S., D. Healey; C, A. H. Blomer; Treas., Joseph Fischer; M., James E. Henretty; G., J. M. Englehaupt; Trustees, John E. Sullivan, J. F. Leonard, P. H. Maroney.

Bradford Branch No. 13, Catholic Mutual Benevolent Association, was instituted April 16, 1879. Among the past presidents of this association the names of J. T. Kinsler, J. B. Fox, James Casey, A. H. Blomer, J. H. Ossenbeck, M. McMahon, J. E. Sullivan, T. A. Flynn and Dennis Healy are recorded. John O'Brien is recorder. Other officers of long service are J. A. Myers (of Duke-Centre), John Madigan, Leonard Wholer, J. J. Cleery, B. Healy and J. J. Lane.

Osmer Lodge No. 2365, K. of H., was organized February 5, 1881. The past dictators are H. C. Hacock, J. P. McGibbenny, S. Gordon, F. Perkins, W. C. Henry, S. D. Miller, J. N. Mapes, F. W. Hastings, H. Frank, J. L. Dnlin; P. S. D., Col. J. A. Ege; P. G. D., James A. Lindsey, John H. Cosford, N. Sweet, M. D., I. G. Howe and J. M. Geiger. James A. Lindsey served this lodge as secretary for seven years, E. N. Hallock for two years, and in the directory F. W. Hastings is credited with holding the position in 1889. There are eighty-four members. The present officers, in order of rank, are C. H. Swift, W. H. Conklin, D. McKenney, W. T. Magaw, J. A. Lindsey, F. W. Hastings, J. G. Howe, J. P. McGibbenny, J. W. Fritts, A. Brown, D. Grennells and H. C. Hacock.

Bradford Encampment No. 56, Knights of St. John and Malta, was instituted September 2, 1885, with S. L. Koonse, J. A. Waldo, W. Rople, A. S. Ackerly, R. F. Howland, D. B. Croll, W. L. Ford, C. A. Cummings, A. L. Wyman, M. D. Murray, W. B. Van Horn, P. A. Darby, F. G. Terry, N. W. McCoort, T. F. Howe, J. Z. Wise, H. C. Murray, J. Robinson, H. C. Brown, J. H. Flynn, C. H. Dubois, E. J. Cross, J. A. Lindsey, M. A. Todd, R. A. Beatty and J. E. Simons, members. The names of past commanders are R. A. Beatty, J. A. Lindsey, A. P. Odell and E. J. Boylston, with C. A. Cummings, assistant chancellor. There are 171 members. R. A. Beatty is most eminent grand commander of the chapter general of America, and A. P. Odell is grand prior of the State of Pennsylvania. The present officers in encampment rank are L. D. Gowdy, E. C. Dean, W. T. Johnson, D. H. Rook, E. J. Boylston, C. A. Cummings, S. L. Koonse and seven minor officers. There were 163 members reported in March, 1890.

Star Conclave No 171, Improved Order of Heptasophs, was organized February 16, 1888, with the following officers: Past archon, L. B. Lockard; ar chon, George S. Bright; provost, H. W. Eaton, Jr.; prelate, James George; secretary, G. H. Mills; financier, F. W. Hastings: treasurer, E. B. Pemberton; inspector, J. W. Leasure; warden, N. W. McCourt; sentinel, M. Henlein; H. W. Eaton, Jr., was archon in 1889, and G. H. Mills, secretary. There were forty-five members in July, 1889. The officers for 1890 are T. A. Sangster, A. W. Coburn, G. H. Mills, E. B. Pemberton, F. W. Hastings, W. F. Rhone. A. Simon, C. R. Cosolowsky and W. H. Johnson.

Don Abarband Lodge No. 85, Independent Order Sons of Benjamin, claimed the following named officers in 1889: G. Herz, H. Friedenberg, I. J. Yampolski, S. Werthman, B. Ash, A. Simon, M. Sidorsky, Rev. D. W. Jacobson, L. M. Kreinson, J. B. Levine, M. A. Todd. Among the past presidents are H. Friedenberg, A. Simon, L. Kronenberg, Gustav Herz, N. Levinson, S. Grange, B. Ash, H. Frank and H. S. Sakolski. The officers chosen in January, 1890, in lodge rank are B. Friedenberg, H. Frank, B. Ash, S. Werthman and D. Andriesse. The present membership is forty-seven.

On November 12, 1888, W. C. 372 of the Patriotic Order Sons of America was instituted at Kane, July 9, 1889. National Representative Clarence F. Heeth, of Philadelphia, and J. T. Campbell, district president of McKean county, assisted by W. C. 372 of Kane, instituted Washington Camp No. 452 at Bradford. The Degree Team of "372" conferred the degree of the council. The first officers, elected July 8, were R. L. Edgett, M. A. Henlein, Otto Koch, W. K. Andrus, L. C. Blakeslee, R. W. Murray, A. R. Simons, M. I. Deuel, Mat. Neil, and Trustees W. K. Andrus, L. B. Waters, A. N. Heard.

Bradford Lodge No. 1111, K. & L. of H., was instituted December 10, 1885, by Gr. P., L. B. Lockard, and D. Tx. P., A. N. Heard. Among the.presidents of this society may be named I. G. Howe, Mrs. J. M. Brooks, F. W. Hastings, Mrs. E. M. Wheeler and H. H. North. Ascension Lodge No. 1345 claims Mr. Heard as protector, and Mrs. S. Nobles, secretary.

Bradford City Lodge No. 103, Independent Order Free Sons of Israel, was instituted in April, 1881. The past presidents of this lodge are A. Leo Weil,

E. Kahn, I. Rich, B. Forst, Fred. Silberburg, A. Silberburg, J. Eloskey, M. Cohn, I. Kahn, Felix Steinberger, A. M. Mayer, S. Fisher. The secretary in 1889 was A. M. Samuels. In 1890 J. Weiss was chosen president, with H. Cohn, A. Silberberg, Fred Silberberg, I. Rich, H. Frank and H. Leny filling the other offices.

Bradford Lodge No. 50, Order of the Golden Chain, was instituted October 7, 1885. Among the commanders were F. P. Slocum, Winfield Scott, A. W. Johnson and H. W. Eaton; James Geary was secretary in 1889. The officers, in lodge rank, elected in January, 1890, are H. W. Eaton, Jr., P. H. Linderman, W. H. Murphy, J. Freerkson, A. R. Stewart, W. Scott, J. L. Johnson, S. D. Weaver, Thomas Banker and C. E. Thompson. At date of election there were thirty-eight members reported.

Tuna Valley Council No. 70. Home Circle, was instituted October 8, 1883. The past leaders include W. C. Henry, E. R. Shepard, J. P. Taylor and D. R. MacKenzie; F. D. Williams was secretary in 1889. The elections of 1890 resulted in the choice of L. C. Longaker, for leader; C. E. Black, V. L.; W.

F. Robinson, instructor; M. A. Freeman, secretary; H. T. Crandall, F. S., and James Robinson, treasurer. There are thirty-two members reported.

Dewey Union No. 5, Equitable Aid Union, was instituted June 7, 1879, by Supreme President Dewey. The P. Ps. are Frank Fowler, L. B. Hill, Delos Armstrong, Mrs. E. B. Burley, W. Walters, T. O'Connor and L. W. Smith.

The Bradford Aid Union was organized in 1880, and the petition for incorporation signed January 15, by D. Whiticar, George Young, C. H. Sherwood, Nathaniel Sweet and A. J. Edgett. The latter was first president.

The Equitable Aid Society of Bradford was organized June 15, 1881. Its officers were P. P., W. D. Lucas; P., J. B. Rutherford; V. P., S. Ames; S., Miss A. J. Lucas; T., Mrs. A. H. Smith; F. C., Mrs. S. A. Lucas, Miss A. J. Lucas, S. Ames. Messrs. Lucas and Rutherford filled the offices of president and secretary in 1889. L. B. Thompson was first secretary, and is now filling that position. The officers of this union for 1890 are J. Burt, president, with P. T. Fitzgerald, E. B. Chappell, M. Nusbaum, Mrs. Burt, David Drummond, Mrs. Lyons, Mrs. Bender, Mrs. Wightman and J. D. Burt.

Bradford Local Branch No. 316, Order of the Iron Hall, was instituted February 3, 1886. The chief justices of the past are H. Harmon, N. Wise and W. S. Robison. R. T. Shaw is accountant succeeding W. L. Ford. Among the first members were D. H. Rook, R. Gregg and L. E. Avery, and

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