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Ellicottville Lodge, 307, N. Y.; J. L. Savage (lodge not given); Jasper Marsh, North Star Lodge, 241; Jonathan Marsh (lodge not given); J. C. Ackley, Brownville Lodge. At a quarterly communication of the grand lodge, held March 7, 1859, the warrant of constitution was granted for a lodge in the village of Bradford, Penn., to be known as Union Lodge No. 334, signed by the following grand officers: Henry M. Phillips, R. W. G. M.; John Thompson, D. G. M.; David C. Sterrett, S. G. W.; Lucius H. Scott, J. G. W.; Peter Williamson, grand treasurer; William H. Adams, grand secretary. On August 3,1859, the lodge was duly constituted, and on that day held its first meeting. The first officers were Samuel Boyer, W. M.; Nelson Parker, S. W.; George F. Peckham, J. W.; Wilson Beardsley, secretary; Jasper Marsh, treasurer; J. S. Savage, S. D.; J. C. Ackley, J. D. The following have served as masters of the lodge: George F. Peckam, S. Boyer, A. K. Johnson (three years), William Burton, H. W. Glass, T. H. Stock, Nelson Parker, George T. Keith, L. B. Prosser (two years), G. D. H. Crooker (two years), James Broder, J. W. Brennan, F. W. Davis, T. J. Melvin, James E. Blair, F. P. Wentworth, E. D. Matteson (two years), C. L. Wheeler, E. A. Boyne, D. S. Kemp, Walter Grubb, William K. Laney. The officers of the lodge in 1889 were A. D. Sloan, W. M.; James M. Stevenson, S. W.; Henry Trumbower, J. W.; Lewis C. Longaker, treasurer; C. P. McAllister, secretary; and in 1890, J. M. Stevenson, Henry Trumbower, S. R. Dresser, C. L. Wheeler and C. P. McAllister. C. L. Wheeler is district deputy grand master of the Twenty-second District of Pennsylvania, comprising the counties of McKean and Potter. Up to 1875 the lodge grew in numbers but moderately. At that time the remarkable growth of the city set in and the lodge felt the effects of it in an increased prosperity and interest. The lodge has now a membership of 240, and its members not only comprise many of the leading and best citizens of Bradford, but are scattered all over the land, in almost every State and Territory. The lodge is also in a flourishing condition, financially, being out of debt and having $2,000 in property and invested funds. Applications for membership are received at nearly every meeting, and the total inadequacy of the present lodge room to accommodate comfortably one-half the membership has made the building of the new Temple a necessity. There were 225 members in March, 1890.

Bradford Chapter, R. A. M., No. 260. In the summer of 1880 a number of Royal Arch Masons residing in this city discussed among themselves the formation of a new chapter, and the result was an application to the grand chapter for a charter signed by the following companions as charter members: C. L. Wheeler, Joseph H. Simonds, W. R. Weaver, W. A. Rix, James Broder, J. C. Sturgeon, W. M. Keeler, C. D. Buss, W. H. Clarke, W. C. Husband, John Stinson, Michael Murphy, W. F. Jordan, E. P. Pooler, C. C. Melvin, Henry Trumbower. The charter was granted by the grand chapter, and on September 6, 1880, Bradford Chapter, R. A. M., No. 260, was constituted and the new officers installed. The occasion was one of great interest in Masonic circles for many miles around. The grand officers of the State were nearly all present and conducted the impressive ceremonies in the presence of a large assembly of chapter masons, including many distinguished men of high position and character. The first officers of the new chapter, installed were Joseph H. Simonds, M. E. H. P.; William R. Weaver, king; William A. Rix, scribe; Charles L. Wheeler, treasurer; Robert T. Thompson, secretary. The chapter at once entered upon an era of unexampled growth and prosperity. At the end of the first year the membership had been increased to eighty-seven, at the end of the second year to 122, and at the end of the third year to 155. Since then the growth has been steady, and at the present date the roster numbers 210 companions, and the invested funds and property of the chapter amount to about $2,500. Following are the past high priests who have served in that capacity since the constituting of the chapter: Joseph H. Simonds, W. R. Weaver, W. H. Clarke, David S. Kemp, Phillip M. Shannon, H. Trumbower, Elias Urquhart, Francis W. Sprague and E. F. Sawyer. This chapter elected the following named officers in December, 1889: F. J. Collins, H. P.; George W. Ashdown, K.; James M. Stevenson, scribe; Charles L. Wheeler, treasurer; Charles P. McAllister, secretary, and F. W. Sprague, representative. The membership is now (1890) 200.

Bradford Council No. 43, R. & S. M. In the early part of January, 1888, a number of royal and select masters residing in Bradford met to consider the advisability of establishing a council of royal and select masters. At an informal meeting held February 9, 1888, it was decided to apply for a charter at the grand council meeting at Erie, Penn. On Friday evening, May 4, 1888, the grand council held a special meeting in this city, constituted Bradford Council No. 43, R. & S. M., and installed the following officers: F. J. Collins, T. I. G. M.; L. E. Mallory, D. I. G. M.; J. H. Youngs, P. C. of W.; C. L. Wheeler, Treas.; E. F. Sawyer, Rec. With the exception of P. C. of W. and recorder, the above officers were re-elected for this year. Companion Youngs and Companion Sawyer declined a re-election, and Companions D. C. Greenewald and C. P. McAllister were elected as P. C. of W. and recorder. The officers of this council elected in December, 1889, were L. E. Mallory, T. I. G. M.; S. R. Sheakley, D. I. G. M.; C. S. Hubbard, P. C. of W.; C. L. Wheeler, Treas.; C. P. McAllister, Rec.; J. R. Goldsborough, F. W. Sprague and J. W. Hogan, trustees. The membership is 147, or the third in strength in this State.

Trinity Commandery, No. 58, K. T. In the early months of 1881 the matter of instituting a Commandery of Knights Templar began to be discussed. Among the new residents of the city were many members of the order who had located in the great northern field to stay, and they wanted a templar home. On April 30, 1881, a preliminary meeting of members of the order was held, and a petition for a dispensation forwarded to the grand commandery, with the following charter members' names affixed: J. H. Simonds, C. L. Wheeler, Victor Gratter, Casper Taylor, R. T. Thompson, James Broder, W. R. Weaver, A. C. Hawkins, J. M. McElroy, E. A. Drake, J. R. Goldsborough, C. H. McKevitt, J. B. Farrel, O. F. Schonblom, L. E. Hamsher, W. H. Bradley, Marion Henshaw, John Bird, Joseph Overy, W. L. Yelton, J. C. Stargeon, H. Trumbower, T. B. Hoover, W. C. Hayes, D. S. Scoville, W. P. Shoemaker, John T. Farmer, W. H. Spain, F. M. Cole, W. H. H. Fithian, J. M. Stevenson, W. Warmcastle, M. A. Sprague, W. F. Kelley, D. F. Siegfried, John Eaton, J. B. Wheaton, W. C. Husband, H. C. Sanderson. Seymour Peck, W. H. Clarke, Alfred Smedley, Charles A. Bailey, J. E. Haskell, W. A. Rix, Frank A. Smith, W. F. Jordan, J. B. Fisher, John Stinson, A. B. Walker, Charles D. Buss, John C. Holmes, Enos O. Adams and Ed. Goodwin. On May 13 the dispensation was granted, and on May 18,1881, the first conclave of Trinity commandery was held, with the following officers: Joseph Simonds, eminent commander; C. L. Wheeler, generalissimo; Victor Gratter, captain-general; Casper Taylor, treasurer; Robert T. Thompson, recorder; John C. Sturgeon, prelate; James Broder, senior warden; William H. Clarke, junior warden; J. R. Goldsborough, standard bearer; William A. Rix, sword bearer; John Stinson, warder; W. H. H. Fithian, sentinel. At the meeting of the grand commandery in that same month the charter was duly granted, and R. E. Sir George W. Kendrick, grand commander of the State of Pennsylvania, appointed Wednesday, September 28, 1881, for the constituting of Trinity Commandery, No. 58, K. T. The members of the new commander resolved to make the occasion one long to be remembered, both as a social and Masonic event of the city, and they more than succeeded. The most elaborate preparations were made, both for the reception of the grand officers and the entertainment of the guests of the occasion. The new commandery so auspiciously constituted increased rapidly in members, and soon ranked as one of the most vigorous and most ably officered and conducted templar organizations in the State. At the present time the membership numbers 198. The commandery has within the last few years lost many prominent members by death, among them the First Commander E. Sir Joseph H. Simonds, to whose earnest intelligent efforts are due more than to any other one man, the constituting of both the chapter and commandery, and their success and efficiency. Following are the past commanders in order of service: Joseph H. Simonds, Joseph M. McElroy, Charles L. Wheeler, Phillip M. Shannon, Winfield Scott Watson, James R. Goldsborough, Harry A. Marlin. The officers for 1889 were James R. Goldsborough, eminent commander; Henry F. Barbour, generalissimo; William R. Weaver, captain-general; Phillip M. Shannon, treasurer; W. H. H. Fithian, recorder. The officers for 1890 are H. F. Barbour, E. C.; W. R. Weaver, G.; F. J. Collins, C. G.; C. L. Wheeler, Treas., and C. P. McAllister, Rec. The present membership is 200.

In the summer of 1889 the proposition to build a Masonic Temple was favorably received, and the lots on which the Roberts' block was standing, purchased. The old building was removed and the elegant edifice erected. Mr. Curtis, of Fredonia, is the architect, and the Masonic Temple Association, with S. B. Dresser, president, W. R. Weaver, vice-president, and C. P. McAllister, secretary, had charge of its construction.

Tuna Lodge No. 411, I. O. O. F., was instituted June 4, 1877. The Past Grands of this lodge are W. H. Adams, C. W. Bartholomew, E. I. Baldwin, J. J. Cole, J. C. Greenewald, D. C. Greenewald, C. A. Huggins, Bernard Hook, F. E. Hinkley, J. G. Hann, Lee Kennedy, Dave Kibler, John Kelly, Ed. Kahn, D. C. Macon, A. G. Moulton, John Meyers, J. W. Piatt, J. H. Ralph, E. N. Southwick, John Theetge, W. R. Weaver, F. Steinberger, V. E. Bryant and John Cummings; A. N. Heard has served as D. D. G. M., and R. A. Dempsey as secretary. The membership is about 100.

McKean Encampment No. 266, I. O. O. F., was instituted June 18, 1884. The P. C. P's. of this organization are W. R. Weaver, D. C. Greenewald, J. H. Ralph, J. C. Greenewald, James A. Lindsey, V. E. Bryant, John Cummings, W. H. Adams, E. G. Baldwin and John Myers. C. V. Cottrell has served as scribe, and J. H. Ralph as D. D. G. M. There are forty-five members with encampment property valued at $1,300.

Tuna Valley Lodge No. 453, K. of P., was instituted December 9, 1884, with the following named members: W. H. Malick, Sanford Gordon, F. S. Parker, G. R. Mabb, G. B. Watson, E. J. Chambers, H. Frank, E. T. Wright, J. S. Fritz, C. M. Carr, G. W. Willis, Thomas Fitzpatrick, Charles A. Bailey, J. A. Lindsey, N. A. Hollenbeck, P. Fragner, E. N. Robinson, L. M. Finney, M. A. Todd, J. A. Nelson, T. J. Beridge, T. J. Collins, C. H. Hogans, W. C. Leonard, G. B. McCalmont, John Slocum, J. E. Grainger, E. A. Durham. Following are the names of P. Cs.: Thomas Fitzpatrick, H. Frank, Sanford Gordon, J. W. Willis, W. A. Hutcheson, S. M. Wilcox, H. M. Wilson, W. H. Malick, J. S. Fritz, A. D. Sloan, E. T. Wright, J. C. McCrea, M. H. Fitzgibbon, M. Reis, Charles Morris, G. R. Mabb, Joseph Kilgore, J. L. Andrews, J. T. Burkholder and J. A. McCready. F. S. Butler was elected chancellor

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