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Name. Postofflce.

Lucore, 8. J Kendall Creek

Mulvaney. William Sartwell

Prosser, L. B Kendall Creek

Quiglcv, George B Guffey

Rice, R. A Eldred

Rifle, W. H Norwich

Ryan, Thomas H Kane

Smith, A. P Colegrove

Reward. Levi Kendall Creek

South wick, Samuel Smethport

Simmons, Al Eldred

Snyder, T Kendall Creek

Tn^gart, H. H Bradford

Walters, A. A Smethport

Wood, James M Annin Creek

Wright, B. F Smethport

Wells. E. W Bell's Run.

Name. Postofflce.

Brewer, W. W Mt. Jewett

Barnes, J. D Kasson

Brown, W. W Bradford

Colegiova, A. W Colegrove

Campbell, J. J.... Eldred

Case, Dennis Bradford

Curtis, William Custer City

Clark, C. L Bradford'

Coates, John R Annin Creek

Dickeson, C. W Norwich

Dougherty, George Farmers Valley

Freeman. S. D Smethport

Hanlan, Patrick Bradford

Howard, E.N Custer City

Jewett, Sheldon Custer City

Lane, R. T Bradford

Looker, R. E Kane

Lanigan, James Kane

E. W. Seaiuans, one of the survivors, while in the Thornton House at Drainsville, Va., was the objective point of a rebel battery. During that dangerous moment he was discovered by Dr. Freeman, standing before a mirror, oiling his hair. The Doctor, amazed at the fellow's coolness, ordered him to take his rifle and "shoot down the rebels," an order with which he complied with equal coolness. At the reunion in October, 1887. Dr. Freeman read the historical address.


The Fifty-Eighth Regiment was raised at Philadelphia, also in McKean, Cameron, Potter, Elk and adjoining counties, in the fall of 1861, and was organized February 13, 1862, with John R. Jones, colonel; Carlton B. Curtis, lieutenant-colonel, and Montgomery Martin, major. The forward movement commenced March 8, and on May 10 the regiment was at Ocean View, en route to Norfolk, over which the flag of the Fifty-Eighth was raised the night preceding the morning on which the "Merrimac" was blown up. On February 13, 1863, as if to celebrate the first anniversary of organization, the Confederate camp at Sandy Ridge, on the head-waters of Cone creek, was captured and the buildings burned. At New Berne, March 14, this command, with others, . withstood Pettigrew's attack, and on May 20 the works at Kingston were captured. From June 27 to December 31 the regiment was scattered on detached service in the Pamlico river country, doing excellent and, in two instances, brilliant work. On the last date Col. McChesney, the successor of Palmer as commandant at Washington, N. C., led an expedition to Greenville, where a hand to hand battle was carried on that night. In May, 1864, the regiment proceeded to Bermuda Hundred, on the James river, and on the 9th lost twenty killed and wounded near Appomattox. The command arrived at Cold Harbor June 1, participated in tho assault on the 3d, carried the rifle-pits, and was continuously at the frout until June 13, and again at Petersburg until relieved on the evening of June 15. After return from a well-earned furlough, the command held the hill near Fort Wisconsin, on August 25, and on September 29 participated in the assault on Fort Harrison, which principal point of defense it captured.

At Star Fort, Spring Hill, Fort Harrison and Charles City Cross Roads the Fifty-eighth completed a term of magnificent services, and commencing a new term (which resulted in the capture of Lee's army), served until muster-out, January 24, 1866.

Company E of the Fifty-eighth was raised in McKean, Erie and Tioga counties. John C. Backus, the first captain, resigned February 12, 1863, and in March Lieut. T. J. Hoskinson was promoted, but resigned September 9, 1864, when Capt. Philetus M. Fuller succeeded, and served until muster-out, January 24,1866. Lieut. Charles D. Webster was gradually promoted until, in October, 1864, he was commissioned captain and assistant quartermaster. Sylvanus Holmes was promoted adjutant in February, 1862. F. W. Davis rose from the ranks to lieutenant, and served until discharged, June 14, 1865. Second Lieut. Samuel B. Sartwell resigned, July 11, 1862, and DeWitt C. Kinsman was mustered out, December 7, 1864, at expiration of term. Sergts. Pontius Solomon, W. W. Richardson, J. H. Cobbett, Amos M. Preston and G. W. Farr served from October, 1861, to January 24, 1866. Sergt. John Shaftsbury was discharged for disability in September, 1862; Melvin Hall for wounds, in July, 1865; Theodore M. Clark and C. D. Gilbert mustered out in December, 1864; William E. Derning, in August, 1865, and W. A. Moore, for promotion, in August, 1864. Corps. Robert Walters, John Lorson, William Grigsby, Alfred B. Loop, James A. Saurwine (a substitute), David C. Brown and Warden H. Gary were mustered out in January, 1865; Robert A. DeGolier in December, 1864; John Toony (a substitute) in November, 1865; while James G. Booth, N. S. Grinnell, F. E. Patterson, David Quirk and Allen Tibbits (veterans), left in August, 1864, the State papers alleging desertion. James H. Doal served until 1865 as musician; M. McMillan was discharged in 1862, and R. Reed in 1863.

The private troops who died during the war, or were killed on the field, are named as follows: Henry Baker, at New Berne, N. C., in 1863; George W. Beckwith, wounded, died at Hampton, Va., in 1864; C. S. Culp, died at Hampton in June, 1863; S. P. Dikeman, at New Berne, N. C., in August, 1863; Orlando Foster, at Bermuda Hundred, Va., July 15, 1864; J. H. Green, at Harrisburg in December, 1861; S. L. Goodwin, at Portsmouth, Va., in July, 1862; G. W. Hall, at Alexandria, in June, 1864; Hugh L. Haughey, at Annapolis, in March, 1865; John S. Niles, at Harrisburg, in January, 1862; A. J. Rifle, at Fortress Monroe, in November, 1864; Joseph Tibbits, of wounds, at Arlington, in June, 1864; H. H. Van Gorder, at Bachelor's Creek, N. C., March,- 1863; Dan Vanatta, in McKean county, October 14, 1864; Abram Weed (substitute) at Fortress Monroe, in May, 1865.

Company F was recruited in McKean, Elk and Warren counties, Lucius Rogers being commissioned captain in December, 1861. He resigned in February, 1863, when Henry Rogers was promoted. On his discharge for disability, February 26, 1864, John M. Collins held command and served until January 24, 1866. Lieut. W. W. Wells died of wounds July 12, 1864, and was buried at New Berne, N. C.; Lieut. C. J. Tubbs was mustered out in February, 1865; Sergt. P. M. Thompson, in January, 1866; P. T. Campbell in December, 1865; Robert M. Overhiser, chosen sergeant at organization, was promoted lieutenant of Company H in December, 1864, and veteranized; James A.'Arnold served from October, 1861, to August 22, 1864, when, it is alleged, he deserted. Sergt. Ambrose C. Fuller, wounded in September, 1864, was absent at muster-out. James C. Malone and James Phelan were on furlough. Jesse C. Chew served until January, 1866; M. J. Hadley, promoted sergeant-major in June, 1865, was mustered out in January, 1866, 'and George W. Hayes is said to have deserted August 22, 1864. Corps. George F. North, John Walshe, F. A. Sutton, Patrick Walsh, W. H. Hewitt, and L. B. Gleason served until January, 1866; A. N. Farman was killed at Fort Harrison. Va. W. H. Rogers was wounded there, and Hiram Peasley died of wounds received there in the affair of September 20, 1864. Elijah T. Davis was mustered out February 22, 1865. The musician, L. S. Lytle, served until January, 1866. Calvin Shepherd, an old hunter of Cameron county, served in this command.

The private troops killed on the field or who died of wounds or disease are named as follows: William Alinder, at Bachelor's Creek, N. C.; Joseph Black, wounded September 29, 1864, was buried at Cypress Hills; John Bowers, drafted, died at Point of Rocks, Va., in February, 1865; Otis Copeland was killed at Fort Harrison; H. K. Conrad died at Harrisburg January 4, 1862; Ezra Daniels died at Hampton, Va., of wounds, in October, 1864; W. E. Flanders, drafted, was buried at Staunton, Va., July 29, 1865; R. M. Gibson, at Beaufort, N. C., October 1, 1863; Andrew Henderson, died in Andersonville July 1, 1864; Don D. Jones, in Cameron county July 16, 1864; Peter Manning was killed at Fort Harrison September 29, 1864; James A. Mapes, died at Suffolk, Va., November 21, 1862; Alex. McCrady, at Washington, N. C., October 10, 1863; George Peasley, at Petersburg, August 12, 1865; James Peasley, at Washington, N. C., September 5, and Philander S. Peasley December 28, 1863; Samuel Richardson, died at Harrisburg January 15, 1862; G. D. Rogers, at Point of Rocks, Va., October 3, 1864; Jeremiah Sullivan, at Portsmouth, Va., August 6, 1862; James Vangarder, of wounds, at Hampton, Va., October 30, 1864, and William Whitaker, of wounds, October 12, ]864.

Company H was raised in McKean county October 1, 1861, with Asa H. Cory, captain. On his resignation August 21, 1862, C. C. Moses was promoted, captured July 6, 1863, but returned and was mustered out April 16, 1865. Lieut. Roswell Sartwell resigned November 25, 1862, and F. N. Burnham was promoted. Robert M. Overhiser, transferred from Company F, was promoted captain April 17, 1865, but mustered out in 1866 with rank of lieutenant. Second Lieut. David Ludwig died at Philadelphia June 17, 1863; Oliver Haines was mustered out in 1866; J. M. Pelton was discharged for promotion in August, 1863, and W. E. Moses was promoted second lieutenant of the First North Carolina Colored Regiment April 29, 1864.

The sergeants of this company are referred to as follows: Joseph S. Vaughn, Norman J. Stanton, L. L. Dennis and Fernando Loop were mustered out in January, 1866; W. H. Richmond and W. M. Skiver, in December, 1864; Alonzo Cross and Ed. Baldwin in October, 1865; Allen Wightman died of wounds April 20, 1863, and John Bord is said to have deserted August 30, 1865. and Theodore F. Ostrander on the same day.

The corporals' records are thus given: Cyrus Baldwin, wounded at Cold Harbor; Charles Rodenbush and M. M. Griffin mustered out in January, 1866; Niles Robbins and Clark B. Hopkins discharged for disability in 1862 and 1863, respectively; E. C. Wolcott, George Ferris, Emory Skiver, W. D. Reitz, George J. Reitz, William Shafftstall (the three last named drafted) were mustered out at close of their terms. W. P. Fowler died September 21, 1864; Henry H. Metcalfe died in Cameron county, returning from prison in 1865; W. D. Burlingame died at Hampton, Va., March 17, 1865; M. D. Jud son, transferred to the Fourth United States Artillery, and Augustus Short to United States Signal Corps. The musicians were Anthony Breithaupt (a substitute), sick at muster out, George W. Bowen, discharged for disability in May, 1865, and Nathan Boylan alleged to have deserted December 31, 1865, after long service.

The deaths of private soldiers on the field, or from wounds or disease, are recorded as follows: Henry Blasdell, died at New Berne, N. C., July 16. 1863, of wounds received April 20; James Baldwin, October 12, 1864, of wounds received September 20, 1863; C. J. Carter, October 3, 1864; Henry

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