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Shakespeare's Birthplace, in the writer's autograph, viz:

“Of mighty Shakespeare's birth the room we see;

That where he died in vain to find we try.
Useless the search :-for all Immortal He,
And those who are Immortal never die.

W. I. Second visit, October, 1821.”
Presented by SAM: TIMMINS, F.S.A. 1870.



245.-Portrait of F. W. Fairholt, F.S. A., half-length, in pencil, A.S. (or S.A.) delin. 5 July, 1847; 81 in. by 61 in.

Frederick William Fairholt (1824-1866) bequeathed his Shakespearean Collection the Shakespeare's Birthplace Trustees.


246.—Engraved portrait of William Whateley, vicar of Banbury and Lecturer at Stratford-upon-Avon, æt 56. 1639. 4in. by 3žin. See No. 247.

Whateley was an eminent Puritan divine, born at Banbury in 1586; he died there in 1639. He was appointed lecturer of Banbury in 1604, and in 1610 was instituted to the vicarage of Banbury, which he held until his death. For some time, alternately with other divines of similar Puritan sentiments, he preached a lecture at Stratford-upon-Avon Church.

247.-God's husbandry: The First Part. Tending to show the difference betwixt the Hypocrite and the true-harted Christian. As it was delivered in certaine sermons, and Is now published. By William Whateley, Preacher of the Word of God in Banbury in Oxfordshire. London. Imprinted by Bernard Alsop, for Thomas Man, and are to be sold at his Shop in Pater-noster-row, at the signe of the Talbot, 1622.

The work is dated “ From my Study in Banbury, April 6th, 1619.” See No. 246 and Note.


248.—A miniature in oil of Charles Holte Bracebridge; three-quarter length. 5žin. See No. 201.

Presented by SAM : TIMMINS, F.S.A. 1874.

249.-Original drawing of “Harvard House," 26 High Street, Stratford-upon-Avon, by Frederick W. Fairholt, F.S.A.

The early home of Katherine Rogers, who became the mother of John Harvard, founder of Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass., U.S.A. She was baptized in Stratford-upon-Avon Parish Church 25th November, 1584, and was married therein to Robert Harvard of Southwark, 8th April, 1605. The house was acquired by trustees for Harvard University in 1909.

Bequeathed by F. W. FAIRHOLT.

250.-A model of Shakespeare's Birthplace, join. long and 6in. high.

The handiwork of Hamnet, son of John Marshall, of Strat. ford-upon-Avon, carver. The boy, born 9 November, 1847, finished it a fortnight before his death on 20 December, 1864. See Nos. 140 and 238.

Presented by MRS. MARSHALL, December, 1887.

251-2.-A collection of flowers, in oak cabinet, illustrating the flora of Shakespeare, pressed and mounted, with quotations froin the plays in which each particular flower is mentioned.

The Flowers presented by Miss LAURA ABELL,

Grafton Manor, Bromsgrove, May, 1900, and the Cabinet by Mr. F. F. BARHAM, The Mount, Bromsgrove, May, 1900.

253.—THE GREAT HERBAL.—The grete Herball which gyueth parfyt knowlege and vnderstandyng of all maner of herbes and theyr gracyous vertues which god hath ordeyned for our prosperous welfare and helth for they hele and cure all maner of dyseases and sekenesses that fall or inysfortune to all maner of creatures of god created practysed by many expert and wyse maysters, as Auicenna and other, &c. Also it gyueth parfyte vnderstandynge of the booke lately prynted by me (Peter treueris) named the noble experience of vertuous hand warke of surgery.

Imprynted at London in South warke by me

Peter Treueris. In the yere of our lorde god. M. D. xxix., the xvii day of Marce.

A second edition of a work which was long a standard treatise. The first edition came out in 1526, and the last in 1561. It was a translation from a French work Le Grand Herbier.

Bequeathed by MRS. BEISLY, 1896.

254.–TURNER'S HERBAL.—The first and seconde parte of the Herbal of William Turner, Doctor in Phissick, lately ouersene, corrected and enlarged with the Third parte lately gathered, and nowe set oute with the names of the herbes, in Greke, Latin, English, Duche, Frenche, and in the Apothecaries and Herbaries Latin, with the properties, degrees, and naturall places of the same.

Here vnto is ioyned also a Booke of the bath of Baeth in England, and of the virtues of the same with diuerse other bathes, most holsom and effectuall, both in Almanye and England, set furth by William Turner, Doctor in Phisick.

God saue the Quene. Imprinted at Collen by Arnold Birckman, In the yeare of our Lorde, M.D. LXVIII.

Cum Gratia and Priuilegio Reg. Maiest.

The first part of this work appeared in 1551 and the second in 1562. Turner dedicates this third and final edition of his book to Queen Elizabeth, dating the dedication “From my house at London, in the crossed Fryers, the 5 daye of Marche, 1568.”

Bequeathed by Mrs. BEISLY, 1896.

255.—GERARD'S HERBALL.—The Herball or general Historie of Plantes.

Gathered by John Gerarde of London, Master in chirvrgerie. Imprinted at London by John Norton, 1597.

The first edition of the chiefwork on Botany of Shakespeare's day.

Purchased DECEMBER, 1871.

256.-Select Observations on English Bodies : First, written in Latine by Mr. John Hall Physician,

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Select Observations


OR, Cures both Empericall and Historicall, performed upon very eminent Perfons in defperare

Diseases. First, written in Latine

by Mr. John Hall Physician, living at Stratford upon Avon in Warwick-thire, where he was very famous, as also in the Counties adjacent, as appeares by these Observations drawn out of severall hun

dreds of his, as choyleft. Now put into English for com

non benefit by James Cooke Practitioner in Physick and

Chirurgery. London, Printed for John Sbesley, at the Golden Pelican, in liitle-Erilain. 1657

No. 256.

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